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Why Bad Things Happen

Why do kids run away from home?
Why does a drunk driver kill an innocent family?
Why does a “normal ” person go into a theatre or club and shoot people? 959 more words

Spirit, Soul & Body

Shades Of Avidity

We can’t stay away from eachother.
We’re afflicted with shades of chronic dissatisfaction, despotism, prevarication.

We are the heartless
the same, the careless.

I’m fine with our collection of names everyone labels us. 284 more words

A Message For Anyone Who Has Been Touched By Addiction

Addiction. It’s one of the most complicated diseases to understand. Why? Because of the stigma and disgust around it, the helplessness of it. An addict’s brain is wired a different way than a non-addict. 474 more words

A little bit of you is all I need.

My mind is running nonstop lately. I won’t lie, I’m struggling, I wish you were here in the most desperate way. Even though your life was often chaotic, you always were so calm outwardly- I always envied that about you. 293 more words

Naloxone, the Overdose Antidote

When people hear the word “overdose,” they immediately think of overdose and death caused from illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine.  But misuse of prescription opiod painkillers such as OxyContin and Vicodin has increased rapidly in the United States as well. 169 more words


Fresh Start!!

Hey all!

I am so sorry for the last few weeks. Stupid Medication caused some really bad reactions and put me back where I am sooooo tired of being. 287 more words

Family Guy Tips And Tricks

Day 379: How I GOT Clean

Getting clean for me was a 19 year long process. I went to thousands of meetings, counselor appointments, had interventions, tried cold turkey, tried pretty much everything, including inpatient treatment 10 times. 477 more words