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Internet Anxiety

Ugh.  Writing this down gives me crippling anxiety.  I hate the internet.

Okay, okay.  I don’t HATE hate it, but I kind of hate it.  It’s really hard to be alive in the world today.   441 more words


I’m tired of getting ideas for things to do in life then getting bored with them a few moments later.

Does anyone else here experience this? I have a lot of experience with recording music but it’s boring now. I love to do it but it’s just boring so I get ideas for other things, get super excited, and usually give up when I can’t figure out how to start it or I realize that it’s not worth it or whatever. 164 more words


My writing speaks for me

Whirlwind. The dust bunnies are settling (no, I didn’t get to them) now that it’s over. What was the reason? One day of massively concentrated writing. 1,010 more words

Bounce, bounce, bounce!

This morning Ryan was desperate to get outside again and as soon as he had eaten he was out on the trampoline! This intense need to go outside is fairly new. 584 more words


Occupying a hostile thought-space

AD-HD. An excuse for a prescription to obtain college miracle that is adderall or an actual epidemic.

Throughout my 24 hours, most of which I am awake for, I think of many different things in many different ways. 293 more words


November 19: You Aughta Know This Week

This week, the mental load of mothering with ADHD, autism is not a behavioral problem, pain acceptance was invented by people who don’t understand chronic pain at all, Sen. 541 more words


Drug Induced Psychosis

I’m kneeling down in a dried up creek bed. I’m at Ironwood National Forest. The area above the creek bed slopes upward and is dense with trees.  1,873 more words