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Séries favorites du moment — Partie 1

— Bates Motel, Scream Queens —

Bonjour à tous, Hello world,

Véritables moments de détente, les séries prennent de nos jours une place considérable dans nos vies. 2,091 more words


Keep Calm and Ride On

I first tried spinning back in 2015. That time, I hadn’t had much sleep, a bit dehydrated since I was out for drinks the night before and not in the best physical condition. 603 more words

Substances of abuse aren't either good or bad...

There are many times when I feel like a broken record that repeats itself over and over again. Believe it or not, even if I’m just sitting on my couch visiting with people, the subject of substance abuse ALWAYS emerges. 460 more words


Amazing Natural Skin Care Products Out Now

We are living in the golden age of natural beauty products. It wasn’t that long ago when natural beauty offerings consisted of just a few basic items (and usually, they were wedged between prunes and bulk falafel mix at your local food co-op). 178 more words


The 171st day without a drink..

It’s early here in the chilly Midwest.. I get up and try to stay quite in a house where everyone else sleeps.. I make my coffee and my 6 year old joins me in my king sized bed for cartoons and snuggles.. 211 more words