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Don't Spend Too Much Time on That S#*!

Just doing my part in preventing and reducing the number of people infected with phone zombie syndrome.

We all do it. Social media. We tweet, blog, post, like, follow, upload, consume and emoji a huge percentage of our lives away. 462 more words


Rock A Bye Baby

First Impressions Of, lullabies for little criminals by Heather O’Neill

As the story of Baby and Jules unfolds, it is becoming apparent it is going to be a sad one. 590 more words

Kindness to Glory

Set up on a hill top some 8 km away from Aizawl city is the Thutak Nunpuitu Team (TNT) care center, the name literally means ‘practical example of truth’. 514 more words


Travel Recalls - The Suitcase & The Deserted Streets of Imbi

Travel Recalls are short stories recalling the bizarre, funny and entertaining moments from my travels that have somehow stuck in my head due to their simplicity and unusualness and often resurface due to their strange association with the most common things in life.  448 more words

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Tips For Making It Through A Detox For Addicts

When you are addicted to any type of substance or alcohol, the first step to overcoming the addiction is to go through a detoxification process. The process can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the person and the substance in which they are withdrawing from. 746 more words


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I found this post from one of the sites that I follow. Christy is an amazing writer and author. The information that follows has very good tips for anyone that is going through, or who would like to, detox from drugs or alcohol. Please continue to read her article! Check out Christy's site here:  WhenWomenInspre.com

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Meth Man and the Serial Killer

Here’s the YouTude audio with Otis Jury narrating this story 

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned…

I’ve been doing meth so long, I forgot my real name. 903 more words

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If Pride Turned...

If pride turned some of the angels into demons, then humility can doubtless make angels out of demons. So take heart, all you sinners. St. John Klimakos -The Ladder of Divine Ascent “On Humility”