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Back to square one

After weight loss

Now :(

It’s been awhile! I fell off the wagon and started eating like crap again. Once I lose control, I am done for. 566 more words

Art that Sh*t out. My Journey through Recovery.

A few months back, I shared my story of my past struggles with alcohol dependency.

You can read it here. The Day I Quit Drinking – rightbrainedmom… 996 more words


Blog Post Numero Uno. For the last 40 some-odd years, I’ve often wondered how the general public accepted the premise that all calories are equal.   726 more words


12/03/2017 Why so long?

How am I feeling?

I feel very strong yet at the same time wondering, where am I? I’m not lost, I’m trying to make sense what’s happening and why….. 626 more words

How to Detox from Alcohol

Whether you’re a chronic binge drinker or a perennial top-up drinker, alcohol withdrawal can be profoundly distressing, panic inducing and horrifyingly scary. It is also very dangerous if not managed correctly, and can even be fatal. 917 more words


When words become meaningless

My Mum and Dad’s alcoholism for the duration of my twenty-five year life, has done something terrible to my relationship with them. I don’t trust either of them, not even when they’re sober, because of their actions when they were drunk. 84 more words


Discussion with Kimberley - TAM

Eighteen days after Amber passed I signed up on The Addicts Mom. This was just one of the places that I was reaching out to for help and to talk. 189 more words