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Prayer for Insemination from RitualWell

Today is the day! Leah and I are feeling really good about today’s insemination. She wasn’t able to take off work, but will be calling me around 930 for my appointment. 334 more words


CD 10

Things you expect to hear on CD10:

You have some immature follicles, come back in two days.

You’re not quite ready yet.

It looks like that follicle is measuring about 8mm… 155 more words

The Sefirot flame meditation


The Sefirot flame meditation

As combinations of spiritual and physical beings in this lifetime, points where the two are revealed in harmony – reliant on each other – enabling and fulfilling one another’s purpose – are worthy of contemplative reflection. 865 more words

Righting the Wrongs: Many Jobs Left Undone

We are taught – “Mee Zeh Ya’amod L’khaper Shegaga” – who can stand up and correct a sin made in error?  Esther.  Shaul, one of her ancestors, had made a mistake in his life.  471 more words

Jewish Thought

Clouds of tears


Clouds of tears

To rise above our limitations we have to be prepared to lose our identity. We see people in all stages and forms in life – but really we are all just the same Divine spark in disguise. 904 more words

Cycle Day 3, 6th of Adar

We are in the Hebrew month of Adar, the month of happiness and joy.

I am not a Chabad Jew, a sect of Jews whose focus in life is happiness and strict observance to Torah and its 613 mitzvot (laws/commandments). 395 more words

The Prism of Mercy


The Prism of Mercy

There’s a certain Neshama (soul) who I’m close with, a good friend, who is suffering with severe anxiety about the current state, and future of – their health, and the health of their child – high stakes – anxiety from multiple vantage points of assault. 915 more words