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When I gave my worries to the Lord, I had to be ready for what I would hear even knowing that it could be something completely out of left field. 733 more words


Contemplation, Chewing Tobacco, and Clarity

Day 6

Tournament day. We are holed up in this hotel in Lawrence like a heard of cats. We made it to the silver bracket, that’s all I have to say about that. 367 more words




He found it hard to stick with any one thing. More than a short attention span, he manifested a terror of committing to a singleness of purpose. 356 more words

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March 22nd: Lost Girl Syndrome

On my first day of therapy, my counselor asked what I would rate my experienced level of trauma.

Despite being the daughter of white, upper middle class parents, I had to go with my heart: moderate to high. 708 more words

The dreaded ADD battle

Attention deficit disorder aka ADD. If you have it, you know how miserable it can be. If you don’t have it, it’s hard to understand. 486 more words

Mom Life

Leg Pain, Knee, Butt Pain,

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Dude What’s Your Point? I’m a Jerk!

Arguing about nothing and enduring pointless conversation is one of the most painful things to experience in life. Seriously, I’d rather take a punch to the face I think. 361 more words

Random Ponderisms