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Get cheap FF14 gil today | Adding gameplay enhancements

In addition to the previously planned expansion packs — some of which are individual episodes presumably about each member of Noctis’s entourage — free updates throughout the year will focus on “adding gameplay enhancements… 410 more words


Final Fantasy XV Patch Will Add More Story, Improve Chapter 13

(Source: kotaku.com)

Why buy games on day one anymore? A newly planned set of updates for Final Fantasy XV won’t just fix bugs, they’ll add story cutscenes and improve the game’s slow-paced thirteenth chapter by adding more powers to Noctis’s repertoire. 359 more words


Making a total of 5

Some fabulous adding has been going on at home this weekend. These children have found two groups of objects that make a total of 5.

Steam App for Android –Adding Convenience to the List

Steam is Valve’s highly-successful gaming service that has become synonymous with PC gaming, it’s now often that you see games being labeled as “for Xbox One, PS4, and Steam” than Read more

What Stays, What Goes?

Yesterday I mentioned that it was time to eat healthier. My body is demanding less empty calories. So we shopped mostly in the produce aisle tonight. 663 more words


How to Stop Windows from Adding “- Shortcut” to Shortcut File Names

When you make a new shortcut in Windows, it automatically adds “- Shortcut” to the end of the shortcut’s file name. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but they can be bothersome. 625 more words