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Enabling co-creation: From learning cycles to aligning values, rules and knowledge

Community member post by Lorrae van Kerkhoff

How do we improve? In the context of sustainable development, we continually confront the question of how we can develop meaningful and positive actions towards a ‘better’ world (social, ecological, economic outcomes) despite inherent uncertainties about what the future holds. 1,228 more words


Payment by result: how to deliver result-based financing

What is payment by result (PBR)? An overview on its definition, key terms and conditions

Payments upon demonstrating a set of agreed results is an emerging contractual modality that many donors are choosing to pursue. 1,407 more words


Adaptive management to achieve impact results

One of the trendiest buzzword in the development and humanitarian sector at the moment is “adaptive management”, which carries heavy-weight in focusing on MEAL practices while remaining neutral to political forces and the increased commercial pressures upon aid spending. 1,057 more words


Small data call for big ideas

Urgent decision making can’t wait for big data!

In this week Nature’s correspondence, Iadine and Sam raise that the shift of private and public funding towards big data problems could impact our ability to solve some of our most urgent decision problems – for which we have no or very little amount of data available: biodiversity, health and biosecurity issues to cite a few. 62 more words


What is adaptive management?

Dr. Gregory Wilson, Governance and Public Sector Management

Adaptive management is not a new concept, particularly in international development.  As long ago as 1983, Dennis Rondinelli, had alluded to many of the problems with the uncertainty in development work and advocated for approaches that are more iterative and adaptive, that allows space for incremental learning… 2,408 more words


Portland Sustainable Landscapes: Toward Health and Diversity - Creating an Organizational Structure for Implementation


An Office of Sustainable Landscapes that oversees all landscapes within the City and provides active leadership to both private and commercial property owners through the following: 6,168 more words


Losing Our Urban Landscapes: Sustainable Goals and Our Crisis in Leadership

The following is intended as a template for action or a beginning point for a discussion that is long overdue.

Landscapes are more complex than most people realize.  5,333 more words