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Personalized Medicine, Epigenetics, and the Power of Evolutionary Medicine

By Rick Henriksen, MD

Personalized medicine is a new buzzword in healthcare. The FDA defines this as “an innovative approach to disease prevention and treatment that takes into account differences in people’s genes, environments and lifestyles.” This sounds too good to be true, however with the advances in genetics we are now closer to understanding how our genes affect our outcomes. 875 more words

EdTech in class doesn't just enhance learning, it IS learning.

Someone once said to me (yes, “said”, this definitely isn’t an assigned question I read), “Technology in the classroom enhances learning”. My first thought was, “yes, of course it is, it’s silly to think otherwise…” … 868 more words


Celebrating Shakespeare, on Stage and on Air — Seoul Stages

Last week, I had a short interview with Radio Bremen, on the occasion of Shakespeare’s 400th day of death. Via Skype, I chatted with host Katrin Krämer about problems of translation, creative adaptations, and the general importance of Will and his creations in Korea.

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Truths and Adaptations

I am planning on doing a mini-series about things we do in our home to help Beaker out. Welcome to Part 1 – Communication.

It’s time to be honest.   589 more words


10 Anime that should've followed the source material

Recently, i`ve watched Rosario+Vampire anime , and I almost threw my laptop after I finished it. So i decided to look over the internet for the source material and after i`ve finished as well I loved it . 466 more words


Fun Home: The Musical

Not sure if this would help at all situating the discussion will have tomorrow about the adaptation we saw last week, but Alison Bechdel created a… 152 more words


Hamlet (1964)

aka Гамлет / Gamlet

2016 #96
Grigori Kozintsev | 142 mins | TV (HD) | 2.35:1 | Soviet Union / Russian | U

A black-and-white, two-and-a-half hour Shakespeare adaptation in subtitled Russian? 989 more words