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Wandering Monster Activities

Wandering Monsters, at least those which are semi-intelligent or brighter, are doing something.

They are not just standing around, waiting for a party of murder hobos to come along so they have something to do today.  102 more words


Coping with Asperger's

Understanding your partner with Asperger’s syndrome can be difficult or seemingly impossible at times. Making better connections can lead to a happier, healthier relationship.

By Regina Boyle Wheeler… 1,487 more words

On Forgetfulness

(AKA things I didn’t realise were symptoms of ADHD, part 1 of way too many)

Before my ADHD diagnosis, if there was one thing I had confidence in, it was my memory. 886 more words


Is a disorganised loved one affecting your life?

Living with someone who does things differently to you can be frustrating, but in many cases you can negotiate and figure out a system where you’re both happy. 1,131 more words

Git - Adding Options

I am sure we all know the git mantra by now “Add-Commit-Push” 

Git offers a lot of shortcuts in adding the files using the “ 224 more words



A monster adapted from Appalachian folklore.

Finding one of these could provide some fun (or frustrating) diversion from the usual.  It could quite easily be the subject of a low-level quest/commission from a wizard who wants some tears for a potion, but it will take great care on the part of the party for a successful conclusion. 9 more words


So. What HAVE you accomplished?

A lot of my personal focus up until now has been Macro focused, in an attempt to look at some big concepts in regards to culture. 1,112 more words