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This is not for you, it's for me...

This has always kind of been an idea in the back of my head. Why nothing ever came of it I couldn’t tell you.  Maybe lack of inspiration, or even more so too much inspiration to know where to start. 452 more words


I have never been an overly-emotional human being.  I used to pride myself on being able to keep a dry eye in the face of overwhelming bullshit.   368 more words

Letters to Joey....4

Oh Joey,

Happy New Year.  You know what you did?  You set me up to have one hell of a 2016.  I even got a post about it calling it  726 more words



It’s crazy to think that some people don’t feel that they’re responsible for their children’s poor health. What’s that got to do with anything? Let me tell you. 70 more words

Noticing Your Triggers -Recovery

Recovery from addiction isn’t a one day process. 

As time goes on, things do get better but there are times we think back to how things were and wonder if the feeling is the same. 220 more words

Writing About Myself

Comic Collab: Addiction

A-NY-TIME at all. The little lies you keep telling yourself. Like “if I keep practising long enough, my lettering will become nice and even someday”.


A simple story about open hearted trust

It was a long time ago.. and it was minor! But the lesson has stuck with me .

Back when I was squatting in 2013, it was normal for random people – aka friends of fellow squatmates to come to where we lived. 401 more words