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July 31- Roadwalkers

Those nights were black nights,
but not dreary like the ones before.
And often we would see a drunk
on the side of the road, hitchhiking, 352 more words



Last night I waked to the town square alone, everyone is gone for the weekend including Kanga, the Chihuahua/Jack Russell that has become my buffer…why is it so hard for ME to be seen? 605 more words


2015/07/27 ~ Druggie Celebs Deaths

Why do we “celebrate” the life of someone who had some form of stardom or celebrity status? Just because they were a celebrity that has died? 51 more words

Some Thoughts

Out with the old

Having realized how many problems we are facing in our communities today, I see that it most of it stems down to our rising drug problems. 222 more words

Saying NO to the Addict you Love


You try to make plans because that’s how you are: responsible. You try to get it all figured out because you are intelligent and optimistic and believe that if you are determined enough and strong enough and have enough integrity and set the right example and do everything the very best that you can, just the way your parents taught you, that no matter if you are going through challenges right now, it will be okay, somewhere down the line, like tomorrow maybe. 779 more words

She's Gone:

Destiny turns forbidden corner

Slyly invokes mind-bending choice

One slip beyond fate’s treacherous border

Pours silent scorn ‘pon loudest voice

King Cash inveigles vigilance

Quietly lulls with deft surprise… 217 more words

New Poetry