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The Class

Following 20 children from 19 homes (including one set of twins), this inclusive book covers various diversities on the first day of kindergarten. The inclusivity is partially about ethnicity. 150 more words


Rainbow Magic Fairies

In this series of short chapter books, protagonists Rachel and Kristy help a different fairy in each slim volume. The books are formulaic. Each is titled with the pattern… 290 more words

Racial Diversity


Cinnamon is the story of a mute princess named Cinnamon, her parents’ efforts to make her speak, and a tiger’s success in doing so. Illustrator Divya Srinivasan used imagery from her own life in creating the book’s Indian imagery, her mother’s teacups and saris (Serrao, 2017) brightening pages. 290 more words


Sound Box Series

Overall, the Sound Box series portrays diversity well. Each book follows the same pattern: a child, with a letter emblazoned on their shirt and referred to as “Little… 245 more words

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Jagow: Tuning for Wind Instruments

A terrific resource for EVERY band teacher.  All thing intonation.

Tuning for Wind Instruments

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EE Favorites Series

EE Favorites is a great series that offers that chance for your students to play both as a soloist and in an ensemble setting.

Essential Elements Favorites

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Pizza with Latin flavor: 5 toppings you should try

Everyone likes pizza. It’s a universal truth in life right up there with the sun sets in the west and the Star Wars trilogy is, and always will be better than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. 559 more words

Original Flavor