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The New Normal

Tonight my son’s school had a live Q&A session with parents to go over the re-opening plans, precautions and what “The New Normal” would look like. 554 more words



Trying to teach JJ to actually PLAY with the dog is…interesting. Play has always been a struggle for him, which isn’t uncommon with autistic kiddos. 523 more words

FAPA Gold Medal Added to the Cover - Thank you, Kalpart!

Thank you Kalpart for adding the new FAPA Gold Medal Award to the cover of David’s ADHD

Below is a favorite Review:

David’s ADHD – Feathered Quill Review… 526 more words

Goal Setting for People Who Forget

Do you often “have a lot going on” but no clear idea what it is exactly, or what it’s for? Do you sometimes stop and wonder why you even started that project you’ve been stuck on for months? 976 more words


What is ADHD?

So what is ADHD? Most people have heard of it but much fewer have a good understanding of what it is. When the term ADHD is mentioned I’m sure many people’s minds immediately picture the classic stereotype of hyperactive, naughty little boys who are constantly full of energy and get distracted by anything and everything. 503 more words

My Battle with Comorbidity

According to a 2016 publication by the Mental Health Foundation called Fundamental Facts About Mental Health, ‘almost a quarter of individuals who screened positively for ADHD were receiving treatment for anxiety (23.8%) or depression (22.9%).’ 867 more words


Exploring Autism for myself - discovery through peer correlation

As mentioned in a couple of my previous blog posts, I have begun exploring the idea that I also have co morbid Autism. I am actually quite happy about this news and willing to embrace it – but because of so many of the indoctrinated ideas I have about how Autism presents in individuals, I have a lot of unlearning to do too. 3,552 more words