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Blood in Blood out

Let’s get right to this, are you ready for too much information? That is why I’m here, so I got my period today, sounds pretty uneventful right? 462 more words


Good & encouraging news – & an update on my own progress –

This meme came from a post I shared on Facebook today (+ a very few but important additions to the update.
& here’s the link to the shared… 15 more words


Tumor spread along nerves, adenocarcinoma , and Macrophages

Tumor spread along nerves, a phenomenon known as perineurial invasion, is common in various cancers including pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC).

Neural invasion is associated with poor outcome, yet its mechanism remains unclear. 715 more words


Examining the early lives of two men who died of lung cancer

About 55% of our lifespan is affected by environment and our behavior. Two men I know died of lung cancer, one is my father and another my client – providing non medical in home care. 314 more words


Gastric Tumors

In older dogs that have sporadic episodes of vomiting your vet may want to work the dog up for a question of stomach tumors.

 In stomach tumors the is usually partially digested blood in the vomitus accompanied by weight loss an anemia. 61 more words

So...ODD DUCK Syndrome

This will be a harder post to write. And there may be language that is offensive to some.

My aunt was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. 471 more words

Daily Life

Liver Cancer. Bile Duct Cancer.

Starvation. It’s about what sustains us – nutritionally, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

An individual can experience a biological conflict of starvation in real time, in real terms. 1,561 more words