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Addicted to Makeup?

Sometimes I really want to just not wear make up at all and have that nice free, clean feeling of being fresh faced but I’ve grown so used to myself wearing it that I feel like I’m not myself without it. 246 more words


Addiction – I was never on Breaking Bad

It is a hard thing to struggle with addiction. I have most of my life. Right now I see so clearly and I hate it. It makes me want to rip my eyeballs out and flush them down the toilet. 326 more words


Steve's Sugar

On visiting a friend and his wife back in London, I was offered some of “Steve’s Sugar” … I said, yeah, sure, why not I don’t know Steve, but if you reckon it’s good stuff I’ll try it … when the jar showed up it was “Stevia Sugar” … WTF ? 528 more words

Don Charisma

Expectations: realistic or unrealistic?

So, in this week’s episode of The Break Up Journal, I grapple with expectations. Mostly my expectations of others (my PoA in particular) and whether or not they are realistic or unrealistic. 718 more words


Recovering addicts share painful stories of getting clean to help others for Recovery Awareness Month

Harrisburg, Pa. –Experts are trying to figure out how to stop people from dying from the drug overdose crisis in Pennsylvania.

At an event Monday, officials highlighted international overdose day and also kicked off drug and alcohol recovery month. 745 more words


Hi. My name is Barry, and I'm an iPhone appahollic. 

I wasn’t born with this addiction. It did not come from my mother or father. As far as I know, I had a very uneventful childhood. 1,163 more words

How much wood?

A lot. A lot is an answer. All is a better one. All is the only answer given the proper circumstances. Given the possibility of limitless wood…? 220 more words