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Have you heard?

ROE is having a contest for her one year anniversary!!!

May 4-July 13, 2018

Photos for Journals


Who Does That….

Who walks away from their life? From their children’s lives, parents, family of any kind and friends? An addict does that’s who- an addict caught in the grips of addiction. 1,493 more words



Catdict (catfinition) – a person obsessively and compulsively attracted to felines and objects related to felines.

In use: “She confessed, she was a catdict, as though her friends and family didn’t know. 71 more words


Day 13 - Afternoon

304 hours sober.

Exams are over. I might have failed. I might not have failed. It doesn’t seem to matter to me today. I’m just glad that it is over. 307 more words

Frozen river

Sitting in yet another coffee shop and, rather self destructively, scrolling through old photos where I was skinnier I have just come across a photograph I took of myself a few years back. 428 more words


What It Is Like

What does it mean to have a mental illness?

Having multiple mental illnesses limits my capability. The extent to which coping comes natural doesn’t kick in. 374 more words


Thank You

This week’s WYF was food.

Thank You


Carol Anne



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Ease the Ride

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