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Not My Bull... Not My BullSh#t

Oh the drama. Not the ‘you married your dead sisters husband but she’s not really dead” General Hospital kind of drama. Or the latest episode of The Bachelor complete with hysterical sobbing and rejection.  319 more words


What If... I Choose Recovery?

What if…

What if… I stay on this path and pretend that I’m not crumbling and destroyed on the inside?

What if… With each passing day, I decide to make myself as important as I make my addiction? 392 more words


Missing the mark

How I yearn to have control
but having control is not the point

© Meisaan Chan


Facebook and Twitter: Replacements for reality?

Two brilliant pieces of writing in recent days have brought to me the tearful recognition that my unease about Social Media is shared. A friend responded to one of my posts with such passion and elegance that I was forced to think deeply about what he had said – and the gates of total agreement began to creak open. 1,214 more words

Social Media

Study: Women and Young People with Alcohol Use Disorders Face Higher Risk of Accidental Death and Suicide

Recent research indicates that women and young people may experience an elevated risk of death as a result of alcohol use disorders. 

A study published online by the  journal  558 more words


Crouching Dragon, Hidden Feelings - Binge eating and temporary comfort

By: Jana Greene

There is something so humbling about attending a 12-Step meeting, thinking “Whew! I’m glad I’m not THAT crazy person anymore!” and then waking up to walk on a carpet of pork rinds in your own bedroom. 881 more words