The Whole30: Day 21

I’m going to admit to a small defeat today. I committed to blogging every day of the Whole30, but I definitely missed Friday and Saturday.  I am quite frustrated with myself, but it was a big commitment to make. 362 more words


Cheap Thrill Friday: Parents be like...

I’m sure most of you are feeling like this right now, eh? Well this one’s for you, because YES, I am that mother who runs gleefully through the isles of Staples with my son by my side, filling my basket with school supplies for him! 12 more words

The Whole30: Day 18

Day 18.  Less than 2 weeks to go.

I think I may have turned another friend on to the Whole30 lifestyle.  We may even sit down and try to meal plan as a group, since it is such a difficult task sometimes! 146 more words


The Whole30: Day 17

I think my biggest observation so far is this:

When I’m tired, I have an extremely hard time focusing, my mind wanders FAR away (like “how long have I been sitting here with a paperclip in my mouth? 414 more words


The Whole30: Day 16

14 days left to go!  This is officially a countdown!

I’m so incredibly excited for my celebratory ice cream!  It’s going to be a caramel ice cream from the Chocolaterie in the French quarter, in a handmade, chocolate dipped waffle cone, topped with a perfect, delicate chocolate butterfly. 206 more words


Basic needs and reinforcement

Reinforcement – noun, a procedure, as a reward or punishment that alters a response to a stimulus.

When we think about it, human basic needs are as follows and in no particular order: air, food, shelter, sanitation, sex, water, companionship, sleep, and personal boundaries. 888 more words

The Whole30: Day 12

This evening was a total success!  I managed to go out for dinner and stay compliant!

There was no way out, no matter how hard I thought about it.   173 more words