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0-10 Minutes
– Run 1 Mile
– In remaining time, AMRAP C&J 135/95

10-13 Minutes Rest… 21 more words

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Drug Testing Is Coming To Video Game Competitions

Okay, this might be the craziest story I’ve seen in a while. David mentioned it to me yesterday, but drug testing is coming to e-games… 112 more words


Would You Take Potentially Risky Drugs That Improve Cognitive Function?

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My body my choice.

What I do to my body is my own choice and no one else’s, regardless of the reason. 453 more words

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Gamer's to be drug tested due to this critical mess-up by star player

If you are one of those or are among those that find it hard to fathom that gamers may be considered athletes, this one may be even simpler for you to swallow than normal. 80 more words

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Just like with regular sports, eSports athletes will be tested for drugs

On the heels of a doping scandal, one of the largest professional competitive video game leagues says it plans to begin testing players for performance enhancing drugs. 710 more words


Professional Video Gamers to Be Tested for Doping

Professional video gamers will soon be subjected to the same scrutiny as professional athletes.

The largest and oldest professional video game organization, the Electronic Sports League (ESL), announced in a statement Thursday that starting in August they’ll begin testing gamers for performance enhancing drugs. 101 more words

After Adderall scandal, eSports group to start testing for PEDs

The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is not going to sit down and allow a full-blown PED scandal to rip apart its organization, no matter how new it all is. 167 more words

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