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There are always guys in here who want to borrow or bum something (a cup of coffee, an instant soup, etc.). And you can spot the addicts and others who can’t manage their finances and habits from a mile away. 107 more words


Put Down Your Phone, He's Singing Black Coffee

I love live music.

I realize that there is a whole bunch of people in the world who would say this.  It’s not a groundbreaking statement by any means. 1,108 more words


My Journey

As the years go by and we all ride on this crazy roller coaster called LIFE we learn things about ourselves and about other people. So far I feel like I have learned a lot from those around me as well as a lot about how I should react to and treat the people in my life vs how I actually do react and how I let other people’s negativity run my life. 2,728 more words

Day #1 - draft

I am calling this a draft because I have somehow managed to let myself down before even making it through the first day of a plan that requires 21 full days of sobriety. 361 more words

21 Days

High Schools Start Using Narcan Drug


The Charleroi Area School District is equipping nurses with naloxone, a drug also known by the brand name Narcan that is used to reverse the effects of heroin overdoses. 174 more words

Ten Pounds of Tylenol

Once an addict, always an ex-addict.

I’m coming up on ten years clean. Either early November 2005 when I went cold-turkey off a daily dose of 120 mg of Methadone and between four and ten Norco, along with the occasional Xanax as a chaser, or the first part of January 2006 when I was finished with detox.  485 more words


Defensive Indifference

While my first manuscript is undergoing the rigors of pre-publication, I am musing about my next story. I stole the title like a ballplayer steals second: Defensive Indifference. 130 more words