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Social Media, Your (Disordered) Brain, and You

Is It an Addiction?

“A recent meta-analysis suggests that globally the prevalence rate is about 6% and that it varies by country, ranging from 2.6% to 10.9%” (source: … 3,196 more words

Feeling Better

Label me?

Parents waiting 3 months for a CAMHS appointment, 6 months to see an Occupational Therapist or 2 years for a diagnostic assessment for autism. Secondary school children on an SEND register with no chance of seeing an NHS Speech and Language Therapist unless they have an EHCP. 902 more words

ADHD, ASD, BPD and the end of Blog of the Wolf Boy

Hey all, this just may be the last post that I ever do on Blog of the Wolf Boy and I wanted to write about my recent self-discoveries in mental health. 1,108 more words

Blog Posts

When you go to the beach with your inner children

What exactly does that mean!? Going to the beach with your inner children!? It is an exercise that is a part of a type of therapy called Somatic Experiencing (SE). 219 more words

The File Cabinets and Chalkboards in my Head

Imagine walking into a room of file cabinets. Upon crossing the threshold, you notice an order and cleanliness about the place. There is no door, only a doorway to this room. 2,179 more words

(ADHD) Reading Is Difficult...Can Someone Help Me?

Time to recall the dreaded middle school days when a teacher would say the horrific words, “everyone will be reading aloud today”. The extroverted peers were always excited to be the narrator for the class, but for us ADHD students reading aloud was torture. 528 more words

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