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Adenoids: What They Are, How To Recognize Them EPUB

Book from Project Gutenberg: Adenoids: What They Are, How To Recognize Them, What To Do For Them Library of Congress Classification: RF Never place anything in your ear to clean them. 407 more words

I hate tonsils

Tonsils and adenoids. My sweet little girl had her “monsters” removed Tuesday.

Months of chronic tonsillitis predate this surgery. The last round wasn’t just tonsils; her whole body was covered in a viral rash and the skin on her hands peeled off. 154 more words


Good riddance December 

This girl is a total freak. She had been looking forward to getting her tonsils out for the last three months. Jon took her to the ENT in September to get her nose looked at after she broke it, and during that consultation the doctor told her that she could get her tonsils and adenoids out. 1,937 more words


A Study in Snoring

Its more problematic in children

Snoring is very common and can be more dangerous than you may think. Sleep Apnoeas and enlarged adenoids or tonsils are common problems associated with snoring. 201 more words

Medical FAQ's

Breathing Method for Blocked Nose

Breathing Method for Blocked Nose

When used anything for kids. Please use proper precautions. Check with your Doctor. :)

After long viral, i found these sites which may be good. 53 more words

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About Adenoids...

Do you have a problem snoring, or recurring sinusitis? Then you may be experiencing some difficulties with adenoids. Adenoids are glands that can be found at the roof of the mouth. 190 more words

Medical FAQ's

Sleep Ape-nia

“Snorpt-Grungle-Snox-kxx” being the go to snore SFX according to the Cartoonist’s Big Book of Onomatopoeias.

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