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Valve's Solution To Steam Review Bombing Is To Add Charts

(Source: steamed.kotaku.com)

For years, Steam has struggled with the issue of review bombing, where large numbers of users leave negative reviews on games’ pages, often because of controversial subject matter or news that doesn’t actually impact the game’s quality. 573 more words


ADD means do it now

Every room in our house that has a sink has its cleaner and a pack of wipes stashed underneath. If the sink is in a bathroom, you’ll also find a roll of paper towels and some glass cleaner. 211 more words

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ADHD kids can be still, if they're not straining their brains

Lack of motivation or boredom with school isn’t to blame for squirming by children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Symptoms such as fidgeting, foot-tapping and chair-swiveling are triggered by cognitively demanding tasks – like school and homework. 30 more words


The Number 1 question to never ask your ADD/ADHD child

And what you should be asking instead

I’m a problem solver. So it’s natural that I would look for answers and reasons behind every problem, every difficulty in life. 1,305 more words


It Only Takes A Few Pennies To Add Up To BIG BUCKS!

Check out this episode of The Dani Johnson Show now, as Dani uncovers how to escape the trap of “small spending” – so you can reach all of your BIG financial goals!

i AM enough

Enough is simply knowing you are enough just because you are – you are loved just because you are you. Even if you don’t believe it, that is the magical thing: you don’t have to! 88 more words

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