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Well guys and gals… The old adage has come true… “the only constant is change” our favorite bar and gastronomic miracle BARCO has closed its doors… High costs… Was the reason I was given… This changes everything… It was the only bar where we felt “at home” the people were wonderful, the atmosphere was local… Not the 3Star Brits abroad typical tourist spot… Maybe that was part of the problem…? 60 more words


Middle of June

well it’s the middle of June and I still haven’t blogged. So what’s been happening since the Siam Incident incident?

Answer: nothing much except Stephanie came to visit wow…! 182 more words


Drogi Serca

Every single moment present in a person, in a self that I am. Anchored between transparency of the landscapes perveted for ever by two pair of eyes. 76 more words

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Sorry for the post hiatus...

I know I’ve not been posting lately so here are a few pictures about what’s been going on since we last spoke.

Crazy Clouds

It’s been the coldest winter since records began I’m we’ve been having some really weird weather.

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...and November became December

Hello people, a lot has happened this month.

Firstly ignorance is expensive…! I was able to take my unemployment insurance abroad for three months, which ended in September… I managed to get it extended for a further, and final, three months to the end of December… The extension papers from Germany didn’t reach me until the end of October, but they had already paid the October money into my account… I took the papers to the “oficina de empleo” on November 3rd which was the earliest appointment I could get… 147 more words