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A very personal piece: 

I lost you at age eight
But, I did not lose your soul
You were being a mother from behind the skies
I felt your presence in every dark night I wished for your embrace… 138 more words



Don’t sink into depression

Don’t let your trouble get the best of you

Now, after experiencing such a dilemma; you are autonomous

You have more experience than anyone else who did not encounter hardship… 35 more words



                          “Overthinker” by Aarshita Verma

The thing about insecurity is that it rips you apart to a point that you bring others down in order to lift yourself up. 154 more words

One Night STAND; a future shock!

Actually I stood up from my bed at about 12.30 a.m. like when the word Eureka was coined in history.

It’s about IDEAS that change the world we live. 949 more words

Go With The Flow- Adapt

Some people say change is good. Change is change. Adapting is good.


Culture Shock

My soul descends from a deep rooted line of exceedingly strong people. My culture is rich in valiance from the blood of kings and warriors passed; laced with the extraordinarily boundless hearts from matriarchs of my mother’s time and her mother before her since the beginning. 368 more words



Sometimes life is like a round container, at other times it changes to a square, then to a rectangle, situations change, obstacles show up and challenges come—but be like water! 170 more words