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ADHD / Horse P1££$

Uuuuuuggghhhh. I have had a sore throat and headache. I’ve been coughing, sneezing, blowing my nose, and taking horse pills for a few days. Now my son has the same problem. 734 more words

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How schools can optimize support for children with ADHD

New research gives the clearest guidance yet on how schools can best support children with ADHD to improve symptoms and maximize their academic outcomes.

https://ift.tt/2R4eBtk… 6 more words


Yesterday, I was fine. Today, I'm a mess. And This-- is normal (for me).

There are days when I seem completely okay.
Just last night, I was out with friends– laughing at jokes and small moments, sharing stories about past crushes, debating societal issues, eating reaaaally good food, and being bright and outgoing. 605 more words

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Messages in a Bottle #9: The Archivist

This CW is so important it should be in neon flashing lights. This is a serious post. Serious like: mentions of 9th Circle of Hell current systemic abuse, mentions of the same kind of systemic abuse on another blog, and mentions of past suicidal feelings and coercive control. 3,731 more words

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More Neurodiverse than Previously Thought: Beginning my Journey with ADHD

If you had asked me one year ago today if I had ADHD, my answer would be a solid no. If you asked me again today, my answer wouldn’t be nearly as certain. 860 more words


When You Call Me Teacher

People said I wore my heart on my sleeve.

I used to think it made me weak.

The heart on my sleeve quality made me courageous because it caused me to want to prove others wrong and myself strong. 1,289 more words


My ADHD Evening

I told myself I would write. I told my family I would use writing as an outlet. And here I am a few months later having procrastinated on this posting. 677 more words