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Wer bin ich?

Wer bin ich?

Bis vor einem Jahr sah mich an und konnte nichts erkennen, ich war seelenlos, verloren in einem dunklen Chaos. Ich existierte, doch lebte ich nicht, denn ich war bitter und enttäuschst. 255 more words


The War on Drug Tests (9/11/2014)


Take Sue Bates, who in 2010 was fired from her job at Dura Automotive Systems after she tested positive for hydrocodone—a narcotic that she was prescribed for back pain. 218 more words

Chronic Pain

Can You Sue Your Employer if You're Fired for Being an Alcoholic?


The lawsuit claims that despite her condition she was a good worker, and that she was fired because of her addiction. While that may sound frivolous to some, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) actually does cover alcoholism. 85 more words

Drug War

The Non-Punitive Approach to Addiction Recovery

For most of its history, the recovery process has been punitive.

The practitioner would work with the person to breakdown whatever defense mechanisms were driving them to get high or drink. 265 more words

Day 143

Hello everyone,

I have gone 142 days without masturbating with ejaculation. That all changed in the wee morning hours of day 143. I have not had sex with my girlfriend for about 4 days. 649 more words


Risk Factors for Drug Addiction and Ways to Counteract Them

Today, it is really hard to tell if someone is an addict or not because many addicts do not fit the stereotype that media and society has created. 825 more words


When Just A Child

I could dream,

look out over an open landscape,

let my mind travel to somewhere, I couldn’t see,

but I felt it, deep in my bones, 161 more words