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You Matter

The feeling of inadequacy is very prevalent in our society today. And what’s sad is that sometimes it feel like no one is doing anything about it. 213 more words


Not Having Adequate Small Business Computer Support is a Big Mistake

Every business today needs computers. When something goes wrong with the computer systems being used, it will have an effect on the operations and bottom line of a venture. 123 more words


Spiroketal epoxidation triggers "inside-out" rearrangement

Turning Spiroketals Inside Out: A Rearrangement Triggered by an Enol Ether Epoxidation” by Chris Lorenc, Josep Saurí, Arvin Moser, Alexei V. Buevich, Antony J. 179 more words


Sexual Abuse And The Family Court (still No Adequate Protection)

I have been watching the disaster that is the Australian Family Court for 30 years – no surprises here. Pretty upsetting stuff if you are a sexual abuse survivor from your family or are trying to protect your children – but everyone is better off knowing the truth. 44 more words

A Call to More Than Adequacy, A Call to Light (Part II)

Morning Routine:

1) Press the snooze button (let’s be real here)

2) Thank the Lord for the sunshine (even though it woke me up)

3) Check my phone for emails, updates, etc. 809 more words


How about now?

Jesus’ mission has always been to exercise compassion not power, to serve the poor instead of amassing wealth and to lift up those who are downtrodden instead of making Himself look good. 327 more words

Perth Water Tanks Guarantee Adequate Water Supply during a Bushfire

Homes in the City of Swan came close to being razed to the ground by a bushfire early January, which claimed more than 5,000 hectares of forest. 102 more words