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I'm baaacccckkkk

I have missed you all. I decided this morning that I would once again begin reading your great blogs every day like I used to. They are always such an inspiration and a reminder that I am not alone. 234 more words

Thursday, October 8

I thought the saga of the moon-shaped cut was over and done with. It was bandaged, needed to remain so for 48 hours, and we’d be good to go. 282 more words

Single Motherhood

Really Bad Advice

The world of health and nutrition information is really quite full of bad advice. Most of the places that you would think of first to get this kind of information will be the most frequent dispensers of this bad advice–eat less calories, exercise more. 935 more words


A more relevant but equally stupid search result that got here – Good spiritual stuff on meth?

My last mini-post mocked somebody who got here after searching for “what happened before porn shooting”… This mini-post is not intended to mock, but rather to respond more seriously to a search result that brought someone here, on a search relevant to meth addiction. 359 more words


"Releasing 6,000 Inmates' Isn't Enough"

Blakinger’s Post article hits the nail on the head for multiple points:

  • Pre-trial detention – 20% of the inmate population – is incarceration of people who haven’t even been convicted of a crime.  
  • 200 more words

Don't Dream It, Be It: Imposing My Own Hopes on Substance Abusers

“I’m a substance abuse counselor.”

When I heard those words come out of my mouth when someone recently asked what I did for work, I said it assertively, as if I had been one for my entire career,  simultaneously thinking to myself, “Oh my God, I’m a SUBSTANCE ABUSE COUNSELOR.”  Those words had become my end-point, I was living my dream. 589 more words


My Problem as a Parent

A couple of weeks ago daughter Elena and I lunched on Reubens while grandson Cole chipmunked curly fries.

“Cole,” she said, “swallow your food before you take another bite.” 989 more words