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Sasha Banks About To Be Suspended For Violation of Wellness Policy?

Our Women’s Championship match came in the first hour of Summerslam, where champion Sasha Banks lost her title to challenger Charlotte. She was able to roll Banks onto her shoulders, turning the Banks Statement into a pin. 277 more words


I want Provigil, I want it now

Again, I did a bit of research this morning, sorting through the endless array of drugs for depression. The most significant problem I face is my lack of energy, my difficulty just getting up and doing things. 303 more words


I want to feel alive or be dead

I don’t want to blog. I don’t want to do anything. Why me? I should be stronger, but I am tired of being strong.

Yesterday I got the results of a full psychological examination I completed. 512 more words


ADD and the Election

About 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with what my doctor called “inattentive ADD.”  I took an internet test and everything, so it must be true.  856 more words

Before Vyvanse starts to fade

Four hours ago I took Vyvanse. It is how I am writing this right now. Vyvanse is at its peak.

This is when I have desire. 145 more words


The Fog

It all started my freshman year of college, where the slippery slope of amphetamine addiction begins for most. You’ve heard the story a thousand times before, so I’ll keep it short: I had to pull an all-nighter to write a paper due the next day; a friend offered me an Adderall; it became my new study buddy. 627 more words