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42 Movies Being Adapted For TV

Read all about it at Den of Geek.

Watch out, some of this isn’t pretty.

The cast of Galaxy Quest (1999)

Will Smith and Eva Mendes in Hitch (2005)


[NEW] Novel to Drama Adaptation 'The Ten Deadly Sins'

Two confirmed casting news for Youku produced 2016 drama ‘The Ten Deadly Sins’ [十宗罪]. 120 more words


She’d watched him all night dance with his companions and indulge himself in idle conversations with irrelevant ladies. Salome had done nothing but wait for the opportunity to approach John. 1,433 more words



Margery Sharp was fashion conscious, but her manner of dress was quite neat and trim. In terms of style, I thought it was time for a new look on the blog; something more… 185 more words

Margery Sharp

[NEW] Manga to Anime(?) Adaptation 'Fight Breaks Sphere / 斗破苍穹'

Another Tencent adaptation in the pipeline is this manga by artist Tiancan Tudou 天蚕土豆 (not actually sure if that’s his name…) 107 more words


[NEW] Novel to Drama Adaptation of 'Genuine Full-Time Master 1: God of Exile / 全职高手'

There’s news of another novel to network drama adaptation that looks to start filming in 2016 to release in the same year (tentative dates only). Don’t quote me on this xD. 310 more words


When Children & Dog Met Up

What KIND of a SPARK would that make, I wonder???  Translated…

My pair of two-year-olds recently became, intrigued by dogs, every time they see dogs as we passed, they’d hollered out in excitement.   337 more words

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