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God Is With Us

Their words can not stand against us
For God is with us, God is with us

This desert is a wicked place
I’m weary from this wretched chase… 248 more words


Her Simple Question

He never understood her muting of the poise, beauty, and intelligence she possessed.  It was as if she was blind to the gifts providing her that enviable ability to create an audience whenever she focused her time and attention to the people near her.  414 more words


Nail it to the cross.

You’re struggling with something right now, aren’t you? Pain, fear, depression, financial issues, anxiety, loss, addiction, worry, illness. Maybe it’s not you but a loved one. 531 more words

An Expensive Lesson

When disreputable people understand us better than we understand ourselves, we can be easily manipulated. This principle is used by the marketing industry. All human beings are born with a holy longing but can be distracted to fill that longing with the wrong things. 70 more words



We’re all born blank, but as we spin
a lens creeps brinkwards, sharpening
our lives on us
bit by bit.

We yearn to fill with simple light, 534 more words


Addiction to "noise"

From where I am writing, today is a Sunday (a holy day for Christians) and a hallmark of the day will be going to church for service. 318 more words



I drank two bottles of wine last night.  And I don’t feel horrifically hung over because my body is now used to drinking that much.  This is not good.   753 more words