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We can work it out

The other weekend I was lucky to see the ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’ arena spectacular with Miss A. Seriously one of the most awesome things I have ever seen. 435 more words

The Hardest Person in the World to Change

Who is the hardest person in the world to change? Is it a boss? An employee? The church? The people? A spouse? Children?

None of these people. 298 more words


Once you've gone, there's no turning back

Travel will change you forever.  Taking that brave step into the unknown world will blast you apart and the pieces will not go back together as originally assembled. 772 more words


A Song of Hope // 6

There is a new feeling sneaking its way into my mind today, there is a new song being sung in my heart.

A song that sings of courage, determination, positivity, and hope that brighter days aren’t too far off. 596 more words


I like you, New York … most of the time

The initial cultural shock period is over. I sometimes don’t even notice the contrasts and novelties anymore that were so surprising and strange at the beginning. 332 more words


Can Cuttlefish Camouflage Anywhere?

Cuttlefish survive by being able to blend into their surroundings through camouflage .Richard Hammond puts this to the test and experiments if the fish are able to camouflage in a tank set up like a living room.


Simple Salsa That Can Be Your Signature Flavor

Now and then you need to switch up the flavors. I love tropical salsa and normal have that with chicken or fish, but thinly sliced beef? 246 more words