5 Ways to Focus Naturally with Adult ADD/ADHD

There are lots of reasons why it can take a while to accomplish your goals: Time, Money, Family, Career, Responsibilities, etc.  I can relate to all of them, however, one of the biggest hurdles for me is my… 1,552 more words


Ritalin 10 Mg (Methylphenidate)

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Ritalin is a central nervous system Stimulant. Ritalin is used to treat ADD/ADHD. It is highly Addictive. 206 more words

Anti Depressants

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The Unexpected Hiatus

This squirrel is taking a short break from her blogging pursuits for a more important pursuit: getting her health back under control.

My psychiatrist told me today that, given all the stuff happening in my life, I need to take medical leave. 714 more words


Damn…I didn’t know I could get more crazy, but apparently it is possible!

I gotta quit going to doctors…they keep telling me I’m more crazy than I knew

For reals, I’m happy to learn more about myself, but I’m somewhat saddened to hear that I have more problems  than I knew.  515 more words

Musings From The Home Base

ADHDventures in Relationships

Today, I reached the first time-based milestone in my relationship with Phil. It was a journey to get here, but I am so grateful we did. 3,574 more words


[Printable] Theming for Dayyyyyssss

In case you missed the message, June is Binder System Month, where I share with you all the tips and tricks I use in my own binder system to make my life work with ADHD, in the hopes you can adapt some for your own life. 2,181 more words