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The journey is not made in one leap

The journey is not made in one leap
and neither in one bright flash, your heart’s enlightenment
so why such impatience, then,
with yourself, with the path?

© Meisaan Chan


My New Job in Sacramento (No, I'm Not Leaving Fresno)

I am in a season of several changes. One of the most significant changes I am actively pursuing is the transition into being a more full-time writer. 386 more words


I used to loathe my limits

I used to loathe my limits:
How narrowly I had defined my power

© Meisaan Chan


From One Beach to Another

I promised to write during my last trip but I was sooooo relaxed that I could only manage a few pictures on Instagram. Have a peek at @unpickledblog to see a handful of photos from the SheRecovers retreat I was attending in Mexico. 338 more words


Splitting on Oneself

So, some non Borderlines may not know that yes , we often and for some constantly split on ourselves .

I made a video about this in my past life on YouTube. 165 more words

How Can I Ruin The Good Days?

Today I woke up, feeling really calm, and ..dare I say ” normal”. I’m not used to this. I’m either immediately anxious, dreading being alive, or my persona fav- hypomanic. 262 more words