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Memorial Day: Seeing Patriotism

“For most Americans the flag stirs elements of sentimentality and reverence. It is celebrated as a symbol of freedom and democracy, the triumph of justice over injustice; good over evil. 607 more words

Charity Thrives

Is it ethical to make fast fashion even faster?

Stumbling upon the latest article by McKinsey from 18th May 2018, I felt alarmed about the topic: “Faster fashion: How to shorten the apparel calendar.” 869 more words

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Free Bird

Young men and women
Throw themselves bravely into the world
But even the freest of birds
Have predators
Lurking in the safe, serene shade
Bloodthirsty hawks… 18 more words

I just watched (yet another) rape scene on a primetime drama.


I just watched (yet another) rape scene on a primetime drama. The man was older, rich, powerful and white. The woman was young, pretty and white. 330 more words

How Much is Enough?

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA who is reading this post and for those of you in the rest of the world, Happy Thursday. 333 more words

Pause And Refresh

Adbusters Keaton Human Comedy Show

In grad school, I was a consistent reader of the Canadian critique of consumer-culture monthly Adbusters. (I even sported a pair of its black high top uh-swoosh shoes–the anti-brand brand.) I found–and still do–that much of its Marshall Mcluhan-inspired media-scrutiny savviness paired well with a traditional worldview. 1,136 more words