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Iran Iran - "Milk Time for Spiders" EP Review

Bristol-based four-piece Iran Iran present a forceful, mesmerising display of their musical prowess on their new EP ‘Milk Time For Spiders’. Through the use of loops, they manage to sound more like a six-piece band and yet they never over-elaborate. 230 more words


New All Tvvins video and Tour

All Tvvins have just released a new video for their new single ‘Thank You’. The video, directed by the excellent Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost… 140 more words

20 for '14: Adebisi Shank - Mazel Tov

Part 18 of a 20 part rundown of my favourite tracks of last year

Well, this is just ridiculous.

If you ask me humanity needs to collectively agree to do the right thing and invest in preserving Prince’s brain (let’s not waste time worrying about consent – this is way too important) so that we may one day create an immortal musical cyborg. 233 more words


Top Ten's and lists of 2014.

Did it all go according to plan? Well no, not at any rate. After reading back last years nominations and recommendations for the forthcoming year I can already see that Tangled Hair didn’t deliver anything and there was a bunch of stuff I didn’t even consider. 2,091 more words

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Music | Adebisi Shank call it a day

Following an ’emotional’ set of shows in Whelan’s last Thursday and Friday, Adebisi Shank have called it a day and just before the shows they announced the news. 229 more words


Adebisi Shank Break Up & Final Gigs

Another one bites the dust, as Adebisi Shank issued a statement this morning confirming their breakup, that means their shows in Whelans this week are among their last! 202 more words


Adebisi Shank - This is the third album by a band called Adebisi Shank

This is a review of This is the Third Album...what’s that? Everyone has already done that gag already? Oh. Nevermind. 854 more words