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Cupcake is my favorite food! Why? Cupcake is a light cake and maybe you can eat just three bites. That’s begin when I start make cupcake and sell it by online. 187 more words


My Brother's Birdthday

Tomorrow is September 28, 2016.  My brother is turning 52.  He is currently living in our mother’s house, a house that is in foreclosure with a sale that that is quickly approaching.   412 more words



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September 27, 2016


I am still currently working, going to school and still stressing over guys.

I use to love waking up at 6 in the morning, now I wake up because I have no choice too. 268 more words

Squid & Chicken Tom Yam

Tom yam is delicious and make your mood be fresh. I like tom yam since I travelled to Thailand, this is a yummy food from that Country. 728 more words


First blog post- Self help book funeral and bucket list

Let me introduce myself- My name is Sophie- An introverted anxiety sufferer with spikes of Pure O OCD and long time battler with body dismorphia. Yes I know what you are thinking, what a catch! 1,230 more words

A Powerful Meeting

I’m getting settled in to the weekly SAA meeting I go to now in my new home town. It has a nice vibe to it, everyone is really friendly, open, honest and supportive. 454 more words

Porn Addiction