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A Former Client's Success Story

Yesterday, I received an email from a former organizing client of mine who was quite happy, and proud to have been able to stay organized since our last organizing session four years ago. 517 more words

Organizing Tips

Does anyone on here know how to import content to here from another website (that isn't Wordpress)?

Hey, guys!

Basically, I have a website with Wix which I love. In that, I love how it looks. It is visually stunning. I went to wix on the recommendation of a post by an independent writer who I can’t even remember now but she said it was easy to set up (should have guessed by how NOT easy it was that her recommendation was flawed, but I digress) I spent a very long time on its design and was initially extremely happy with it. 214 more words


6 Best Jobs For People With ADHD:

1. Entrepreneur

Yeah alright, this isn’t actually a job title. But as I explain in my previous post, the already chaotic nature of their lives means the control awarded from being self-employed is perfect for ADHDers. 379 more words


Mother Tornado

While it is common for plays to tackle the facade of a happy family, I think a lot of them try too hard. What I liked about “Breaking Bread” was how digestible it was.

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Is it ADHD or Bipolar Disorder?

It was late 2015 that my husband and I sat in front of a Psychiatrist at the hospital emergency room after my husband was so depressed he threatened to kill himself and then ran around our house with unreal energy. 1,546 more words


Courtney Almeida Interview with Zach Benayon

Courtney Almeida is a Television News Student at Fanshawe College and she sits down with Zach Benayon to talk about his four disorders.

You can find more videos from Courtney on her YouTube Page:  7 more words

Tourette Syndrome

I'm proudly dependent on Adderall for all the right reasons

It’s 10:58 pm on a Wednesday night. My anxiety is back at its normal level so my thoughts have been out of control as per usual at 10:58pm. 1,861 more words