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Chocolate Covered Kashi "Bark": Unexpectedly Delicious

I married my love of dark chocolate with my love of cereal, and got their chocolate covered Kashi love-child.

It’s very simple. I made mine on a small scale for the sake of experimentation, but you could tweak yours to fit your desired chocolate to cereal ratio. 124 more words

Dark Chocolate

Getting to the Art of the Matter: Color Design in Games

Quick, think of a game with an art style you really like…

What did you go for? Fallout 3’s washed out sepia tone? The ludicrously colorful Angry Birds? 764 more words


Calm after the Squall....

A big storm was forecast for our area yesterday. People rushed to the store, bought every battery and flashlight they could lay hands on. Proms and other events were cancelled, people were urged to stay off the roads and we all hunkered down.   434 more words

The Ups & Downs of Anxiety & OCPD...Vol 1

I’ve titled this Vol 1 as I feel there will be MANY days of OCD fuelled frustration to come. The whole point of this blog is to not only write daily, but to generally rant and rave and get shit off my chest in a constructive ‘positive’ manner. 489 more words



I have said this quite often…..while wondering around places like Big Lots, Dollar Tree, and the like.   Shasta is a damn fine soda pop.  It’s also INSANELY cheap for what you get.   40 more words



Lacerated flames, your eyes conceal

Your hair, serpentine

Deadly, this one is

Red writing on the walls

“You’ll die if you try”

Why do you charm… 245 more words


Keep an eye out, snack fans.   Hostess is looking to make Halloween special with new versions of your old favorites.

Those Glo Balls look cool…scary cakes…eh… but those twinkies….look kinda  gross…..or is it just me?