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Nine Virtues: Wisdom Part I

Wisdom is the first of the Virtues and generally one of the hardest for students to discuss with certainty.  Often, the response is difficult, and the student will spend a long time look for things to describe it. 197 more words


Lightning - LP1: Week 2 (May 22, 2017)

My apartment got struck by lightning on Tuesday night.

Not in some metaphorical, I had a flash of inspiration, great grand things are happening sense. In the literal, bolt of lightning blew a hole in the roof and blasted through my ceiling, exploded a phone jack, and fried all my electronics sense. 598 more words


Dedicant Oath-Rite Recap

I spoke my Dedicant’s Oath during my grove’s Harvest Home ritual. I completed my full year of High-Day attendance at Midsummer and had originally planned to give my oath during Lughnasadh. 1,386 more words


California State University gives $300,000 to left-wing campus groups, but zero to pro-life group

Consider this story from Alliance Defending Freedom, which talks about California State University–San Marcos.


Although the university says that it prohibits any of those groups from spending activity fee grants on expenses to bring speakers to campus, the Gender Equity Center and the LGBQTA Pride Center enjoy preferential status, and as such, are exempt from that rule and the standard $500 cap.

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By Way of Rekindling the Flames

So I have completely dropped the ball on my ADF study work since getting accepted into CTP-1. (Other than getting Div 1 approved, which I’d already completed).  1,204 more words


Understanding ADF massacres in Eastern Congo


Since October 2014, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)’s eastern cities of Beni and Butembo (North Kivu province) have witnessed the worst episodes of violence since the end of the war in 2003. 5,457 more words


Moving along ones SlÍ….

Let me open this with the Statement: I have left ADF, I am unlikely to join again, and it feels that this is the correct path for me to walk. 1,438 more words