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Disable AD FS automatic certificate rollover feature

To disable the ADFS automatic certificate rollover, use the below Powershell script command, this will help if you want to add a token signing certificate when the automatic certificate rollover is enabled.

Set-ADFSProperties -AutocertificateRollover $false

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Test ADFS Signin Page

To test an ADFS sign-in page you would use the below URL **replace the federation service name with a valid one that was specified in during the ADFS setup. 13 more words


ADFS in 2012R2 - Replacing the Service Communications certificate

I’m not alone in this. Replacing the Service Communications certificate in ADFS under Server 2012R2 is an inconsistent experience to say the least. After a less than ideal run through of updating the cert on some test ADFS servers, I felt that I at least knew the pitfalls and could update the production ADFS servers without too much hassle.   326 more words


Active Directory Federation Setup for Server 2012 R2

Good Morning and Happy Thursday. I generally like to write my own post for things I have done. Sometimes I simple find someone who simple made a de-facto article which is much better then I could put together with the time constraints I have. 224 more words


Unable to logon to O365 via ADFS - ADFSAppPool stops (aka. I had a bad day)

Customer using Exchange Online/Office 365 with no Exchange servers on-prem. Two ADFS 2.0 servers running on Server 2008 R2, enabling them to logon to Exchange Online via SSO (Single Sign On). 605 more words


ADFS - Event ID 364

I was messing about with the LSA cache timeout setting in the registry…(http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb%3bEN-US%3b946358) when my pre-production ADFS server decided to throw it’s toys out of the pram. 134 more words


Convert SAML assertions to ADFS Claims PART 2

In the previous post we looked at how to send a SAML IdP user logon information to an ADFS service provider (SP) as a userprincipalname (upn claim). 335 more words

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