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There is always someone to talk to!

If you need treatment other than ending up in jail or the E.R. and have no RESOURCES/INSURANCE please call 800.815.6308 today. We may be able to help www.AddictsToday.com

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Cum îți măsoară Google pașii

Nu pot să mai plec pe undeva în lumea asta fără să las o urmă după mine: un hasthag aruncat în grabă pe Twitter, o locație precizată pe Instagram sau Facebook sub vreo poză, un oricât de mic de semn că sunt acolo, oriunde în altă parte decât România. 293 more words

Haihui Cu Pașaportul în Buzunar


I likely shouldn’t be writing this, I’m tired, am nursing a migraine, and am not wearing my glasses; god knows what spelling mistakes and poor choice wording options I will make, but here I go, because it’s been too long since I’ve put words to a page or screen. 775 more words

Getting Treatment For Marijuana Addiction

It is a long held belief that people cannot become addicted to pot. This theory is false as humans have the capacity to develop an addiction to anything. 270 more words


Tending the Fires

To change a behavior you have to change the thinking behind it. More specifically:  the attitude you hold towards that behavior or the emotion that comes to mind when you think of engaging in an activity. 620 more words

By A.M.

Addicts Hold On

We do hang on while figuring out how to let go. I am often trapped inside a need to please everyone, and when I cannot, I obsess about that one difficult situation, generally that one person who I cannot fix. 400 more words

On Society

But first, coffee

Written by Jazlin Romero, Staff Writer 

You might think that I would feel accomplished after yet another one of my early bird cardio workouts at the gym, but its 7:45 a.m. 570 more words