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ADD, Squirrels, and Focus

I have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), which usually is fine for me. I like the way my mind can make leaps and jumps from one branch of thoughts to another, rather like a squirrel. 152 more words


"Don't You Regret It?"

This one here needs a little introduction. My good friend from high school wrote the following words. I have known her for well over a decade and remember watching her have her baby girl, marry her high school sweetheart, and have a few of her ups and downs – y’all… Liz is one of the strongest people I know. 818 more words


Weaning off Lexapro: Days 28, 29, 30

Sadly, you can tell that my interests are starting to cycle again already. I can’t even make myself journal here consistently. I wish I knew how to prevent this process. 140 more words


You Can Now Add Video to Google My Business!

You re probably well aware of just how important it is to have your law firm listed on Google My Business. It makes you easier to find in Google search and is huge for building trust with prospective clients. 39 more words

Can I have your attention, please? (Can I even manage mine?)

ADHD is a really complicated thing to talk about, especially at work or with people who don’t have it. It’s funny to me that people with ADHD (or people whose kids have ADHD) pick up on the fact that… 853 more words

Made it to Monday.

I wanted to do something different with this post.  Everyone knows when you can make it to the end of the week its great.  Well for me just starting a new  routine can be a challenge.  227 more words

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10 Heart-Healthy Foods to Add to Your Diet for Vibrant Cardiovascular Health

Do you dislike heart-healthy foods? High cholesterol levels are troubling and force a person to eat dishes that seem bland. Any food that’s tasteless isn’t inviting. 32 more words