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A New Addition to Myra's Market is here - the New Sell Skill Meter!

The new Sell Skill Meter at Myra’s Market allows you to gain rewards for selling items!

The more you sell the better rewards you can earn!

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Best kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor

jmgroveconstruction create an exclusive look for your home that won’t be found anywhere else. Be sure that you select a color for the stencils that is mild or black enough to create the style clearly noticeable on the kitchen.


Sticks and Dots, Compensation and more!

Yesterday I posted last week’s (or at least the LAST week that we were in school’s) math warm-ups.  I mentioned that there’d be more about the strategies on which we’ve been focusing.  197 more words


First Grade Math Warm-Ups: Week of March 9-13, 2015

Sorry, I’m a few days (ok, weeks!) late with these warm-ups.  Spring Break happened and I had forgotten to snap pictures of them before I left for my vacation.  388 more words


While Nana's Away

the family will stay! And have the flooring/appliances installed!


Side Note: This is the part of the renovation where 10 things happen at once and everything starts bunching up and being completed at the same time (think; the mad dash to wrap everything up on those home improvement shows before the family comes home). 280 more words


The three decades in which we doomed ourselves

In today’s day and age the Media is a topic of utmost importance, particularly to the younger generations. If the social networking sites and applications which they used daily were to crash, or even resort back to how media used to be thirty years ago, I fear we would have have billions of individuals who would be left with an empty feeling inside of themselves due to the addition to social media that has developed over time. 528 more words


A Balloon Weighs Less Than Nothing

The Activities

  1. Topic: Counting, Addition. Book: Math-terpieces by Tang.
  2. Topic: Comparisons, Weights, Pan Balance. Given a Pan Balance, and 7 small toys.  Which toy weighs the most?
  3. 643 more words