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Good vs. Evil: The Fight (Chapter 8)

“I don’t trust Caspian.” I told Kass later that night. The boys had gone into the woods near us to find something to eat, since all we had left was bread and cheese. 653 more words

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Good vs. Evil: The Fight (Chapter 7)

By the way, in case of any confusion, I switched TSA to NAS. NAS stands for National Academy of Spies. Just so you know :)

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Extra funding for Crime and Misconduct Commission

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”747fd33f63e3ef595f37347b196d378d”,”link”:”https:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/747fd33f63e3ef595f37347b196d378d”},”originId”:”278891cc-5837-11e8-83b1-451751831fa3″,”origin”:”METHODE”,”channel”:”NONE”,”title”:”Extra funding for Crime and Misconduct Commission”,”subtitle”:”Extra $7.4m in funding for CCC from Queensland government”,”description”:”

THE Queensland government will boost funding for the state\u2019s corruption watchdog amid heightened concern over unscrupulous practices. 4,286 more words

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Danger's Assistant (Chapter 2)

“Orphans assemble!” I rolled my eyes at Timothy. King Richard’s assistant, Kael, was probably the loudest and most annoying person in the castle. And that’s counting me. 650 more words

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Danger's Assistant (Chapter 1)

“Hurry up, Lauren!” I called to my friend. I was at the top branch of a tree which, surprisingly, was holding my weight.

“What if it breaks?” Lauren asked nervously. 934 more words

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8 days

**I wrote this in the days following Addy’s funeral, but until now didn’t feel like posting**

addy’s life was short.

there is no way around this subject.  1,962 more words

The Dragon Masters (Chapter 3)

I opened the window to the bedroom and climbed down the tree that was right next to the window. There was nobody on the dragon and, frankly, I was scared to go near it. 1,923 more words

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