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Getting older

After my doctor’s appointment yesterday, I went to the evil empire (a.k.a. wally world) to get my prescriptions filled. Because the evil empire.pharmacy kept fucking them up, I was in the big box store for over an hour. 377 more words

Masturbation /Addiction Stop Therapy

Masturbation is a sin according to word of God though the word itself doesn’t appear in bible.There is a lot of debate on this  topic on many social platforms.This enticed me to go deeper into the word of God;scientist bring theories and yet it changes, time changes but the word of God is forever ,”But the word of the lord is Forever and the word is the good news that was preached to you” 1Peter 1:25 NLT. 382 more words


The ACOA Cycle

There’s an old adage, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  I couldn’t help thinking I must be nuts.  182 more words

"A State of Hope, a State of Gratitude, and a State of Being"

A state of hope, a state of gratitude and a state of being. If you would’ve asked me almost four years ago what these three little things meant, I would’ve told you they meant nothing, because they didn’t. 738 more words

12 Steps

How Does It Happen?

As far as addiction goes, the disease theory vs choice vs sin is still being argued and debated because the disease theorists just won’t let go – despite there being not one shred of evidence to support addiction being a disease.  719 more words

I Still

Know that I care….

When you look, when you don’t…

When you are here or disappear…

I care…

When I am busy, when I am away… 11 more words

Collateral Beauty

How to stop eating cheese

The addictive principle is involved here, there is a chemical in cheese that rewards the brain this is called Casein, I have heard it is also put in other foods to make them more addictive.  378 more words