No title because frankly it was taking too long to think of one (ADHD Awareness Month Share #4)

Patience is a virtue. It really, really is. My patience is kind of funny. I have great patience in the “big” stuff,  I actually have a very calm, cool and collected head in a crisis. 1,060 more words


Procrastination, Time Management & The Twilight Zone (ADHD Awareness Month Share #3)

Tsk, tsk, where does the time go? No, seriously. Where does it go?  Time is such a funny thing to begin with in and of itself. 1,223 more words


Tarot, My Fidget Spinner of Choice (ADHD Awareness Month Share #2)

**This originally was not meant to be a post but a page in a different area, but in light of acceptance,  ADHD Awareness Month, Friday the 13th and all things woo that go with it, I figured why not. 1,360 more words


Unfolding Like A Flower - Meeting The Patient Where They Are - Healing With Homeopathy

In a way, getting to know a patient as I am working with them is like an unfolding flower, seeing one layer and then another one. 661 more words


My Oh So Noisy Monkey Mind (ADHD Awareness Month Share #1)

Each week this month in recognition of ADHD Awareness Month I’m going to try (try being the key word here, hello ADHD) to share my own experience with ADHD in bits and pieces to let you inside the working of my particular ADHD brain. 1,008 more words


Know the Signs: Mental Illness in Children

Mental Illnesses can affect people of all ages, even children. The National Institute of Mental Health states that 1 in 5 children has had, or has, a debilitating mental disorder. 583 more words

Integrated Healthcare

Snapshots for ADHD Awareness Month

I’m dedicating the *~~Snapshots~~* section (found here & on Instagram here) of my humble little blog throughout the month of October in respect of ADHD Awareness Month and challenging my own ADHD self for the next 30 days to add to it daily. 7 more words