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I am flying in more ways than one. In front of me is an unknown destination, which I think I know but in reality I know very little. 521 more words



Roxane Gay wrote an Op-Ed piece for the NY Times addressing why she can’t forgive Dylan Roof.

While the massacre of 9 people has led to a plethora of issues and campaigns on the “back” of such a tragedy, many are focused on discerning the underlying and recognizing the all so obvious racial under and overtones of major players in the status of race relations in America. 601 more words

African Americans

Surveillance and the Scholarly World: What Shall We Do With The Database of Intentions?

Let us cast our minds back to 2003 and a quote from John Battelle that summed up neatly why Google and a slew of other tech companies down in the valley, would go on to command the astronomical valuations that persist to this day: 1,470 more words

Business Models


Hai Chiru,

Here is a surprise for u. see this surprise.


First, I need to share a sign I found at work. It will go in the book I’m writing called “Only At My Place of Work.” There will be a chapters on: snakes, rats, cockroaches, airplanes, airports, food, and, of course, toilets. 179 more words

St. Paul Outside the Walls

 Paul the Apostle is buried in the Church of St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome. His sarcophagus lies under the church’s main altar. Until 2008, when archeologists uncovered it, it was concealed underground in the same spot. 861 more words


Not in My Back Yard - an Advanced Toastmasters Speech

“The Examination Authority completed its inspection of the Navitus Bay Wind Farm 18k page application at 12 midnight on 11 March 2015.  The Examination Authority panel reports to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Amber Rudd, next week on 11 June 2015.  690 more words

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