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Not just a number

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who has given their condolences it really means a lot.

I also want to give an extra special thank you to… 165 more words


Why I'm Here

Hey everyone :) Let me start off by saying I’m really not a blogger but, I used to love to write. I often have a ton of ideas in my head bouncing around like someone released a bucket of bouncy balls and I’m always trying to catch one. 997 more words


To Fellow Procrastinators, TV Lovers, and Netflix Addicts Alike..

…An Ode to Netflix

When one thinks of college, one often thinks of raging parties and loud, obnoxious football games, challenging tests and jittery all-night-ers, late night food runs and an exorbitant amount of pizza delivery. 304 more words


Pros and Cons of a Halfway House

Pros and Cons of a Halfway House

A fully operational halfway house presents a lot of pros and cons of a halfway house to nearby residents that can be quantified both in financial and social terms. 419 more words

Random things I've heard people say


“No addictives added! You can’t get addicted!” – Gas station cashier

The Amish Drifter


Text to recovery friends from inside recovery retreat 

Hi women,

I’m at retreat.

Feeling super icky and tired from poor sleep last night. Can’t tell if I’m fighting illness or addiction. Ha.

Went to a 10:30 women’s meeting that had one other woman. 169 more words

Sex Addiction


They do not have Congratulations on Your Continued Recovery cards, or at least they don’t have them at Walgreen’s, which is where I go to get items for his care package. 405 more words