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My love letter to #ADHD meds — #GetWell2015 (05/21/2015)

In brief: Counterintuitively, being at a newly decently functioning level thanks to ADHD meds, I haven’t been keeping up with this series. Here’s why and what’s happening! 1,092 more words

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Quickie: Rube Goldberg, I Choose You!

Someday I really will get around to writing about why I’ve taken the particular approach I have to medication (the short version: hypothesis about neurology; side effects; ballet). 220 more words


The Great Weight Family Foreign Exchange Student Hosting Debate

It’s flooding outside and I can’t find my Adderall prescription. I’ve been taking the stuff for 16 years and still don’t know if I spelled it right. 518 more words


I don’t think I ever really had it. Psychologists who specialise in “gifted” children agreed with me on this; it was never that my brain actually had ADHD, but rather it was a conditioned response to “tune out” information after a set amount of time because of how my highly intelligent brain processes things. 162 more words



So, another medication has been added to the list: Adderall. I told my Psychiatrist that I was feeling more suicidal and he ended up adding it. 340 more words

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Which A-Lister Is Reportedly Taking Adderall For Weight Loss?

You might have seen the recent headlines about Jessica Simpson flaunting a new svelte figure in the “Sedona” campaign for her clothing line. She’s been working hard to lose the baby weight after having two children in recent years. 161 more words


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I’m 22 years old but man do I feel like an old soul. My old high school basketball teammates called me “Old Man Worso” in high school. 490 more words