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Substance Abuse...A word of advice.

Watch this.  If you or someone you know is or has been struggling with substance abuse I hope you find these words of encouragement helpful. Listen here.

The voice in my head that lies.

Addiction is without doubt the most cunning and deceitful voice in my head that I have ever had the displeasure of listening to. Before you have too many concerns for my mental capabilities, however, I can assure you I have been properly assessed by various psychiatric consultants and yes, you guessed it, the voice in my head belongs to my addict. 457 more words

10 days

Today I am 10 days sober. This is a huge deal for me since I’m fairly sure I haven’t hit double digits since 2016.

A lot of shit led me to this point, specifically my life quickly unravelled. 319 more words

Addiction by Addicts!


Welcome to Addiction by Addicts (AbA) Blog and Podcast; with your hosts Neil Teresinski and Jessica Rosado. Due to our own addiction related life stories, we created Addiction by Addicts Blog and Podcast to help reassure others that they are not alone! 352 more words


Daddy's Medicine

I’m not an addict, I’ve got my love of hot food totally under control…

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Day 1

I need some help. I know all of have fallen in the vicious clutches of TV-show-binging, but I feel I am a particularly hopeless case who just might need medical attention. 52 more words

Can't Stop, Won't Stop? Don't Stop!

As seen in my last post, I am trying to incorporate meditation back into my routine. I am happy to report I am making progress. I have been using a free app, and I am on a streak of completing one or more three minute sessions a day meditating. 207 more words