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Your true nature is prior to birth. New MJ Awakening Blog

“The Way of Divine Ignorance, which I am moved to communicate and to demonstrate, rests on the presumption which precedes our birth, our life, and our death. 363 more words

The Fear of Death. New MJ Awakening Blog

“The fear of death is the beginning of understanding. Seeking is simply clinging to various concepts, goals, things, methods, and paths that seem to promise relief from death, from the knowledge of death, and from all suffering, which is separation and death. 413 more words

Quote Challenge - Day3: Tribute to Adi Da

Save the best for last! Oh, of course, you know I would do just that. Why not, coconut? We want to really taste in our mouth all the pleasure we could get from that one last bite and so, we always save the best part of anything for last. 1,338 more words

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My pixie friend always succeeds in making me think...I love her posts always a little controversial but well written and thought provoking and I like posts which when they aren't recipes stretch the grey matter. I hope you enjoy the read :)