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"I know this isn't the Hilton, but..........."

I called my doctor yesterday and said I’d like to see him ASAP. He wasn’t going to be in the office, but he set me up with one of his colleagues for today. 396 more words

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Bitchy Bitchy Bitchy. (+Wellbutrin update)

So, a weird little fact about me: allergy medicine has a weird effect on me. It messes with my depression and makes me a super bitch. 501 more words

A Drug for Preventing Divorce, And One for Getting it

Majid Ali, M.D.

Today is February 25, 2015. I have some ecstacy and am very eager to share it with you.  If I am ecstatic, you might be so as well—well, let’s say, to some degree. 236 more words

Oxygen Literacy

where are you hiding??

i wrote a pretty decent post at the laundromat and went to attach a pic and ugh gone.

not the first, prolly not last time. so Monday afternoon I took 4 mgs of clonnies and passed out til following morning. 384 more words

Adderall: College Kid's Crack (And the Reason I Passed College with a 3.7 GPA)

Adderall: College Kids’ Crack

Alas, you’ve made it at last. Growing up in your suburban home-surrounded by gleaming white fences and fresh herb gardens-you often dreamed of the day you’d be granted the freedom to break free from that picturesque New England prison. 913 more words


724 am

way too early to be up. gotta take one of the girls to work at 10.

so I’m up knitting

down to 1 ritalin somewhere in my purse. 73 more words

Adderall and I, A Love Story

ADHD and I have spent the last 35 years occasionally almost completely doing things together. For a lot of those years it worked for me. I was like a lovely ethereal being that would leave a trail of half unloaded dishwashers, towels on the floor, and amazing unfinished arts and crafts projects.  1,192 more words

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