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The Quadrupeds and Birds of Ceylon

බැටළුවන්, එළුවන් සහ අශ්වයන් මුල් වරට හඳුන්වාදෙනු ලැබුවේ යුරෝපීයයන් විසින්. ඒ නිසා උන් දුර්ලභයි. ඌරන් (hog) විශාල වශයෙන් ඇති කරනවා. කැළෑවේ විවිධ වර්ග වල මුව රංචු අධිකව වෙසෙනවා. 740 more words


The Life of Pi Movie Misinterprets Itself

So Life of Pi. I’m talking about the very end of both the movie and the book today so it is fully a spoiler fest on here. 2,068 more words


Heavy and light load training produce different adaptations in tendons

Great infographic by Chris Beardsley @SandCResearch

Visit his website https://www.strengthandconditioningresearch.com/ to search for all infographics relating to S&C research

A Great Bottom-Half of Life

Changes in pace, after the retirement, starting to enjoy the daily goings on of life now, translated…

After I’d learned to make vinegar, the drinks I served in the summertime became the homemade varieties, sanitary and healthy, completely fitting to the Do-it-Yourself spirits. 516 more words

State Of Mind

The Hearts of All Parents

As the kids grow older, the adults must change their expectations of how they interacted with their own young, thoughts from one’s observations, translated…

There was a young couple vendor in the marketplaces, on the weekends, they’d taken their children out to sell the items.   415 more words