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Lost at sea

There’s this really weird part of love I never knew existed.A part of love that doesn’t hit until two peoples love disconnects.

It’s the part where you still miss you ex significant other… 290 more words


Marlborough Hosts Overdose Awareness Vigil

One thousand, two hundred, fifty six — that’s the shocking number of lives lost to overdose in Massachusetts last year alone. And, here in Marlborough, it’s also the number that these purple flags are representing for International Overdose Awareness Day.

One difference between men and women in recovery

My Sponsor has said that the primary difference between men and women alcoholics is that when they finally decide to venture into the Rooms, is that men generally burst through the door, while women crawl in underneath it. 57 more words


Documentary addicted

Learning about the history of different cultures and evolution of mankind has long fascinated me especially to learn about the lifestyle of ancient and medieval common man. 225 more words

We Do Not Regret The Past.

As with all my blogs, I speak from personal experience. Once most alcoholics realize the extent of the damage that they caused, we are consumed with guilt and never want to think about it again. 593 more words


Poor Me.

Alcoholics and addicts are extremely good at “Playing the victim.” We are never wrong, everyone else is and we are always the one effected. We drink and use because people make us do it. 562 more words


For real, though

Last night I got to a Celebrate Recovery meeting. It was like a breath of fresh air. I’ve been to them before, but wasn’t impressed. In my opinion, it was too soft. 678 more words