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Who is the boss of me? - this started out as a serious post, and unraveled from there.

When I was a child, I was quite cognizant of exactly who had the right to tell me how to behave. If an adult gave me instructions, they were to be followed. 743 more words

Random Musings

Grow Taller Strategy: Add one to 3 Inches in Your Peak

Find out how to increase taller by natural means employing the expand taller approach information.

Spirit of Friendship

Wherever we may find ourselves, together or apart, the spirit of our friendship is forever in my heart.


Sarah on the telly

I was interviewed tonight by Rick Green of http://www.TotallyAdd.com. Funny thing; we talked about the blog.  This blog.

We talked about my recent posts about blogging through my journey and the first step was actually having the motivation and care to access the web page and hit the little pencil button to your top right. 184 more words


What I Really Want To Say.

Some people have medical problems such as edema. Swelling of the feet and legs. They must eat less salt, exercise, and drink water. If it’s really bad they have to put their feet up above their heart to get the blood flowing again. 376 more words

Goodbye, Summer

You know that one friend of your kid’s? The one your kid has known from birth? The one that he considers his best friend? The one he fights with EVERY time they play? 781 more words