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Cover of the new Adbusters magazine.  I recommend this magazine to anyone who wants to know what’s going on in the world today.  Check it out.   23 more words


Guerrilla Gardening

From Adbusters:

This week we’re calling for a massive worldwide reclaiming of urban space . . . for all you activists with a green thumb to join the global movement of guerrilla gardeners, silent revolutionaries who take to the streets in the dead of night to beautify, utilize and experience a thrill. 210 more words

Subverting Empire

"Adbusters" practice video

This is my practice video for our “Adbusters” assignment. I combined two pieces of film to change the original meaning behind each.


Fascist Entryism: AdBusters and the Problem of Hazy Politics

Note: Before we get started, we want to unequivacably say that we do not think that AdBusters is a fascist or fascist allied publication.  We enjoy a great deal of what they publish, support their project, and will continue to re-post articles, videos, and art from them.  5,029 more words

Third Positionism

Heavenly Bliss

 It was said of Abba John the Dwarf, that one day he said to his elder brother, ‘I should like to be free of all care, like the… 430 more words


Marketing Compliance

Compliance refers to the act of responding favorably to a request by others. The request may be explicit, such as a direct request for a charity donation, or implicit, such as an advertisement promoting some product without directly asking for a purchase. 114 more words

IB Psych

A War of Ideals

The West’s moral foundations are crumbling. Its narrative of ‘freedom’, ‘peace’ and ‘liberty’ is wearing thin. As the clock ticks down on Western dominance, the international community has taken note. 432 more words