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We're making it out of here alive: yes

We’re making it out of here alive: yes
the jaws snapped shut without us
death-paths turn to life-paths;
we run hand in hand, hearts take to flight

© Meisaan Chan

Spiritual Poetry

That feeling you have when you do everything right. Addiction is an ongoing feature of my life. Some days i lose but some days i win. 97 more words



convulsing and eyes
peeling back on their own.
lips parting exposing white houses
biting at themselves, jawbreakers.
glasses of blood and spit evacuating from the… 72 more words

Why gamblers get high even when they lose

Source: BBC

By Chris Baraniuk

No one likes to lose – even pathological gamblers. And yet they keep on betting. If the house always wins, why roll the dice again? 309 more words

The Muslim Times

What (most) Normal Drinkers Will Never Understand

NOTE:  Hi folks.  At this time of summer, I’m hiking and camping all over the place, so I’m reblogging an oldie but goodie for this week. 

1,070 more words

The path to thinking you are a machine

When you place such importance on speed,
many things are sacrificed along the way
first: the breath
second: the senses
third: the grounding

© Meisaan Chan


What's Your Recovery Anthem? Here's Mine

What’s your recovery anthem? You know, “your” song that inspires you to rise higher and fight harder?

recovery anthem is highly personal. The song that speaks to you may not speak to me. 491 more words