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Don't Forget Your Mother - May 10th

I was at a book signing event the other day when a young man stepped up and said, “I want to buy all three of the books in your trilogy for my mom for Mother’s Day.” 108 more words


A Darker Journey (New Impetus)

Since I was a very young child, I’ve held, almost as if to relish, a preoccupation with melancholy Happiness and hope are ever-elusive… as my memories of tragedy persist. 710 more words



You are not what you have done.

Nor are you the result of what’s been done to you.

You are an angel.

You are not the beer bottles lined up against the wall from the night before. 142 more words


Five things that help me stay sober.

Good afternoon everyone! Hope everyone is keeping it sober! This coming up week I’ll have out the “Five things that helped me stay sober,” in early recovery! 10 more words


UI Addiction, the lost cause

Status; Citrus Rooibos

The Mistweaver have been silent for a while. It is because the Mistweaver found herself in a deep dark hole called user interface addiction and couldn’t dig herself out until the screen was covered in jade mist and mysterious symbols that meant nothing unless you had the secret cheat note. 506 more words


Cured? (Maybe)

I woke up this and felt nothing for him. I forced myself to think back to our holidays together. The memories flooded back, but the feelings didn’t. 186 more words



Ah!!!!! They don’t come often do they? Today is one of those days where first of all I’m off work which is always great two its hella beautiful outside and three I feel amazing today I don’t know why but I’m not complaining. 1,240 more words