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Week ELEVEN: Feeling positive

It’s week ELEVEN, and I’m feeling in control of ADF 4:3 right now.

I think ADF is just one of those things you need to keep on with until it becomes a habit. 254 more words


Day 25

Yesterday I ate like a bearded Tolkien dwarf: lots of meat and ale. (There was also┬ámuch dairy — ice cream, cheese, and Greek yogurt.) It was fabulous, and one of maybe two feed days since I started where I blew past my maintenance calories, landing somewhere pretty close to 4,000. 264 more words


Oracle ADF Online Training Demo on Saturday, March 25 at 09:30 PM India Time

SM Consultant is pleased to invite you to join the upcoming Online Session for Oracle ADF Training.

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ADF Day 24 - A Pound of Flesh

After yesterday’s toilet adventures, I slept, awoke, peed, and weighed myself. I’ve dropped another eight pounds in the last eight days. I now weigh 290.8 lbs, down from 312. 296 more words


Week TEN: Happy with my progress

I’m very happy with my progress :)

Firstly, I’m happy that so far I seem to have stuck with the program, and I’m now at Week 10, so I guess that’s indicating that ADF is manageable as a long term dietary approach. 312 more words


ADF Day 23 - The Sharts

This fast day has passed well so far. I’ve been on my feet, productive, mentally alert and not concerned with food except for maybe two passing hunger pangs. 240 more words


Week TEN: Master cleanse - yikes!

I decided to do the Master Cleanse this morning, for the first time.

It’s meant to clear your system out within an hour or two, and boy! 230 more words