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Responsive UI Support in ADF 12.1.3 by Andrejus Baranovskis


Responsive UI is a big deal nowadays, when enterprise applications should run on different platforms and devices. Often customers prefer to render simpler functionality screens for mobile devices and give full data entry access only when accessing through regular Web browser on the computer. 242 more words


Fifth High Day Recap: Lammas

As the name Lammas comes from the Anglo-Saxon feast of “Loaf-mass” and has connections to Hlafmaest, the Norse feast of loaves, it seemed appropriate to bake bread to celebrate the day. 267 more words


ADF Dedicant Path: Week 4 - First High Day Recap (Lughnasadh)

Yesterday (August 1st) I celebrated Lughnasadh with the Silver Branch Golden Horn (SBGH) grove.

The rite was Celtic and honored the god Lugh as patron. The sea-god Manannán mac Lir was the gatekeeper. 271 more words


ADF Member Blogs

I used to have a giant list of ADF member blogs- OK here’s a new one. Some of the same people are listed on my regular blogroll in the Celtic/Druid section, but this gives you more information. 595 more words


Load More Scroll Policy for ADF 12c Table and Range Paging by Andrejus Baranovskis

There is a new scroll policy for the table component in ADF 12c. This new policy is called – load more. I think it gives good potential, it allows to reduce access load on heavy tables. 168 more words


Lammas Blessings

Nine Waves Protogrove gathered tonight in the park, under the late summer sun, and around an open fire, to celebrate Lammas. Our ritual honored Frea, the Golden Grain God, and celebrated not only with praise and offerings, but also with a personal sacrifice from each person, that they are willing to give up until Samhain to ensure a good harvest this year. 241 more words


How to easily create an asynchronous web service with Oracle ADF (BC) by Markus Lohn


In a SOA architecture there is often a need to create asynchronous services. As a simple example imagine a workflow approval process. In such a case the approval process can run from minutes to weeks, before the final approval returned back to the client. 439 more words