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Marvel - Bolivar Trask


Creator of the machines that hunt mutants known as the Sentinels, Mr Trask collaborated with a range of anti-mutant organisations. He was also actively involved with Stryker’s Purifiers and Bastion’s Human Council. 25 more words


Co-cultural Theory, Minority, and why I "departed" from being an Asian woman in America

Here is something I learned recently and I would like to share with you.

If you are a minority or marginalized group, you will probably find sense in this theory (as I did). 1,127 more words


An Analysis of Ryan Reynolds' "TPTNDMOOM"

So as many of you have probably already heard Ryan Reynolds has announced that he has started working on a movie adaptation of a horror novella that was published on Reddit a couple years ago. 1,015 more words


Marvel - Polaris


The mutant mistress of magnetism, Polaris is also the daughter of Magneto. After a long sojourn in space she rejoined the ranks of X-Factor, fought alongside the X-Men against the Avengers, and now leads Serval Industries’ All New X-Factor. 120 more words


The Ring of Nibelung is on a Dark Horse Re-Release!

By Ed Sum
(The Vintage Tempest)

Release Date: January 02, 2019
Click here to preorder

Richard Wagner’s The Ring of Nibelung has seen countless adaptations into other forms of media over many years. 283 more words


Khmer script for English (ខ្មែរ ស្ក្រិប្ត ផួរ អិងគ្លិឆ)

Southeast Asia is home to many different writing systems, all of which are pretty much descended from the Pallava script originating from southern Asia. After having a go at adopting… 1,019 more words


Review: House At The End Of The Street by Lily Blake | reviewathon REWIND 2018

Genres: YA, contemporary, psychological thriller

Date Read: 3rd of October

Synopsis: 301 more words