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EE Favorites Series

EE Favorites is a great series that offers that chance for your students to play both as a soloist and in an ensemble setting.

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Pizza with Latin flavor: 5 toppings you should try

Everyone likes pizza. It’s a universal truth in life right up there with the sun sets in the west and the Star Wars trilogy is, and always will be better than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 559 more words

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Additional Posting 10: "Breaking Down"

  “Breaking Down,” is a track from Florence + The Machine’s 2011 album Ceremonials. The song can be interpreted in many ways seen through lyrics such as: “All alone on the edge of sleep/ My old familiar friend/ Comes and lies down next to me/ And I can see it coming from the edge of the room/ Smiling in the streetlight even with my eyes shut tight/ I still see it coming now,” (Florence + The Machine 00:02:12 – 00:02:45). 94 more words

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Additional Posting 9: "Je Me Souviens"

           Je Me Souviens: Excluded from the Montreal Subway since 1966, is a video that was created in 2015 by Laurence Parent, a resident of Montréal, Québec. 238 more words

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Additional Posting 8: "Harry Potter"

          The Harry Potter series is an international bestselling and critically acclaimed set of novels that detail an adolescent’s coming of age story. Published between 1997 to 2007, the novels follow Harry Potter’s journey through adolescence after he discovers he is a wizard. 68 more words

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Additional Posting 7: Pathways to Education

          In 2001, Carolyn Acker founded the Pathways to Education Program out of Regent Park’s Community Centre, a neighbourhood within the Greater Toronto Area. The Pathways program aims to help low-income secondary students graduate, as well as go on to post-secondary education (Pathways). 134 more words

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