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Saturday, August 1, 2015


“…. Likewise, whenever  the Ecstatic Mood of Free Being Awakens by Means of the Avataric Divine Spiritual Grace  of the Divine Heart-Master, Adi Da Samraj — I suddenly confess the obvious Truth: 1,048 more words

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Adi Da Samraj on art

egoless art

excerpts from Adi Da Samraj’s artist’s statement that resonate; bolding mine:

My image-art can be characterized as paradoxical space that undermines “point of view”. 212 more words

glimpse. connections.

all these connections today
btw. Authentic Movement, the practice, the relationship btw. mover & witness
& BDSM per SlaveMaster at BornSlaves.com
and satsang/practice with Adi Da Samraj… 900 more words