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Integration is a process in which one keeps being oneself, while adapting to stay relevant and alive. In the case of migration, it is to make space for the new without losing yourself, both for the welcoming society as well as for the migrant. 139 more words

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Adapting and Closing: Fine-Tuning to Deliver

The next stage of development in Agile Project Management is Adapting and Closing: Fine-Tuning to Deliver. This area covers, Tracking lessons learned during sprints, Accommodating business priority changes and Closing the project.


Agile Project Management - Understanding Agile Project Management

Now I am gaining knowledge about Agile Project Management, as I am using this methodology in my current projects. In one of my projects, I am leading the project as the project manager. 48 more words


Adaptability... or lack of...

On the training plan today it read: 3.9km swim and 1hr 30 steady cycle, which of course being me I had already planned the whole day to a T around these sessions (practically in 2014!). 695 more words


Class, Thurs, 2/26/2015

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  • In pairs: Where and how might Kalah usefully make her piece more like Woolf (adopt) or less like Woolf (adapt)?
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Cooperate, adapt and less prima donna

Today my mind in everywhere but where I need it to be, random thoughts are jumping into my head (not staying very long due to the unpleasant surroundings they find themselves in), concentration is proving to be futile, this is not what is needed today with work piling up, so many things to finish, I need to concentrate, task by task . 390 more words