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LinkedIn add news curation with ‘trending storylines’

LinkedIn is taking a more forceful approach to news curation. The company today is releasing a “trending storylines” feed that lives alongside your personally curated feeds to showcase news articles and related posts personalized based on your interests and profession.The experience is like the trending topics Facebook surfaces for its users. 83 more words

March 22, 2017 - Frustration to Determination (45 second read)

Key things today:

  • Bodyweight exercise in the morning before meditation.
  • Eat healthy. Follow the plan as close as possible.
  • Finish and post the article

The Day in Retrospect… 138 more words

A Day In A Life Of An ADD Warrior

ADD and Skill Acquisition: Don't Let ADD Piss You Off!

Living with ADD was at first very frustrating, especially before I knew I had it. I’m the sort of person that gets irritable if I don’t understand a certain subject. 856 more words


AD&D Old School Project - Update on figures

Well its been a while due to real life interfering. I have managed to finish a few figures however……..the mission to run an old school AD&D game this year continues. 325 more words


March 21, 2017 -Rediscovering Motivation: Where Did It Go in The First Place?

Key things today:

  • Stick to my planned meals for the day
  • Put in 100% effort at work
  • Continue to write the article for the blog site…
  • 388 more words
A Day In A Life Of An ADD Warrior

The Importance of Appendix I: Dungeon Dressing

Appendix N receives a great deal of (justifiable) accolades.  The list of suggested reading is essential in understanding the rationale behind Dungeons and Dragons.  A few pages before that though, page 217 to be specific, is a tool invaluable to dungeon masters of all levels of experience: … 116 more words

March 20, 2017 - The Day of Contrasts

Key Things Today:

  • Wake up @ 4:30am to meditate
  • Start writing an article about learning and ADD

Today I will not provide a spreadsheet of my day because I had a meeting which I didn’t do proper preparation in terms of sheduling my day. 296 more words

A Day In A Life Of An ADD Warrior