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GP sold over 25,000 bottles of cough mixture to addicts

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Over a period of 15 months, a doctor made more than $600,000 by selling 25,765 bottles of cough mixture to drug addicts in one of the highest quantities of illegal codeine sales, a court heard yesterday. 463 more words

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Keeping Up With The Jonesing

I might be having a feeling. It’s subtle, and I’m not sure, but it might be a normal sensation. I know for sure what THIS IS FABULOUS feels like and I AM SO DEPRESSED and WHY THE DID I EAT THAT/DRINK THAT/INHALE THAT. ¬† 421 more words

Happy Hour


i can’t speak directly on the matter- i’ve never been addicted to anything. it’s just not my personality. however- i seem to fall victim to others who are. 184 more words


Fed Up With Florida

I’ve always said that if you are conflicted over a decision about something, the best way to handle it is to just drop it and let your heart and your subconscious work it out in their own time and tell you what to do. ¬† 3,302 more words

Effects Of Heroin

Effects Of Heroin
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Heroin, also known as diamorphine and diacetylmorphine is a drug that not only can affect the mental state and capacity of an individual, but also the inner workings of the human body. 527 more words