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On Counting Calories

I am broke. As in, eat-whatever-has-been-ignored-in-my-cabinets, for a whole week, broke. $16.03 in my bank account, and I’ll need gas to get to work tomorrow. I haven’t had a pop in three days now, and I haven’t eaten out in four. 1,066 more words

Defying Shadows

Addiction Affects Others (A friend’s experience)

One of the hardest things a person has to deal with is seeing a loved one hurting, whether it’s a friend or family.

One of he hardest things I dealt with wasn’t watching my best friend slip into depression or watching him try to commit suicide, it was  watching him waste away. 394 more words

Mental Health


She snorted a line of him.
It shot straight up and fuzzed her brain
She loved how he made her feel.
Like the faintest whisper of love, like the softest silk, like the sweetest fragrance. 73 more words

Friday, November 27

It’s Black Friday. The long awaited shopping day is finally here. I must admit that it was a lot more exciting when I actually had money to spend. 180 more words

Single Motherhood

Spiritual maturity through the steps

One of the greatest blessings is working with people who suffer addiction. Sitting in counsel with them and discussing presenting issues they are facing. And, coming up with a means to provide support, encouragement and hope for them is a very unique opportunity. 518 more words

Authentic Christian Living

Tired, Broken....still fighting!

                                         F**K the Drug War!

Once again I am stirring around my house, wondering about what the future holds for a chick like me?? I run an underground syringe exchange in the southern United States.   1,041 more words

Drug War


I have been sober for over 8.5 years now and have spoken in rooms across Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona. I haven’t been inside an AA room in 4.5 years now, yet have been the most healthy minded I have ever been. 279 more words