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Mental Illness, and Other Delights

I have Attention Deficit Disorder. No “Oooh, shiny!” jokes, please.

Understandably, you’re probably confused or scoffing, since I don’t fit the bill of the average newly-diagnosed ADD patient. 1,151 more words

Meditative Mandalas

You’ve probably seen those “adult” colouring books in bookstores or book sections of stores, directed at relaxation, meditation, and so on. I have considered purchasing one almost every single time I’ve seen one, but I always think to myself, “I don’t have time to do that,” so I don’t. 424 more words


PODCAST: Rated J #27 - The Jaded Gamer is Knee Deep in Clam Sauce

Rated J: The Podcast

Listen. Downloads below.

27. The Jaded Gamer is Knee Deep in Clam Sauce (Download)

The Jaded Gamer tackles Fanmail, Hatemail and Females among other things like karma and breaking public property. 14 more words


Call Dropped

Call Dropped


For those who did not already know, I work in a call center.  Which means I get calls from the nicest people, and the not-so-nicest people.  519 more words


ADHD Diagnosed Kids Who Take Adderall, Ritalin Have Sleeping Problems, Stupid Study Says

1011Now.com – Stimulant medications for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) cause sleep problems among the children who take them, a new study from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln concludes. 137 more words


Happy 1st Birthday, Blog!

It’s been one year today since I posted my first blog post on this little blog I’ve created. I just wanted to thank everyone who’s read, liked or followed – my weird little neurodivergent mind appreciates it so much.  79 more words