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Crispy Pork Knuckle

My Happy Food! My Sinful escape!😍

Have a bite! 😋


FDA Approves OxyContin for Children as Young as 11


The Food and Drug Administration has approved limited use of the powerful and frequently abused painkiller OxyContin for children as young as 11 years old, the agency announced Thursday. 266 more words

An update.

I haven’t written anything for awhile and I guess there’s a bunch of excuses I can come up with. One of them being my relapse. I was writing on here mostly during my recovery of my last relapse which was about a month ago. 456 more words

Clinical Centers For Depression

What Treatments Are Available For Depression Addicts do not have a high positive opinion about themselves and the Clinical Centers For Depression in Fort Lauderdale help these people develop positive thoughts and attitudes towards life. 39 more words

Rapid Your Last Diet The Sugar Addicts WeightLoss Plan

At its most basic level the concept of blood sugar levels centers around the amount of the body’s primary energy source, glucose, found in the blood stream at any given time. 255 more words


I am a very understanding person. I am also quite empathetic… to a point.

I understand that the transients standing on every street corner of my home town asking for handouts are decent people with feelings. 514 more words