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Keep Walking

A young lady that I was in rehab with gave me a copy of this poem on my first day. I thought it was pretty powerful and wanted to share! 121 more words


Here goes nothing.

As it hit midnight on January 27th, I was cuddled up in bed on the phone with my boyfriend having one of our typical all night conversations. 667 more words


Craft Chaos and Project Crash

For the past month I have been knitting/crocheting/making jewelry like crazy (see above)! I have always been a crafty person when I have the time so when my mom had the opportunity for a table at a craft fair this week I jumped to it! 436 more words


Love Like Black Treacle

There’s something about his love that makes me think of black treacle
The way it sticks and clings, and seeps, slinking through every pour
And I’m never quite sure whether I should delight in its sweetness… 284 more words


Deal with it!

Kelvin Musau

Gambling is not to be taken lightly, one should be able to identify themselves as an addict as early as possible, like any addiction, coming out of it is not easy. 138 more words


No Chill

When a small thing pisses you off more than you realize Well, I realize that trying to take control is just going to end up blowing in my face… 62 more words

Surviving Christmas With A Crackhead

I’ll be the first to say that drug addiction, mental disorders, & family dysfunction are not laughing matters.

However, if you don’t find some sort of humor in dealing with your insane kinfolk, 

568 more words
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