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Because Aj and Z...

Aj reminded me of something I had forgotten. She reminded me why I really started writing this blog. I’m no one’s idea of “open minded”. I have a whole handful of dislikes and narrow-minded “conservative” attitudes. 1,568 more words

Straight Ally

Coping? So NOT coping.

So, I am really not coping with the situation. In my eyes, I am overweight (2 dress sizes bigger than  I should be), and this is obviously not something I am okay with, being anorexic. 174 more words

Daily Blog


Once in a blue moon, I think forward. I have to catch myself trying to live in the future, however. It’s a dangerous place. A disease of misperception that centers in my mind. 282 more words


Day 4

Meant to post this yesterday but I forgot to hit the publish button.

Well Day 4 has pretty much been and gone. Let me check… 104 hours since my last and I mean by LAST dosage of dihydrocodeine. 294 more words

Alcohol for chronic pain?


Patients with chronic widespread pain (CWP) who consume moderate amounts of alcohol have lower levels of disability, according to a large new population-based study from the United Kingdom… 613 more words

Chronic Pain

Fantastic New site for Pure OCD

Whist reading through the blogs I have just found a fantastic site for those who suffer from Pure OCD. A form of OCD with no physical habitual habits but profound habitual thinking patterns. 10 more words


End of Week 12 – Recovering From The False Happy

Sugar addiction is the term for the relationship between sugar and the various aspects of food addiction including “bingeing, withdrawal, craving and cross-sensitization”. Some scientists assert that consumption of sweets or sugar could have a heroin addiction-like effect.” … 1,063 more words

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