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Live LIFE, one chance to LIVE

There are three triggers for me to capture this photo and post.

One – I chose to replace my cell phone with a new one and my son-in-law ordered through net for one going on discount. 410 more words

Lesson Learnt

Let's adapt

I will try and try again until I find the correct combination for success, damn it! Failure isn’t all that bad. It means I’m trying. Total failure would be giving up. 248 more words

Weight Loss

Tired of Protesting Trumpcare? Look at What ADAPT is Doing and Get Inspired

If you find your will to protest Trumpcare flagging, check out what the disability rights activists with ADAPT are doing, and get inspired all over again. 386 more words

Fighting Bigotry, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia...

User Empathy: Understanding the Fundamentals of Design

My last post, Meet Pierre Wack: Designer of Strategic Conversation, discusses the purpose behind strategic conversations in business – to incite change and solve real problems… 219 more words


Introduction to Evolution: Weekly Reflection Week of 9/11

The big question that scientists have been trying to answers for ages is; How do organisms evolve? When scientists contemplated they asked themselves; how old was life on earth, had life always existed, and was it always changing? 514 more words

Daily Reveal - Sep 15

Daily Reveal – Sep 15

DRAGONFLY – Transformation

What transformation is happening for you right now? Change and growth are awesome. You don’t want to be stuck as a nymph forever, do you? 117 more words


Learn, Adapt, and Enjoy

All of us had already experience something in which we can’t easily understand every single thing in our surroundings. Some reasons as why it happened is that everything around us has changed. 272 more words