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So, I got a tattoo

TW: i do talk about suicide, hospitalization, depression, and anxiety. so pls know that before you read this. i don’t want to upset anyway…. 

so, i got a tattoo on friday. 1,644 more words

I hate how my mother will never understand how hard most boring, academic things are for me.

Sorry in advance everyone, this is a rant. Also, its probably extremely disorganized because I'm livid at the moment and have to vent in ways that won't result in me punching more holes in my wall. 972 more words


School stressing me out, parents aren't much help

TL;DR: I just need to rant for a little, feel free to disregard the angry ramblings of an angsty teenager contained within this post.

I'm absolutely certain I have ADHD. 305 more words


diabetic stress food

I went to the   diabetic     clinic  last week    ( wow )   they  tend   to give little   notice     these days    of an appointment    so    no time    for   blood test    but knew  it  was going to be   sky high   so not much point   not sure   if  can  keep  on saying    ”  I will be   better  once my head   probs     have i  got     some form  of  adhd    who knows  w ill  find out   on the    27th of this month    !!!! 410 more words


[Rant] How ADHD is ruining my life.

Foreword: I need to vent some frustration, I can't keep it to myself anymore and I have no one to talk to about it. I don't know if this kind of post is frowned upon and there are no rules against it so I am making it. 606 more words


Recovery Is Possible

I’ve had some sort of eating disorder for 25+ years and I’m truly over being obsessed with food, my weight etc.

I have come so far to continue on this path, I have become so much stronger and faced so many obstacles and conquered them this year alone. 36 more words


Tired Tuesday 

Tonight I am tired beyond belief… waking a concussed teenager every few hours during the night, dealing with a sick 12 year old and Ryan’s endless talking and moving has drained every last drop of energy I have. 430 more words