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Homeschooling a girl: The Beginning

So it’s finally happened. I’m now officially a homeschooling dad.

After the emotional turmoil of the last few months with my children’s school closing down amid great controversy and, quite honestly, … 790 more words


I Must Have Fallen Down The Rabbit Hole!!!!

By chance there are still any followers to Losing Miles, I think I actually lost MYSELF!!!!! I swear I feel as though I fell down the Rabbit Hole just like Alice in Wonderland!!  857 more words

Mental Health Treatment Center

The Fastest Way to Piss Me Off

Is to tell me you don’t like my kids because of their special needs.

Because when you complain about my autistic child’s table manners, that is what you are doing. 501 more words

Stress and Bipolar.

Welcome to my blog Too Minds. The title isn’t a spelling error, all the good blog titles I could think of regarding bipolar were taken lol I do have another blog on another platform, however I don’t write much about my mental health there. 1,004 more words


Nicole's "Wall"

The Wall is a very different kind of artistic musical work.  Unlike many pieces today, it shares a specific story about the fictitious character Pink.  Each song is somewhat connected one from the next telling an illuminating tale hinting about the overloading processes of the brain.   561 more words

Mental Illness

I Quit My Job

I had my job in a supermarket as a cashier for 2 months before I decided to quit. I found that as I went on with it, the more difficult it got.  1,060 more words


The ADHD Epidemic

Walk into my 5th grade classroom, or any classroom in America, and you will find at least one student receiving medication for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. 1,988 more words

ADHD Explosion