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Tantalus, Greek God of Temptation

Think of a familiar TV or movie scene where a known alcoholic, who has worked hard to stay on the wagon and faithfully attends every AA meeting, is tempted with a drink.   1,462 more words

Whoa! I Got This One Right.

Famous vulva, fun Adam and empty room

Speaking to someone about having me and my vulva in a documentary about being a woman.

A fun day with Adam. He was on better form today and it was really nice. 17 more words

I found Croatia’s best-kept island secret

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On screen, Dubrovnik is legendary. It is all kings, queens and warriors, swords and arrows and magical spells. 4,592 more words



Adam was formed out of the dust of the earth. Adam is an “Earth-ling” or a “soil-man”. The Hebrew Bible employs the adam/adamah word play to indicate their inter-connectedness. 159 more words




Why is man so depraved? And how can he be rescued from this condition? If we treat this subject on a semi-scientific analytical level rather than… 1,185 more words


I'm Gonna Miss My Lil Bro

Giggles, squeals
And smol smiles galore,
Adam and I
Rough house-ing on the floor

He pushes me over
And I roll on my back
He jumps into my arms… 246 more words

Update On Life