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Friends to Excess

Now in January, he’s attending college one day a week, he tells me he is “working his way up slowly” to the three days he’s supposed to be in. 457 more words

New life challenge: Homeschool Part 1

Homeschool…yikes! Now there’s a word that used to make me shudder. The very idea of being chained to a desk beside The Boy all day seemed a guaranteed path to misery. 598 more words


Don't stop or...

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at the typewriter and bleed.” -Hemingway

Would you mind very much if I bled a little? 1,221 more words

When School Fails the Child

I had one of those dreaded meetings today. Just like many other times, the short time revolved around the teacher defending her teaching techniques rather than how we could work together to come up with a plan to help Chase be more successful in the classroom. 370 more words


YS Charity Foundation: A Developmental Disability Center for Financially Challenged Families in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Seeing the developmental disability centers was my motive to travel to Malaysia.

With the help of a couchsurfing.com friend, Mr. Tan, I was able to visit two developmental disability centers in Petaling Jaya, and one of which I got a chance to help the center reach out its resources to those who may benefit. 239 more words

Hypnosis for Children? Of course!

Hello, and welcome to Uplifting Vibrations! Today I am talking about Hypnosis, but not just any hypnosis, hypnosis for kids! Anyone can be hypnotized, including children (usually over the age of three), and they will love it. 216 more words


Subcortical brain volumes in ADHD: the ENIGMA ADHD study

Many neuroimaging studies in ADHD have been published, each with its own contribution to science. However, brain imaging studies are expensive and therefore the sample size of studies is often small, which could result in not finding effects that are actually there. 676 more words