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Lazy Sunday

So I’ve been taking Adderall for five days now. The drugged feeling is gone, but I have noticed something else that might be along the same lines as feeling “drugged”. 1,728 more words


Third Grade Suicide

Three months prior to my bipolar diagnoses my depressive lows steady increased in intensity. Leaving my house for any reason became terrifying. The only tools I had were Adderall and alcohol. 1,152 more words



Yesterday I had a very good day. I was texting with my husband on and off all day letting him know how things were going. When he got off of work, he texted me to let me know that he was taking me out to dinner. 583 more words


6th feb 2016 sunday

well I’ve deleted the WordPress app cos I feel like it’s a slap in my bfs face.

I have transferred to my new towns mental health to be weaned from addys n benzos cos they focus in recovery. 377 more words


Getting into the groove

So my third day on Adderall went really well. I got a lot of things done and did them with the energy I used to have at work, back when I used to have energy at work. 484 more words



Today I had my first dose of Adderall. Well, I think it’s a generic, as it says Amphetamine salts on the label. Being a schedule II controlled substance in the US, an original signed prescription is required for the pharmacy to fill it. 700 more words


Easier and I don't know why

It does bother me. Not knowing. Not understanding. Being at the mercy of this all.

Today is better. It is good enough that I didn’t even feel the need to blog. 550 more words