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BowMasters Review

bow masters is a gory platform masterpiece that I am completely addicted to! In this game you can play as one of the many characters and battle against your friends in person on your phone or tablet or you can play against them in online mode! 179 more words

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool in a virtual game within mobile cellular devices in which many people are beginning to play. From its simplicity to its only playability, it is a game in which many kids and teenagers are beginning to play. 108 more words


Trending iOS App Today: Most Addictive Geometry Endless Meltdown Difficult Escape

#iOS App Name: Most Addictive Geometry Endless Meltdown Difficult Escape Jump over and over again. It’s a all new complete tapping challenge. Cross the designed levels.Fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. 42 more words

Hypomanic personality features and addictive tendencies


Mania is a state of heightened energy and euphoria – an elevation of mood. It is in direct contrast to depression. Mania can vary in severity from hypomania, where, in addition to mood and energy elevation, the person shows mild impairment of judgement and insight, to severe mania with delusions and a level of manic excitement that can be so exhausting that hospitalisation is required to control the episode. 3,890 more words

"That sugar film"

Featured Documentary  “That Sugar Film”

Please watch this movie at least 3 times repeatedly.
You would see how much “sugar” affect you body & mental. 91 more words

Yumi's Blog

When it comes to pop music, sometimes... Truth Hurts.

A few months back, long before my blog was even conceived, my best friend (the unstoppable Theresa Pedone, baker of pies unlike those you have ever consumed…) and I were spending a typical Monday evening together, guzzling down wine and hunting through the depths of YouTube in an attempt to uncover the most… 715 more words