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I am sitting in study hall right now and have just under an hour until the school day is over. But here’s a list of things I’ve done since the last time we spoke. 354 more words


Addicted to the Mania

The sun is radiant and my body is soaking it in as if it is my only necessary source of nutrients. With this new fuel now seeping from my soul, it has fed my desires, my confidence, and my need to move. 455 more words

Femme Fatale, pt. 2

From @LLeVi8ed:

May 2007

“Well they’re not too deep, thankfully. I don’t even think you need stitches, honestly.”

“Man, that’s what I kept tellin’ y’all over ‘n over again. 1,081 more words

Heroin Addiction

Temporary release.

Sometimes, when life is going swimmingly and everything is all right with the world I struggle to understand why anyone takes drugs. I especially cannot imagine why anyone who has been to hell and back through addiction would ever pick them back up again. 618 more words


Apparently, I’m a drug addict. That was basically what I got from the meeting with my doctor today. He basically told me that the issues I was having was because of my use of these “drug pills”. 276 more words


I Am Her Best Friend....

I have not had the time that it takes lately to sit and clack the keys, that’s rather unfortunate too as I have so much swirling in my head.  962 more words


Femme Fatale, pt. One

Femme Fatale

From: @LLeVi8ed

April 2007

Slim had given me the “green light” to leave for my break. I planned on going home to surprise Scarlett. 2,352 more words

Heroin Addiction