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Mentor Reflection

Freshmen year is coming to an end, which means mentee preparation! Through my Leadership Advancement scholarship it means I will be a mentor my sophomore year, to a next years LAS freshmen. 702 more words


End of Apprenticeship - Tam Mildren

So I have  six days left until I finish my apprenticeship with Exim Dance Company and time has flown by. to date I have completed all my units at college and these have all been signed off by my tutor. 422 more words



Done.  Complete.  Finished.

Finally after 5 years at the University of Waterloo I have graduated (pending I passed all my courses..so I really hope I’m not getting ahead of myself here).   2,598 more words


Lent is done!

Lent is over, now what?

Due to my Catholic roots, I enjoy giving up something that is unhealthy for Lent. If you give up the right thing, it is a healthy change and a good way to test self-control. 180 more words

Calmness, Chaos & The Change

Change is inevitable. It’s the only thing that is constant. Every day we go through so many changes. Then there are life changing events like work change, house, loss of closed one’s or parent’s getting divorced, not everyone has the skill to cope up with change specially kids. 227 more words



What makes humans the most supreme species on this planet?

The answer is simple; Their ability to adapt!

Humans have a survival instinct, an innate tendency to be able to adapt to their ever-changing environment. 101 more words



Motion –

When your only bathroom in the house is being remodeled you find creative ways to workarounds the missing bathroom. You wash your hair with a cup in the kitchen sink, take sponge baths, and other ways to do other bathroom things. 75 more words