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The Laws You Never Heard Of that Will Help to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

When a politician is in his or her final few month in office (because either they lost their re-election or simply decided not to or can’t run), they call this the “lame duck” period. 617 more words


Wild, unforgiving, twisted reasoning, made victim, evil seasoning, not spared. Self the only thing left to cling onto, hate emanating for those that created you, now that hate gets you through, day after month after year. 302 more words


CNN's Misrepresentations About Benefits of Alcohol

Written and collected by Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

An article Is Wine Healthy, by Lisa Drayer, a nutritionist, author and health journalist, in CNN on April 21, 2017, started with these two short paragraphs: 1,290 more words

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Once more

Once you fall
Into the rabbit hole
It gets harder
And harder
To resurface.
Each time down
You forget the ground
And see fortune fade away. 63 more words


Hole creation

You can deny a lot of things
– I will not begrudge you that –
but my love, you are creating holes

© Meisaan Chan


I’m a “Groupie” for Life!

I’m a “Groupie” and I’m proud of it! Small groups are where life happens. Think about it! From the moment you enter this world, you become part of a group … a family! 652 more words


It's worse than alcohol or work abuse

Source: BBC

By Alina Dizik
18 April 2017
If you can’t seem to resist a scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feed during working hours, or if you feel anxious when you can’t check your smartphone or have no signal,  you might need a digital intervention. 168 more words

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