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The truth about adult ADHD

Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD, has long since been thought to only affect children. Scientists now know that it affects up to 2 million South African adults and can have far-reaching implications for work and personal life. 1,217 more words


An excerpt from "CHILD'S PLAY"

A Positive Thing

I’ve positioned myself in the corner of the coffee shop, facing the room, such that when Eshed Marcus arrives, he’ll have to sit with his back to rest of the room. 1,424 more words


A magic white pill

Exam stress is mounting and your life is feeling more and more like a sad and boring movie about people who die from never leaving the library. 486 more words


High Energy (A Poem)

To see just how hyperactive, hit this link!


Oh Hai!

I know this is belated, but I was so busy on Friday celebrating the liberation of all God’s Gay Creatures to marry and procreate that I forgot to do my weekly poem! 470 more words

Mangle-Lero Posts

ADD and the Older Set: The Meds

OK, now that the question of how I could go for 66 years without being aware that “suffered” from ADD has been addressed (nothing conclusive was reached), the treatment is next on the list. 898 more words


A little support?

I can’t stop looking at pro-ana blogs. (I have explained why they are so bad in my previous post “A scary thing.”) I have two finals tomorrow so I have been studying my ass off which includes taking my Adderall. 137 more words


The evening silly

Last night unfolded just like every night for the past few months.  Although LOW is a good sleeper once she gets to sleep, the others are not – their anxiety features nightmares and resistance to sleeping alone. 539 more words