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Sucking on your cigarette-scented fingers—
only ‘cause I know you get a kick out of it.
Really, the taste makes me want to vomit,
but I’ll never tell you all the things I hate about you. 152 more words


Support for Spouses of Alcoholics

Spouses of Alcoholics face a multitude of unique and often overwhelming challenges including isolation, anxiety, depression and loneliness. Spouses of addicts often minimize their pain and deny their needs. 97 more words


Aaaand this is why people don't detox off heroin at home

If there’s another choice, I wish I knew it
While Cassie was on her two-month wild ride, she went from snorting to shooting heroin.

Now that she has nowhere to go, the run has ended but only because she is home. 973 more words

Discovering the Family Secrets

It was in the middle of August, 2014 when I was reading a book on ways to improve my romantic relationship; not because my relationship needed any kind of enhancements, but because I wanted to be prepared with strategies to fix any possible issues that may arise in the future with my partner. 538 more words


So I’m standing in criminal court the other day signing my life away to the probation office and I noticed everyone staring at me and wondering what the hell I was doing there. 364 more words


Life is Like a Cup of Tea...

Hey everyone!

So I actually had this weekend off from work, which was a lovely/unusual surprise. I spent yesterday with my sweetie, but today I did a few projects I’ve been wanting to do! 249 more words



I likely shouldn’t be writing this, I’m tired, am nursing a migraine, and am not wearing my glasses; god knows what spelling mistakes and poor choice wording options I will make, but here I go, because it’s been too long since I’ve put words to a page or screen. 775 more words