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Of the hardest things I had to face in my life it was pain. This to me is crazy. I didn’t realize how much I numbed myself not to feel. 888 more words


Trapped in the fog...

I teach my students and the ones I sponsor to journal in order to get out of their heads. I never ask them to do anything that I have not done or I’m not willing to do myself. 873 more words


Hitting a Bottom

They say every alcoholic must first hit a bottom before they can begin their journey in recovery. Not all bottoms have to be as hard as loosing everything they have. 401 more words


Keeping busy

Had a real good weekend, porn-avoidance-wise.  I kept busy and didn’t think about porn or looking at porn much.

It would be great if I could take that “busy and avoiding porn” feeling with me and spend more of my life with it.  371 more words


Sugar trivia and my mom's fudge recipe

I was sitting in my Doctor’s waiting room two weeks ago, thumbing through an old Readers Digest when the following title caught my eye:

How to Crack Your Sugar Addiction. 702 more words


I'm an Addict

My name is NicO and I’m an addict. I don’t want help kicking this habit. I like being strung out like this. There’s nothing else that can get and keep me as high as this. 44 more words


The T.shirt blouse

I am a sari addict … Happy to wear one for every occasion. And anyway since 1990 I wear a sari to work almost everyday. The only break was during my stint with Pizza Corner as I had to wear the uniform… And a few days in Spectramind, I have gone wearing something other than a sari. 181 more words