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Are there times you feel inadequate?

Last week I met with one of Great CEO we have here in Nairobi, I dint know why he called me but he said I should be smartly dress one thing I know for sure is that , this guy believes in me more that I do for myself . 880 more words

On hardships

I think for most of us we have experienced bad days, bad weeks or even bad years. Sometimes we may feel that the universe has placed a giant black hole into our lives and it seems that there is no-way-in-hell we will escape the struggle. 251 more words

From "What I Know For Sure"

“Think back for a moment on your own history – not just where you were born or where you grew up, but the circumstances that contributed to your being right here, right now. 34 more words

3 Tests for Truth

What actually makes a belief true? Does the mere fact that we believe something make it true or does something need to be true in order to justify our belief in it? 831 more words


2014, A Summary

Here are some of the things I learned from 2014, inspired by my resolutions post.

  • I am my own favourite travel companion.
  • Choosing to go 3 hours away to university was the right decision.
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Back to Drinking - and Sharing!

We are breath. We are alive because we breathe, and we breathe because we are alive. Without any air we will die in mere minutes. 490 more words