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The Attentiveness Of Walking

“You must walk like a camel, which is said to be the only beast which ruminates while walking.”

                             Thoreau (Journal, October 31st, 1850)

It’s something we hear, and are told, often. 1,031 more words

Happy To Do It

When I was in prep school (up to grade 6), my Grandma was a frequent visitor at my school.  OK – All through my prep school and high school career my Grandma was a frequent visitor to my school.  473 more words

Life On The Jay Train

ADHD, Growing Up, and Why Medication is Important

I was originally going to cover all of this in my story, but I think it needs to be covered sooner then I can finish writing that story. 960 more words


Vyvanse Update: Appointment Day!

So, I went to the Dr. appointment today. It went pretty smoothly, like it usually does. My blood pressure was even down to normal, 118/82, which was probably the most exciting thing that happened. 536 more words


But Isn't That What I Was Like?

The only thing that I am continually struggling with George about these days is motivation, particularly where school is concerned.  Jane was so easy.  She always did her homework and got along with ALL of her teachers, even the ones that other kids hated.  995 more words


dumping links again

Fresh links about bipolar disorder, plucked from the tree of knowledge … eh. Links. Read ‘em, don’t read ‘em. 552 more words