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Hidden Ways the From Address Can Help or Hurt Your Email Marketing

There are hidden ways your from address can help or hurt your email marketing. 5 reasons why you don’t want to use ‘noreply’ as your 'From address'.

COVA Website

COVA Website
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Getting clients to visit your website needs to be valued as high as the company’s product. Every business person needs to be delivering high quality information and marketing material to potential customers so that they will use the

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5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go to Atlanta Botanical Garden, Gainesville

Atlanta Botanical Garden‘s new Gainesville campus is open and waiting for you to visit. What should you expect when you get there? We spent a day exploring and here’s what we found: 393 more words


EDOK Youth Office new mailing address!

The EDOK Youth Office is moving! The new address begins May 21, 2015. All mail sent on May 20 or later should be sent to the following: 10 more words


Bringing the Readers and Contributors Up to Speed and a Change in HNR Headquarters!

What’s been going on? Everything, it seems! You haven’t seen a wealth of activity on HNR (or our sister site Addicted to Horror Movies) over the last few weeks. 334 more words


The Speech You Need to Read

Students around the country will be graduating from college throughout the next month. Chances are, you may have been to one of these ‘momentous occasions’ by now – either your own or a friend/family member’s, and you more or less know the truth. 677 more words