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Bullying. What You Can Do About It

If your child has any form of special need or difficulty then *he is more likely to be bullied than any other child.

This is harsh to read. 1,163 more words


Re-familiarising and making music out of cacophony of noise

I’m breaking down my thoughts. I’m picking out coherent thoughts from the constant humming in my mind. I’m trying not to be a stranger to revelations and articulations. 602 more words


Exhaustion and the quiet of the suburbs.

Saturday. The alarm switched off the night before, being able to sleep in until the heady delights of 7am, when my bladder can’t hold out any longer. 1,302 more words


Behind every mental illness diagnosis... (image)

behind every mental illness diagnosis, there is a warrior fighting incredible unseen battles.

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Adult ADHD undiagnosed?

As I took a bath the other day, a thought came to mind- SLOW DOWN. Yes, SLOW DOWN is all I have needed to do all these years to be able to complete tasks, even more so now as my attention span is now approaching zero and this constant internal agitation has become debilitating. 799 more words


Research and findings

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE, This is not easy to understand…..click for more info, and will do some video blogs … in the next day.. 1,572 more words

Cee’s Oddball Challenge

Sadness from your cereal. Actually, this is my son’s cereal. I would have just moved along, never to notice. But, he notices everything.


He’s also in love with his mask. 43 more words

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