Cheap Thrill Friday: if you hate Caillou...

I love my friends. This picture ended up on my Facebook page at least three times during the last election. But it’s true… I think we can all agree, that everyone HATES Caillou! 8 more words

The Whip Cream Challenge!

Hello friends!

I have been debating for quite a while on weather to post this or not, mainly because of privacy purposes (my son’s). When I write about my son, I use a pseudonym for his first name (his middle name), never his first. 310 more words

When you become a parent...

When you become a parent, it means something different to just about everyone. When I became a mother to my beautiful boy, I know that life would be an adventure. 526 more words

Cheap Thrill Friday: bottoms up!

It wouldn’t be cheap thrill Friday without a cheap thrill, so drink up and don’t get caught switching up your office water. TGIF and I’ll see you all on Monday.

Meeting in the middle 

Every once in a blue moon, my husband and I will butt heads when it comes to ignoring our son’s bad behavior and reinforcing the good. 759 more words

Coming Up for Air

Blind trust… that’s what it takes to weather a wilderness season—like the Israelites wondering for 40 years in the desert.  The Lord was preparing them for something greater, but first they had to learn to trust Him. 949 more words


Cheap Thrill Friday: poop jokes are funny!

I love a good poop joke, mainly because I’ve been out of this stage for quite a while now. But, seriously. We’ve all been here… some longer then others (myself included.) So, let’s just smile, and laugh, and THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY.