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I fucked up.

God I fucked up big time. I’m fucked up as I write this.  A fucking relapse.  Nearly 3 months of sobriety down the drain.  I feel amazing though.   306 more words


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Идва време за смяна на сезоните, смяна на гардероба, почивки и забава, свързана с харчене на пари (разумно), за това реших да направя кратичък таг свързан с пазаруването и шопохолизмът. 23 more words


What if...

“What if” I can’t stay sober?
“What if” I let people down?

“What if” I get sober and my life is boring?

“What if” my family still won’t forgive me even if I’m sober? 461 more words


A helping hand. 

I’ve spent a lot of time this week speaking to recovered and recovering addicts. It’s uplifting, it is reassuring and most of all it is inspiring. 643 more words


70 days clean

This blog is mostly for me, but if anyone else enjoys it all the better. It’s 2:11am in Atlanta, Ga. My name is Kyle, I’m 26 years old and have been off heroin for 70 days today. 92 more words


Trippin' down memory lane

I need you to stop remembering only what you choose to remember.

In order to forget everything you need to recall it all and give yourself a pat on the back for taking it like a man. 598 more words

Love And Other Drugs

My Biggest Secret

I’m making this blog for the sole purpose of having someone to talk to while remaining anonymous. I can’t tell any one the REAL truth without being judged. 457 more words