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I Want To Be A Quitter

Yesterday, I made the decision to quit smoking.  I wouldn’t consider myself a heavy smoker. But, I have about a half a pack a day. But regardless, I know it’s going to be incredibly difficult so I figured I’d ease myself in a little bit.  453 more words

A quote to make you think.....

I really enjoy and follow a fellow writer named Jeff Goins on social media. He just posted a quote on Facebook and I really wanted to put it out here for my reader’s to ponder. 161 more words

Looking At Art

My Name is Mike, and I'm a Writer: Writing is Like an Addiction Step Program

(Originally published some time ago; recently revised; still quite relevant.)

Many years ago, in another life, I attended counseling sessions to help me through a particular rough time. 786 more words

On Writing

Day Seven

I want to buy some cocaine.

Today, I won’t do it. But it’s hard to say I will never buy it again. That might seem troubling to you, but to me that is the beauty of this 12-step program. 71 more words


How? Why? What?

How can something so wonderful change to the face of someone lost in their own Mental Health. This young girl spent one year in a clinic only to go on to commit suicide 5 days after coming home. 316 more words


Two Faced-My Secret Life. Chapter #7.

I was honest with Chuck when we first began dating, I told him that I had been an addict, but I’d recovered in treatment. Which, … 2,045 more words

Two Faced - My Secret Life


The study of physics has taught us four basic things about energy.

  • Energy is never created or destroyed (this is called the First Law of Thermodynamics).
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