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My story: Wondering why I ever became an addict

I never thought that I would turn all of my goals and dreams into a giant bonfire. I never thought that I would travel down a pill filled hole of shit and hit the bottom, hard! 507 more words



I’ve heard it said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I need to add a bit of a tag line on to that….but not always. 1,101 more words

Step Three: Deciding To Quit

We are trudging along slowly but making good progress, right? So far you have admitted that you are an addict and have outlined the pros and cons of your currently lifestyle. 622 more words


Step Two: Asking YOURSelf the Important Questions

So your comfortable admitting that you are in fact an addict but now what? Where do you go from here? It’s easy to dream about plans and goals, about a better day, but doing it is a whole different story. 996 more words


Over Comming Triggers and Urges in Recovery

Okay, there is always an elephant in any room I step into and it’s called addiction. Such an easy word to say, it just rolls off the tongue. 676 more words


Boredom and Curiosity

This post comes about from my growing discomfort with my phone. I’ve stopped reading. This is odd for me as I’ve read since being a toddler and have a wall of books at home. 275 more words