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Sex and Depression

I’ve realized that I only want sex when I am depressed. Maybe that’s why my sex addiction was worse a year ago. I was always depressed when I was in Georgia. 1,068 more words


Do you really want to know me?

Alrighty. I’m not too sure of how to start this and I’m not too sure if I’m completely comfortable with strangers reading the details of my life that I’ve kept secret for so long, but here goes nothing. 504 more words


Vanilla Cupcake with Secret Filling

Quick and easy whole wheat Vanilla Cupcakes with a chocolate filling and pink buttercream icing!


Cake Mixture:


Confessions of an Eyeshadow Palette Addict

Hi everyone, my name’s Jasmine, and I’m addicted to eyeshadow. Specifically eyeshadow palettes. Slowly this has become a serious addiction, to the point where I have several palettes that some would argue all look exactly the same, but that I would argue all have their own unique purpose. 266 more words


Seeking Righteousness

After my last posting, I had misgivings. It still feels pompous to think that I’m seeking righteousness. Much like a modern-day pharasee, Polished on the outside, corrupt on the inside. 242 more words



I could let my User Name and Photos speak for themselves.

But, what fun would that be? 


"Every man has but one destiny."

I’m reading Mario Puzo’s The Godfather for the second time now. The first time, I was
trapped in the throes of my addiction, drinking every night with a digital copy of the book pulled up on my phone until I passed out. 366 more words