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Adapt, and Adapt Again, and Again, ...

Lately I’ve been playing with wallets. And by “playing”, I mean I’ve been making a bunch of them, trying to figure out the best way to do it: sizes, layers, ways to not kill my sewing machine, that kind of thing. 550 more words

Sewing Student

Spotted Salamander Larvae Feeding

A few short weeks ago spotted salamanders gathered at vernal pools to breed and lay eggs. Since then their eggs have started hatching, and gilled spotted salamander larvae can now be found in these pools. 78 more words


The Light in an Instant


This particular dusk, I’d gone out for a stroll, caught the beautiful skies.

It’s a kind of blue that’s noted by Monet, the kind of ultraviolet color, that in his final years, when Monet had surgery for his cataracts, the ultraviolet color, that none of us would see ordinarily, the kind of color, in his lilies. 639 more words

State Of Mind

Fringed Polygala Flowering

Thank you so much for all of your warm, welcoming emails regarding my first and only grandchild. Naturally Curious blog posts may be intermittent for the next week or so, but eventually will resume five posts a week. 147 more words


When A+B No Longer Equals C

This, may come as a SHOCKER to all of you, who are used to A+B=C!

When A+B no longer equals C, but, but, but, HOW could that be?   164 more words


Long over due mini book review!

Okay so I was writing this on my tablet and I accidentally hit the back button and it was all very annoying so!  Here goes again and this entry seems to be taking a different path in my head already but oh well!  672 more words

Summer Visions For Your Mind's Eye: The Girl ON The Train (Book Review)

It’s no secret that millennials are addicted to information instant gratification. Content surfers would rather check out a TL;DR on reddit than read an entire article that would take less than five minutes for a slow reader. 743 more words