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Thoughts on god (1)

Maybe the most life-saving aspect of AA and all the 12-step programs it has spawned is that we get to pick our own higher power. We don’t have to consider anyone else’s views of an HP — certainly not religion’s — as we generate an idea of the source in which we’ll place our trust. 1,101 more words


cannot love yet I love, wish on dreams just because, confused with expectation but I try and conform, never get it right, still I am told its the norm. 531 more words


Easy living, Cheshire cat keep grinning, but the smile hides a lie, round here you can die. Over the colour of a vest, the way you wear it on a chest, it all becomes relevant, when shot callers send a posse out. 204 more words


Day By Day

Day by day I am faced by the good, the bad, and the ugliness of humanity. No one really knows my struggles. The struggles of recovery in a world filled of addiction is real. 133 more words

Life Choices

Sometimes you can be wrong.  An old friend arrived at the door. She needed help. I begrudgingly obliged. Next she sat down and I felt frustration until I asked if she planned on staying till her money went in after midnight. 536 more words


How to Find Inner Calm When Facing Outer Chaos

I’ll admit, this week’s been a tough one for me. With friends and family facing unpredictable fires, I have felt concerned and helpless. This morning as I sought my own inner peace amidst these circumstances, I realized I have something to offer those suffering. 99 more words