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GMOs—What could go wrong?

In continuing my exploration of the dark side of the science making GMOs, I came across several sites (antiGMO sites) that raised some interesting side effects to inserting a new gene into an existing one. 432 more words


ESSAROIL @103 on 27/05/2015

You may add more of this to your holding but for medium term…ref 990/80.69/102/112 (2000/493/182/1275/1000/12M/cld).

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ESSAROIL @110 on 23/02/2015

You may retain this for long term and also add some more…ref 919/80.46 (2000/272/25/1250/1050). 12 more words

Stock-specific Recommendations

Photo Size

sorry for another question, but I ve been trying to add a photo to a thread and it keeps saying to large. I m on an iPad, and was just asking if anyone could please help me about how to make it smaller to go onto the thread Thank you Sammy… 6 more words

The heavy yet wonderful price of ADHD.. with some added benefits..

UNRULY! NAUGHTY! TROUBLED CHILD! UNCONTROLLABLE , I’ve heard this many times throughout my childhood! Well no THANK YOU SIR/MADAM!

As a child I started to become conscious of my own behaviour around 12, I was diagnosed at 7 years with ADHD. 599 more words


How to Ensure College Success

College Savings Going Down the Drain?

Tired of nagging your college student throughout the semester and then having your worst fears realized when grades come out? 667 more words