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Passing data from one page to another(master-detail) using pageFlowScope

There are several ways to pass data between two pages . Lets see one of the most common ways to achieve this.

Using SetCurrentRowWithKeyValue-

There are couple of default methods available with our data controls for any View Object in the App Module. 166 more words


List Hierarchy in ADF

Some important points of note while using the List hierarchy in ADF.

We can easily create the list hierarchy using the “list view” and “list item” components. 143 more words


Insert and show whitespace in ADF Faces Components (panelBox, showDetailItem etc) by Ashish Awasthi


This post is about a small trick
How to show whitespace in ADF Faces component properly ?
Recently i found a question on OTN about this … 208 more words


ADF Basics: Using contentStyle and inlineStyle property to change basic styling of component in ADF Faces by Ashish Awasthi


Again a post about ADF Basics for beginners
I have seen lots of thread on OTN about changing basic styles of component . for example, … 305 more words


URL Change for ADF Applications

A interesting use case to share with all of you.

To start off most of you will recollect that though faces-redirect=true is part of jsf, if adfc-config is used for unbounded task flow navigation and you are moving from one page to another changes are you might come across where the URL of the application is not changing for quite a nos of reasons one of which is described in the below scenario. 346 more words

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Create and set clientAttribute to ADF Faces component programmatically to pass value on client side JavaScript by Ashish Awasthi


This post is next in series of "Working with ADF Faces Components programmatically"
So this post is about creating client Attribute, applying it to component and setting it’s value programmatically … 245 more words