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Sometimes, Abstinence is the Answer

“Everything in moderation” is one of the most overly used pieces of dietary advice that simply does not work for most people. Personally, I struggle with this all the time.   311 more words



The end of today will make one week. So far what I have learned is:

* I’m capable of not drinking while still managing the majority of my household… 281 more words

I am happier as an ex-smoker.

While reading this article: Compared with Smokers, Former Smokers More Satisfied with Their Health, I was thinking about my life in comparison to what they were writing. 375 more words

Quitting Smoking

Food Industry Lies That Are Killing You.

There’s no industry in the world more saturated with bullshit than the food industry. That’s right, the food industry is a sugar coated pile of male cattle excrement with a soft Diarrhea centre. 2,275 more words

Man In The Mirror

I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways…

I hate that song.

It’s a big player in the flashbacks. 165 more words

I Have a Bad Gratitude

I woke up pissed off this morning. My dog, who has probably a few fleas, but a major dollop of nervous doggish-ness, sat next to me on the floor and scratched, ALL NIGHT. 341 more words