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Adbusters launches 'mind bomb' campaign to get Harper out of office — starting with ad during NHL playoffs

Adbusters aired an attack ad against Stephen Harper during an NHL playoff game on Monday — calling it the start of a “blowback campaign” against the prime minister. 391 more words


Term 03: CTS Catalogue and Essay: Essay Presentation

My 12-slide PechaKucha presentation on my chosen essay subject. Catalogue


Clowning the Clown

The Orwellian authoritarianism and gray palette conformity depicted in the new “Breakfast Defectors” video could be an outtake from pretty much any film adaptation of a contemporary dystopian YA novel,  107 more words

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When my (Cannabis) Time Comes

It is going to happen my friends, sooner or later my time will come and this amazing body that has taken me places, allowed to have tons of experiences, memorize endless amounts of useless data, and overall permitted me to have a great life on this planet, will stop functioning. 174 more words


Brand Off

Ignorant, sick, addicted, insecure and dumb: That’s how they want you.

Brands don’t care about you. Corporations don’t care about you. None of those products and services that live in your imagination care about you. 203 more words


Manifestos in Design

Manifestos are published declarations of intents, motives and views of a group of people. It builds on a previously published idea and presents its own take on the situation. 424 more words

Book And Magazine Design


Some months ago I received an e-mail advertisement from what struck me as an unlikely source. The advertisement was for shoes—specifically, the “Blackspot ‘unswoosher’ boots,” which appear to be an all-hemp version of Converse’s iconic Chuck Taylor line of sneakers. 981 more words