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5 Things I can't live without

Hi everyone , welcome back

Do you ever wonder about the things you couldn’t live without on a day to day basis? Everyone has a different list of essentials……. 191 more words


A Little Cup of Happiness

You beautiful tone setter

Coating my senses

In a promising silk

Like Cupid without armour

Your demise is swift

You weren’t what I thought

You were


Prison games 

This place is a prison. The epitome of isolation. Void not vast. Small. Very small. No room for growth. No room. Period. Stagnant. I’m drowning but there’s no water. 27 more words

heroin flesh eating disease {Graphic}

Going to rehab to get off heroin, couldn’t make it get his fix. Got a dirty needle and got the flesh eating disease.


Hi..My Name is Samantha and I have a Dual Diagnosis!

Hi! My Name is Samantha and I Have a Dual Diagnosis!By: Samantha Steiner

By: Samantha Steiner

I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder Mixed when I was just fourteen years old. 1,768 more words

My Personal Life

Recovery: Day 98

Sometimes I wonder if my counselor has to sit on her hands to resist the urge to shake me into some semblance of sanity. It’s been nearly a month since I arrived at the recovery house, and so far my social circle beyond these walls is dismal to say the least. 612 more words


A Waste? 

I’m in what people call a “funk” when it comes to my drug addiction recovery. I don’t see myself as really having a problem. Next Thursday I’ll be at 90 days and I wouldn’t say it’s been that difficult. 132 more words