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ADHD Vs. The Three -isms: Skepticism, Ageism, and Sexism

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (or as I like to call it the global warming of disorders, you know, because of how people argue about whether it’s real or not? 823 more words

Mental Health Monday - Gifted with ADHD

Today’s topic is really super personal, as I don’t often like talking about my difficulties. Rather, I prefer to talk about what I can do, and focus on the positive. 897 more words



So I just checked out what the word diet is defined as. Before I tell you, take a second and think about what the word “diet” means to you. 431 more words

Yesterday I was in a shit stirring mood. I was just stirring the pot where ever I went. That is just the mood I was in. 373 more words

Mental Health

2018: Monday 23rd April

Ryan snuck into our bed at 3.30am but went back to sleep until around 7am. Ryan and Stefan spent the morning out visiting family.

At home we did some reading. 211 more words


Flip Flop

Everyday is a roller coaster. Keeps it fresh, you never know whats coming.
This weekend was loooong to say the least. First off, every weekend is a three day weekend, it is how the school works, which can be fun, but exhausting. 233 more words

Att fastna i negativa loopar


Negativa loopar. Snurrar på.

Om och om igen. Kanske hoppar jag på och låter det snurra tills jag hittar ett lämpligt ställe att hoppa av. 161 more words