My Father

In the 1950’s doctors diagnosed my father Hyperactive as a teen, with little knowledge doctors prescribed tranquilizers. I can only imagine how this much-loved teen prankster turned zombie like. 108 more words

Moving Forward

Identifying children's vision and learning problems - AOA Chairside Guide provides a useful focus

In this one minute VisionHelp video, educational specialist Wendy Rosen, author of the book The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning, outlines when a child struggles in reading and learning it should be the top priority to have a comprehensive optometric vision evaluation. 235 more words

Vision Therapy Best Practices

Hiding Your "Crazy"

So here’s the deal today. I have ADHD, OCD and few other acronyms behind my name in some crazy file somewhere. I’m okay with that too. 1,791 more words

Special Needs Life

ADHD/ADD - Is Medicine the Only Solution?

ADHD students may talk when it’s not their turn and move around the classroom. Following instructions is not their forte, and they may have trouble turning in their homework. 450 more words


August Means Back to School. It Is a Good Time to Consider an ADHD Coach

By Lynn Miner-Rosen, M.Ed., BCC, CDCS

Summer is now halfway over and I know many parents are getting ready to send their sons and daughters off to college in the fall.   471 more words


Beyond ADHD-Overcoming the Label and Thriving by Jeff Emmerson

I met Author Jeff Emmerson on Twitter, he’s motivating, a tireless advocate for Mental Heath and shines a bright light on ADHD for which he was misdiagnosed. 587 more words

Moving Forward

Why do we experience pain and suffering?

While reading the chosen lesson in A Course In Miracles for a day last week it sparked the motivation to share what I was getting from the lesson with the study group that I facilitate at a local Holistic Center. 840 more words