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Abundant WISDOM

SERMON AUDIO: abundant-wisdom-02-26-2017
SERMON NOTES: abundant-wisdom-sermon-02-26-2017_notes

We’re in a series in February and March where we explore a 3000 year old song that was written by an adulterer and a murderer.   46 more words



I think I’m addicted to reading the news. I’m a news junkie. I can’t go a day without opening up my news app; I experience FOMO withdrawals if I do. 189 more words


Scuttle the Ship

What’s that in the distance?
He quietly whispers to me
Is that something you are in need of
Nah, release that hold of dignity

Waves crash the sides of this ship… 201 more words


The power of art

I first heard, truly heard this song when I was in the car one Sunday afternoon, driving my girls to meet their Dad.  My kids tease me rotten at how easily tv commercials, kid’s movies or songs made me cry and this was no exception. 979 more words

Life In Recovery

The Whiskey Diaries: Entry II

I hate that I wake up every morning with this incredible feeling of anxiety and worry.

I hate it even more that it doesn’t subside until I take a single shot of alcohol. 353 more words


satyr (with video read)

graphene horn
and tested trick

legion golden
targets fold


by tear-slick
and penetrating

his heart,
a brick

© Anthony Gorman 2016… 23 more words

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