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What I've Been Reading!

Although I have a couple of books on the go, a lot of my reading, lately, has been made up of various interesting magazines and short novella’s/poems. 701 more words

Book Finds

on the day the world ends

A Song on the End of the World
By Czeslaw Milosz

On the day the world ends
A bee circles a clover,
A fisherman mends a glimmering net. 182 more words

T-shirt Art And Design

Did Google & YouTube just Scam The Entire Record Business into Free Streaming Licenses? MusicKey is MIA...

Remember all the controversy over YouTube’s ad-free streaming subscriber service, MusicKey? If the words “Google” and “Ad-Free” sound like a complete contradiction, you are not alone. 765 more words

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(1990’s | journalese (arts))

It may surprise you to learn that there are some who don’t like hipsters. The concept seems too familiar to require summary, but I encourage everyone to spend an hour Googling “hipster definition” or something similar. 681 more words



I wrote a few days ago about “Liberation Day” and the debt that has been formed because of it, and how that debt has come to take over so much of Chamorro history and consciousness. 437 more words


A word of advice to protesters

Thinking strategically, I believe it is very important never to protest directly against the police.

Because the police are actually made to absorb protest—the objective of the police is to dissipate your energy in protesting them so you’ll let alone the most sensitive parts of the repressive regime in which we live: politicians and big corporations.

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Favorite Quotations

Stop Don't Shop

This is a body of work I created back in November for Buy Nothing Day, an international campaign organised by Adbusters. The main thing I created was a series of carrier bags from big brand stores which I stencilled my own slogan and design onto – ‘Stop Don’t Shop’. 263 more words