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Respect, don’t Fear, the Weather

Watching winter storm “Hunter” — thank you Weather Channel, like winter storms needed names — drop a dense snowy blanket outside my dining room window, should I be glad this isn’t a “bombogenesis,” “snowpocalypse” or “snowmageddon?” 281 more words


Cross-Country Skiing with Kids

Cross-country and kids aren’t a natural match … but that’s usually because we want to turn out kids into little adults, making them ski the way we do. 441 more words


Geocaching the between-times

Too early to ski? 

Sure, if you are a eager backcountry type you’ve driven and hiked to find snow.

Me, I’ll wait till the snow finds me, although I am tempted to take a trip to the Whiteface Toll Road for an early season session. 220 more words


Reflecting on the Porch

As snow begins to dust distant mountaintops, we are treated to a day of fleeting autumn weather…warm in the sun, but cool enough in the shade to foretell of the approach of cooler weather… and we look back for a moment in perfect reflection on the passing season, as if to capture its warmth to carry us through the winter…we place our deck chairs on the porch, arrayed to create a perfect reflection, holding our spot until the return of warmer weather brings us back to our special places.


Snow Geese and the Transition into Autumn

This time of year is all about transitions.

The leaves fall. The temperatures drop. Family hikers leave the peaks behind for you technical types and instead embrace the lowland trails. 269 more words


Small Rafts In A Steep Gorge


I have guided the Hudson River Gorge for 20 years. I never really kept track of how many trips down the river that equals, but it has to be in the high hundreds. 301 more words

Magic Moments

Autumn Sail 12

Here are previous posts in this series.

Many thanks to Capt. Justin Zizes for these next six photos, all taken on November 6 during the transit of two… 86 more words