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Who wants to be like Gollum?

Remember the character Gollum from Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings? Does anyone want to turn out like him? The story tells us he started off normal, but when exposed to the Ring of Power he was seduced by it, he killed for it. 844 more words

Arden Compton

The Ultimate False God: Coolness

What is “coolness”?

Words are tricky.  This philosopher guy, Derrida, once pointed out that words and ideas are all attached to one another like a big web or network, but the web itself is attached to nothing.  982 more words


The Breakthrough

I suffer from PTSD caused not from war but from a personal trauma that only a small number of other individuals have ever experienced. I did not cause it. 298 more words

Life Choices

The Beat Box of my mind

The Beat Box of my Mind…

It makes up the sweetest most convincing lies  almost all the time.

A mind produces thoughts 24 hours a day, 239 more words


Restraining Negative Emotions

How you react to certain negative situations is totally up to you. You can either act or react. Lately I have been reacting to certain situations negatively. 246 more words

New Beginnings