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Asperger's and Attention

I’ve always had a hard time paying attention. This is strange, because I was an A student during my high school years, and was an average student in the semester I was in college. 684 more words


Why I Limit Screen Time

Based on conversations with many people including those with kids in high school who have spent a lot of times on screens and my own research and observations, there are two big reasons I limit the amount of time: 333 more words

Nature And Screen Time

No News Is Bad News

So a couple of weeks ago I eschewed reviewing sequels but I’m going to tell you today about a sequel. No News Is Bad News… 549 more words

The Point of Penmanship

Neat handwriting is something I will never have.  Never.  I say never, not because I am incapable of learning how to write neatly, but because it will never be important enough for me give penmanship the focus and attention it requires for me to write neatly.   351 more words

ADD Strategies

Current Neurofeedback Results for the Summer!

Are you wondering if Neurofeedback is something that may benefit you or a loved one? Look at the most recent results out of our Latham, NY Office.



ADHD medication reduces risky behavior in children, teens, research finds

New research provides some of the first evidence that medications taken by millions of American children to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder offer long-term benefits.

http://ift.tt/2aKxk9g http://ift.tt/eA8V8J


Common brain changes found in children with autism, ADHD and OCD

A team of scientists has found similarities in brain impairments in children with autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder. The study involved brain imaging of white matter in 200 children. 11 more words