What You Need to Know About Childhood Apraxia

When your child have problems saying words, syllables and sounds, don’t ignore it. Probably, this is childhood apraxia. It’s a neurological speech disorder affecting a child’s ability to produce and pronounce words correctly. 298 more words

Autism And Communication Development

A shocking family's experience caught on video

Sometimes in this world, unfortunate things happen to really good people. And the Beegle family is one of them. This article has been circling the internet for a while now, but the most shocking part if all, is how little caring and feeling went into the community of people who are supposed to be helping this family. 68 more words

ADHD: Near-sightedness to Time

Russell Barkley speaks about the motivation, emotion, behavior, hyperactivity, attention, accountability and focus aspects of ADD/ADHD.

Living in the moment may not be a virtue after all!? 133 more words


Our Music of the Night

I said goodbye to a dear dear friend today.

It was one of the most intense funerals I’ve been ever been too.

My friend, Jason (not my husband Jason, but my husbands best friend, Jason) was musical. 454 more words

Another new adventure!

Hello friends. I’m sorry I was MIA yesterday, but it was for a good reason. See?

Isn’t he cute? This is Everest, and he’s going to be my sons service dog. 664 more words

Meme yourself for cheap-thrill Friday

Wanna play a game with me? Because it’s been one of those weeks, i’ve decided to have a little fun today. Here’s how you play: go into Google and type your first name with the word “meme” after it. 72 more words