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'Hello Kitty' Will Star In Her Own Unsettling Movie For The Big Screen

Hello Kitty has no mouth, but she can scream. She’s also starring in her own feature film because Hollywood can’t resist pencil-box nostalgia. According to… 198 more words


Authors Answer 35 - Movie Tie-In Novels

You know how everyone says that the book is better than the movie? Or you should read the book before you read the movie? What if it’s the other way around, and someone wrote a novel based on the movie? 1,083 more words


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Books based on movies? Isn't that the opposite of what usually happens? But they're a pretty common thing, and here are opinions on them.

Opera 101—Città Aperta

Quando la ciociara si marita
A chi tocca lo spago e a chi la ciocia.
(When a girl from Ciociaria is married,
Some get the strings, and some the sandal.)

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The Hunger Games Exhibition: A Visually Stunning and Emotionally Captivating Experience

If there is something that you should definitely know about me, it is that I am a huge Hunger Games fan. It is my favorite book series of all time.  1,065 more words


Continuing Stories in Animated Shows. Is it Disappearing?

Sorry for going on a bit of a rant for this post, but I feel that this needs to be addressed. A week or so back, I decided to go through my movie collection and re-watch the entire series… 1,011 more words

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Little Is The New Big: July 2015 Movie Preview

C: After a May and June featuring some strong contenders to the 2015 Best Summer Movie title, July opens weakly, but picks up steam toward the middle of the month with the… 6,840 more words


Recently-hatched Common Loon Chicks Stay Close to Parents

The first few days of life for Common Loon chicks can be quite precarious. As soon as their down dries, the chicks are quick to leave their nest and enter the water, where they are not as vulnerable as far as land predators are concerned. 107 more words