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Transitions and Adaptations: Discovering What Works

Despite having faced a decent number of them, I still view transitions as a challenge. Fortunately, though, I am generally up for the task of adapting. 421 more words

Bravo Group

Introduction 3 – Stories of the Island World

දැන් හැමෝම වගේ බලාපොරොත්තු වෙන්නේ සෑම හැන්දෑ වරුවක්ම කතා කියන්න වෙන් කරගන්න. ඇල්බට් සහ ෆැනි දෙන්නාම ජෝර්ජ් ගෙදර එනතුරු මහා බලාපොරොත්තුවකින් මෙච්චර කල් මඟ බලාගෙන හිටියේ ඔහුට කියන්න තියෙයි කියලා හිතපු ලස්සන කතා ටික අහගන්න.


Book to Movie: A Monster Calls (Spoiler Free)

Rating: 7/10

Although I planned to watch this on release date I had exams and so had to push my watching time and review forward a little! 242 more words


The book was better.

As any reader of good literature or general fiction knows, the book is better.
The book is always better.

(Unless we’re talking about young adult fiction, in which case it’s debatable). 475 more words

The Box Fish & Its Chemistry

Whilst drifting through my usual random searches to find something interesting, I stumbled across an article on the box fish. I had never come across such a thing, and after reading the article I don’t think I ever will, but understanding some of it’s attributes led me straight into a chemistry lesson. 646 more words


The Book of Dust

I’ve read the His Dark Materials trilogy three times, due to the fact they’re nothing short of brilliant. Every time I have read them, I have discovered something new, and I don’t doubt that were I to read them for a fourth time, I’d discover more still. 634 more words


Sherlock North in Development

Variety recently reported that an interesting take on Sherlock Holmes is in the works:

“Finnish writer-director-producer Juha Wuolijoki will run the upcoming 10-hour television series ‘Sherlock North,’ which he introduced yesterday as a work-in-progress at the TV Drama Vision section of the Nordic Film Market in Göteborg’s 40th Film Festival.

423 more words