It's easy as do re mi, ADD/ADHD, 123...

I’ve never actually been diagnosed with either but I’ve always thought I must be afflicted by one of them, given that I’ve never been able to sit still and no matter what I do cannot focus on anything for more than a few seconds at a time. 549 more words


He fit right in! He fit right in!

Birthday parties.

Who here cringes when their child with ASD gets invited to a birthday party? Does it send nervous tingles down your spine? Do you hover like a helicopter, just because of awful past experiences? 748 more words

Cheap Thrill Friday: picky eaters

I think every parent can relate to this one. What do you think? TGIF my friends.

There is no "Yelp" review for schools!

Hi everyone. My dad sent this article to me yesterday, and I just finished reading it! WOW! It is definitely eye opening and disconcerting, but it’s really up to the state to do something about this travesty! 1,882 more words

Dear Presidential candidates Trump and Clinton,

This “hypothetical” letter to both presidential candidates is from my heart. I don’t only speak for myself here … but I do speak for all of the parents out there that are terrified of what our future holds for our children with disabilities. 867 more words

Cheap Thrill Friday: Morgan Freeman says...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I knew you needed to smile, so I hope this worked. Happy Friday!