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10 Reasons Why I Blog

I’m not much for making list’s, as a blogger, however I think it will be fun to list what I enjoy about blogging.


Eve Answers

What do you wish you knew more about?

Well I definately wish I knew more about my specific mental illnesses. I learn more daily but since each case is different, I wish my specifics could be identified. 33 more words


Every Path to You

You’re having a bad dream
Though you’re wide awake
Screaming thoughts within
Every moment you still take

A child whom is lost
Roaming around the world… 82 more words


30 days

We are born with only two fears when we enter this world. The fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Both of which are instilled to protect us. 687 more words


Howling at the Moon

Cast me out again
Reel my heart to shore
Give me all your love
I’ll just want more

Blame it on my issues
Keep telling me your right… 76 more words


*press it* My Life As A Recovering Pornography Addict #16

Another new discovery (ok he discovered me first) its a very taboo subject however, I think it is one that is going to effect future generations a lot more than it does now. 66 more words


A New Addition To My Addiction

I finally added another lip to my collection of makeup that is forever a favorite– the Dior lipglows.

I am a BIG fan of these. 203 more words