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Life, so many billions of humans around our tiny planet have that one thing in common with ech other, in fact it stands to reason no two people offer forward the same explanation if you ask them what life is to them. 328 more words



The turbulent wave will always sink into the sea;
the mirror sea will always birth the turbulent wave

© Meisaan Chan


Hurting, oh my tooth, torture, pain, slaughter. Want to drop to my knees as my eyes water. Feel an urge to wail and wallow, but instead I take control and swallow, Straighten my spine, its time, put mind control to work, eyes closed first. 78 more words


When you smoke crack and finish smoking you will try and get one more on tick off your dealer. Then you may spend money that was meant for other things. 233 more words


Just sat watching FA Cup match on telly and I grabbed my laptop to check if I had any response to my last post on heroin. 368 more words


You know the background has a bit to do with it, sure, personality, exposure, circumstance,  peer group. All our reasons are genuine when that overpowering  pull of magnetism draws us closer to destiny. 2,408 more words


My Last LifeSTAR Blog Post

When I started the LifeSTAR of the Central Valley blog 5 years ago I had no idea how far-reaching the ripple effects would be. How could I? 707 more words