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Fear is not the opposite of courage

Fear is not the opposite of courage;
self is the opposite of courage

© Meisaan Chan

Spiritual Poetry

Mediocrity will never get you there

Cry out to the Lord
cry out from your depths
slog through the swamps
may every last fiber cry out

© Meisaan Chan


I would love to teach these kids. I hear other black man condemning the kids that are acting the way societies rigged, for them to be, so when you see, a rowdy black class with only three there to learn, remember they were raised to burn. 214 more words


“I had a good time in the casino, cos I did my own thing” she said loudly. She had a voice that was naturally loud, and continued, “he only bought me one drink and then I was on my own, I won seventy quid on the fruit machines” she was excited, I listened as she relayed her night to me. 296 more words


Accidentally the TV landed on a programme showing the hardship that having no job and living on benefits creates. I am watching three different families surviving on benefits and I am seriously wondering if there is a true reflection of the majority of people on benefits here and I can guess there is not, I am stunned. 190 more words


We have to have, need to get, must have that, you can bet. Why the need? the greed.  Want, you believe the urgency, are you just out from nursery? 300 more words


'He's blue': Louisville rattled by 151 overdoses in 4 days

Source: CNN

By Sonia Moghe and Wayne Drash,

Louisville, Kentucky (CNN)Ben Neal’s laptop lights up with emergency calls. A paramedic and supervisor with Louisville Metro Emergency Medical Services, Neal activates the siren on his silver SUV and races off, weaving his way through Sunday traffic. 143 more words

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