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Bombogenetics with a Side of Pie

Cross one random thing off my life’s bucket list. For Pi Day this year, we were gifted with a snowstorm that shut down the city for 36 hours (including leading to the cancelation of an Improv show I would otherwise have been in, boo!). 680 more words


They Shoot Horses Don’t They?

Saturday we danced around each other, not a word was said, we inhabited separate rooms, no one ate, no glances were shared. We slept, we did not sleep at all, just ruminated and sat staring at walls & ceilings, in separate rooms. 1,051 more words


DISENCHANTMENT!!!!! (actually I'm fine)

Like a lot of kids, I was obsessed with Sesame Street as a tot. I watched it every day throughout most of my childhood. By the time it got to the part where Luis and Maria were getting married, though, I wasn’t watching it every day any more, so I missed the episode where they had the baby. 612 more words

YouTube Channel & Time Timer!

Hey everyone!

I wanted you to know that I have started a Missleadingly ADHD YouTube channel! I am super excited to share amazing ADHD & Anxiety products with you!! 28 more words

Guns, Pharm, and Schools | GreenMedInfo | Blog Entry

This is the same psychiatric drug problem that has been so prominent in the national and your local media, right?


Guns, Pharm, and Schools…

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Brain imaging reveals ADHD as a collection of different disorders

The study, published in Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging, has the potential for a radical rethinking of how researchers think about ADHD. “This study has uncovered evidence that clearly supports the idea that adolescents with ADHD are not all the same neurologically,” – said first author Dr. 401 more words


What can Twitter reveal about people with ADHD?

“In social networks where you can freely publish your mental state, you get a lot of information about what these people are experiencing, which may be rare in the clinical setting,” said Guntuku, a PhD researcher. 634 more words