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'The Addicts'

This isn’t so much to do with me awkwardly sitting and experiencing being the third wheel of a date. This is me sat at home in our apartment enjoying an empty flat. 332 more words


Unscientific nº01

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Hey guys, welcome to my blog!

I decided to start a blog because I’ve always wanted to. I did tried a couple of times before, but always ended up giving up, mostly because I was trying too hard, and writing things that didn’t actually matter much to me. 446 more words


NH State Prison Starting To Use Vivitrol

This month, NH Department of Corrections has started a new program available to certain inmates who demonstrate a willingness to defeat their drug addictions. The program is designed to reduce re-offenses and drug overdoses after release. 213 more words


New Program for Addicts in Manchester, NH

Operation Safe Haven, a new program which offers aid and assistance to those suffering from drug abuse, has started this month in Manchester, NH.  It allows people seeking help to go to any fire station in the city and quickly be linked to resources to help them.  93 more words



Yes, I confess, I am a member of BostonTerrierAddicts on its FaceBook page. We post pictures and videos of our dogs and do a lot of ooohing and awwwing. 151 more words



It is like a thorn in the flesh
A thorn planted deep in my back
A thorn I long to remove
A thorn that hurts so much and makes me cry… 119 more words


New Law in NH: People seeking medical assistance to save the life of an overdose victim will not be charged with a crime

Did you know that in September 2015,  a new law went into effect in NH called the “Good Samaritan Law,” which provides immunity to anyone seeking medical assistance to save the life of an overdose victim?   192 more words