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Stop the World

The truth is, I feel like yelling Stop quite a bit these days. Every time I hear about Twitter I want to yell Stop. The notion of sending and getting brief updates to and from dozens or thousands of people every few minutes is an image from information hell. 311 more words


Mr. Greenshields

First published on TescoValueBeans, November 2013:

Mr. Greenshields was everyone’s favourite substitute teacher
And not because he never made a single kid do a single bit of actual work. 402 more words

Creative Writing

I Don't...Understand.

I’m not going to sleep much tonight so I might as well write. The world lost an amazing woman yesterday to a drug overdose. A woman I didn’t know well but knew well enough that just the mention of her name would bring a smile to my face. 741 more words


Goodbye to a Friend

My best friend is my guy (my mister). I tell him EVERYTHING — I complain to him about others, I vent to him about my life, he’s always the first person I call or text when I have news to share (or even news that I don’t want shared); I completely trust him… and just like the security of a best friend, we talk about everything too. 902 more words

Random Blogs

Do Rehab Centers Work as a Treatment for Alcoholism and other Addictions? If So, How

We have heard enough stories about celebrities who are known to have been in and out of rehab centers, with many having success stories to tell, and others, still addicted, with no treatment being effective. 951 more words


blog 1

This is my first blog so please excuse if its not great. In the small town we live in well okay i say small town its pretty big could be smaller I’ve seen towns with a school ,houses ,gas station & a post office they have to drive at least 30 miles to the next town anyways, it is like middle school or high school everyone talks about everyone they start rumors friends are the ones who talk behind your back the worst. 356 more words