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The Address Book

It was a way to keep track of friends and acquaintances before social media. Small, usually leather-bound, sometime purse-sized, they represent a lifetime of work, school and travel. 327 more words


5 Different Ways to Organise Your Life

Hey, today I have a selection of some of my favourite stationary that really helps to organise my life. I am not naturally an organised person (not hard to believe as I’ve yet to find a posting schedule that works perfectly for me.) Some of these products are perhaps a bit unnecessary for some if you’re a super organised person! 360 more words


Quick Tip: HAB + ABP

You can not use Hierarchical Address Book (HAB) and the Address Book Policies (ABPs) at the same time

The family address list!

The address list of family and friends serves an important function – that of dispatching information regarding births, engagements, marriages, and of course, deaths. Ever since the Indian Postal service was established in 1861, I am sure that families must have had an address list. 473 more words