Natural Ways to Help Kids with ADHD/ADD

Many kids suffer with some variation of an attention disorder. Parents look to medical professionals for help with their children, even chiropractors! Here are a few natural methods that can help kids with ADD/ADHD… 552 more words


ADD & ADHD Learning Support...

“I can’t stop squirming.”   “I can’t pay attention.”  “Why don’t people like me?” “Why is my teacher always upset with me?” “I just want to be normal, mommy.” 2,460 more words


#29 of All the Things- Make It Okay

Have you ever struggled with a mental illness?   Has anybody said something that really made you feel worse?  It’s a hard topic to talk about for some people.   254 more words


Racing Thoughts

I don’t know about you but I deal with a lot of restlessness. More specifically, though, I’m talking about racing thoughts. If you’re unfamiliar with that term it means that several different ideas or thoughts are scrambling to take priority in your mind leaving you feeling like you have to provide a solution to all of them at once. 359 more words

Daily Introvert Struggles

So I’ve already discussed a few struggles introverts and INFPs have, but I thought about going more in depth. In a way, I’m hoping to be more “sincere” than a typical, clickbaity “10 STRUGGLES ALL INTROVERTS HAVE” (I’m already failing I’m sure). 1,867 more words


The Science of Fidgeting

In one of my previous posts I discussed how we can learn a lot about INFPs through ADD and ADHD. During the section on hyperactivity, I said that I feel the need to be doing something all the time. 1,292 more words



Got a call today to say the brace is in and she will be getting it next week.  In reality I don’t think she realizes what is about to happen or anything.   48 more words