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Winner Of The Week

Dear Parents,
This weeks winner is Frankie who achieved his goal, of gaining his Pen License, after struggling with his writing at school.      Well Done Frankie!! 19 more words


Why Childhood Disorders are on the Rise

The sudden and steep increase in childhood disorders in recent decades has the attention and concern of everyone: from parents of struggling children to their teachers to doctors to grandparents. 2,154 more words


Vacation Planning

Last night, our family spent some time selecting music and movies to download to ipads and phones in preparation for the customary American vacation. (As I wrote that last, the theme music for Chevy Chase’s movie Vacation started playing in my head). 694 more words

Odd Dad On Autism


I woke up this morning to the faith pendulum swinging loudly in my head. Whether that’s due to me trying to see if I can do without 5-htp/l-tyrosine or just my luck this morning, it reminded me of a thought that’s wandered through my head a few times this past week. 236 more words

Reverse Hibernation

Tired. Like, down to my bones. Every limb feels heavy and stiff. Slept 10 hours and considering a nap. Trying not to, ’cause naps fuck me up more than it’s worth most times, unless I’ve been on a crying jag (which I’ve not)…then it resets me. 334 more words

Study me.

She sits alone, with them nearby

Muted screams, diluted by

Her grades get by

What’s needed-Why?

She passes fine

No questions asked, continuing along the path… 56 more words



Hey guys!!

How you doing?

I am back with another blog post for you guys. I am going to give you my review on a toy. 594 more words