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“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism.”

-Carl Jung-


Science of Addiction

Addiction is a huge problem in our world. It is a disease that can spread to anybody and they won’t even suspect it.

It is widely believed that “getting addicted” is a simple task: you like something, you do more of it, you don’t have the willpower to resist it, you’re addicted. 742 more words


Gaming expansion at Woodbine Racetrack on city council agenda

WATCH: Self-excluded gamblers are concentrated near casinos and racetracks, implying that living close to a gambling opportunity led them to develop a serious problem. Mark McAllister reports. 228 more words


Caffeine needs


Or, coffee???

But first coffee



Addiction grabs the life of a Father

How many children grow up with an absent father? How many kids actually know their father? How many fathers are actively engaged in their child’s life? 695 more words


TOA/V -- Tea: The Dark Side of the Cup

“Billions of cups are sunk a day for centuries and nobody says a word – until now.”

A mockumentary exploring the silent epidemic of tea dependence. 67 more words


Starting Over

….but nothing can heal quite like time, either. Not everyone who has chosen recovery takes the same path, but somehow we all end up close to the same place when we seek a spiritual solution. 285 more words