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The Value of Little 'Not'

The value of little ‘not’
Always underrated but
Important when unheeded
By many to great hurt

Thou shall not eat thereof
Was the command given… 124 more words


The Newquay Train

The text read:  ‘You must come and see this’.

Lambert came.

That was in 2014, when Tamsyn and he had been searching for a house in a rural setting near Tamsyn’s childhood home for nearly two years.  3,291 more words

Adam Shostack: 2017 Privacy Threat Modeling Project

Adam Shostack takes the issues of personal privacy and institutional transparency; one of the primary reasons why he is involved in the Seattle Privacy Coalition. A Member of the Seattle Privacy Coalition Board since 2015, Adam Shostack works to utilize his skills, insight, and experience in cyber security to provide the organization strategic guidance in terms of how digital information is collected; to better inform the Coalition’s efforts in terms of advocating for privacy protection and security far down the road. 164 more words

Adam Shostack

#CogSciSci – an introduction | Adam

#CogSciSci is a grassroots collective of science teachers who are interested in promoting the use of Cognitive Science in the teaching of science. No one really remembers exactly how it started and no one is “in charge.” Generally, we just aim to support each other, steal ideas, and become better teachers. 55 more words

My latest poem

21. Adam’s Children

Earth is flooded by Adam’s children,
Yet I feel alone.
They invite me to play with them in their Father’s garden,
But the mere sight of them makes me want to stay at home. 132 more words


Origin of Race in the Bible

God made several races of men which is the reason why the bones of “Neanderthal” man and other types of humans have been found that were buried in Noah’s flood. 829 more words

What's So And Not So

Charlie Simpson & San Bushmen: Walking With The San | Singing In The Rainforest

D’après des chercheurs, nous descendrions tous d’un couple d’ancêtres, l’Eve mitochondriale et l’Adam Chromosome Y (plus d’infos ici, et ici également le Genographic Project… 90 more words