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I lost myself somewhere...

Well hello there interwebz…

I’ve never really been one to write in a diary, or have an interest in anyone else’s… This for me is a lil experiment in hopes to help me start the next chapter of my life, which quite possibly will be the most important… 661 more words


My Biggest Secret

I’m making this blog for the sole purpose of having someone to talk to while remaining anonymous. I can’t tell any one the REAL truth without being judged. 457 more words


Lost another friend to the needle and the spoon.......

I found out the other day that I lost another dear friend to this disease. I will be venting in another post about it in a few days, but for now listen to this song and message. Peace towards your journey!!!


Central Africa’s customary greeting “I See You” is a brilliant recognition of the individual. The standard American greeting “How are you?” is often said without regard to a true answer. 26 more words


She sleeps peacefully......

From reading JJ’s blog I do believe I am mini me.  Boy she is going to kill me when she wakes up.  In the meantime let the games begin.