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Making sense of subtracting in column

I thought I should complete my latest post,  making sense of adding in column (here), with a quick post on using Base Ten blocks to make sense of subtracting in column. 117 more words


Making sense of adding in column

Rosie, my 1st grader, came back from School recently talking about adding 2-digit numbers in column.

Adding in column 23 + 14 ?  3 +4 = 7, 2 + 1 = 3… so the answer is 37.

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Adding with Mille Bornes

A fun game to practice addition up to 1000 is the French card game “Mille Bornes” (same name for the US version, available online).

Not sure if you are familiar to this game or not but basically, each player pretends to be on a road race, and the first one to complete 1000 kilometers (or 1000… 174 more words


Photo gallery

A lot of work going on, and burnout on taking pictures.  Luckily my wife still takes some .  Anyway, here they are.

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Practicing addition/subtraction fluency with the Silly Monkeys

This week, as a graduate student in math elementary education, I had to design a game for 1st graders to “Add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10 ” (Common Core Standards in Math 1.OA.6.). 708 more words



Someone recently asked if I was still “doing” the blog. I looked back and it has been a long while.   Last time I posted we were wrapping the house with tyvek.  19 more words


Click # 4 - How far is it?

Spotting anything related to Math, and take a picture of it : “Click” is a quick picture-post to help you show your kids that Math is indeed all around. 68 more words