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Friday - the day of questions!

Off for our usual Friday morning caramel coffee treat and Ryan got to have a chat Paul (The Village Snob). He loves asking Paul what are you doing?, can you make me a coffee?, why are you wearing a tie?, is that your car?, can I have a coffee please? 368 more words


Trifectas and Clear Agendas!

Okay, so first of all let’s cut to the chase- my planner is blank for next week. Blank. Void of commitments, deadlines, extra-curriculars, meetings, appointments, errands, reminders, and tasks. 546 more words


Eat That Frog - Tackling Procrastination

I just spent the last half hour wearing a ninja turtle mask and sitting across the floor from Liam acting as his “mirror”. Mimicking his every move and sound much to his delight. 306 more words

Announcing our Ebook with a Sneak Peek

Instead of hammering out the worksheets from one of those Summer Bridging workbooks, my daughter and I have started working on our first Ebook.  EEEK!!   415 more words


ADHD/ADD - Is Medicine the Only Solution?

ADHD students may talk when it’s not their turn and move around the classroom. Following instructions is not their forte, and they may have trouble turning in their homework. 450 more words


Adventures in ADHD - Impulsivity

One characteristic people suffering with ADHD have is impulsivity. We are impulsive! We do things first, then think about it. We don’t consider the consequences of our actions beforehand. 639 more words