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Smashed: The Movie

The movie, Smashed, is a about a young Los Angeles couple, Kate (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and her husband Charlie (Aaron Paul), and their loving relationship in which they both love booze as much as each other, or more. 240 more words

Random Thoughts- The Recovery Afterwards

In early sobriety, I’m talking days in, when can’t imagine life without using and drinking. Just the idea of life without,  baffles and scares us. That’s because we are imagining life without drugs and alcohol with the “addict us” in mind. 30 more words


The Benzo Bends

This article explores the potential problems with long-term use of anti-anxiety medication and the importance of re-humanising the treatment of emotional distress. The original article, published in the Irish Examiner can be read… 1,940 more words

Mental Health

The wisdom behind detachment with love

My Grandmother is 84 years old. Her childhood was spent during the Great Depression in rural Ontario. Of course, like many during this time period, Grandma learned what it was like to go without, and not to take anything for granted. 715 more words


9 Things That Will Make You Wish You Hadn't Touched Drugs in Your Youth

Oh, the years of our youth. Being so young, wild, and carefree. But unlike what we used to think then, youth ends. And reality comes biting back. 620 more words

Hope For Recovery

Blog, Blog, Blog

I start this blog.   I call it When You Stop Digging, because that is the first law of holes; when you are in one, stop digging.   668 more words


In the mind...

I woke with my mind scrambled a bit. A little more than usual. I can’t wait to get into work, where things make sense. Can’t wait to get back to “Detox.”