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Argyle Winery: A Look at a Landscape in Dundee as an Example for Those on the Trail to Xeric Design and Sustainability

I don’t usually do this, write about a particular landscape with which I have no history, so this is a bit of  a departure for me.   3,130 more words


Downward-Upward Continuity in Monitoring

Monitoring provides the basis for closing multiple adaptive management loops:  without evaluating your work, you cannot know whether you are achieving your desired outcomes.  In this post, I argue first that landscape-scale endeavors place a premium on monitoring because monitoring stitches together multiple pillars of the work, not only projects.  694 more words

Managing deep uncertainty: Exploratory modeling, adaptive plans and joint sense making

Community member post by Jan Kwakkel

How can decision making on complex systems come to grips with irreducible, or deep, uncertainty? Such uncertainty has three sources: 1,170 more words


When does research help environmental management?

Think of the case where a manager needs to decide which action to take to stop a species  declining, or to eradicate a pest, or to increase sustainable harvest levels. 428 more words


9. Monitoring for Learning and Developing Capacities in the WASH Sector

The water sector faces immense challenges, which are characterized by complex interactions between the social and ecological systems. Improving the linkages between sector-wide monitoring, learning and capacity development is of pivotal importance for coping with this complexity. 143 more words

IRC International Water And Sanitation Centre

35. Sector Learning and Adaptive Management - Briefing Note, Building Blocks for Sustainability Series

This briefing series was developed under International Water and Sanitation Centre’s Triple-S project. It is intended as a resource for people who make decisions about rural water supply – financing, policy and programme design and implementation. 170 more words

WASH EE Functions