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I am an addict.

Now, before you start panicking and recommending rehab centers, let me clear things up a little.

I am addicted to junk food. 900 more words




Acceptance of one’s character defects can be challenging.   We often only recognize negative behavior once it is brought to our attention.  Character defects are not easily changed.   516 more words


Patience my child

why do you shout and yell so much?

“go play” she said in such a rush

I brought you here so you’d have fun

go away little one. 312 more words

Hindi Film 101: Sanjay Dutt Part 2, The Motherless Addict

This is the really sad section.  So many terrible things happened to people around Sanjay during these years, and he floated above and out of it.  2,546 more words

Hindi Film 101

A Light Drizzle

Such a perfect day, drink sangria in the park…..

I’m sure Lou Reed doesn’t mind if I don’t and go with coffee instead. I would have said some sort of iced fruit smoothie but it’s raining and not very warm so more of a hot drink kind of day.  912 more words

Day 55

Day 55 May 23 2018

You say you love me and miss me so much. While I do love you, I struggle with missing you lately. 769 more words


I hope....

I wrote these a few years ago, but just drew the pictures a month ago hope u like them!

I hope you never know the feeling of doing everything that was right and still watch everything go wrong. 100 more words