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The Day I Went Hiking With An Old Friend And An Armed Man In The Woods

It’s amazing to think you can live in a place for twenty years and still discover something new.

Take for instance, the Stone Valley Trail. This is a seven-mile long hike along the Raquette River, running roughly from Colton in the south to Potsdam in the north. 866 more words


Camping on Limekiln Lake

For those of you who don’t know I met my husband on Friday, July 13, 2012. That is a super fun story that I love to tell, but I am going to save that for another day. 1,750 more words

Adirondack Mountains


For anyone who follows along on instagram you can see we moved…again. Still in the Adirondacks, but into a new home. In 2015, we moved to the Adirondacks with anticipated housing. 516 more words

Everything And Anything

Warm Water on the West Branch

Usually the West Branch Ausable fishes well no matter what time of the season. The weekend after the Fourth of July, however, proved to be an exception this time around. 232 more words


The 2018 Road, Day 18, Part 2: The Grand Chasm of Ausable

June 12, 2018, Lake Ariel, PA

I saw the sign for Ausable Chasm, ten minutes after leaving Plattsburgh. Remembering how I had briefly considered making a trip up to the Champlain Basin and Ausable, way back in my feckless University days, I took the exit and headed east. 535 more words


Cascade and Porter Mountains (3)

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

We were headed to the Adirondacks again to attempt some more high peaks. The weather called for rain on BOTH our full days. 563 more words


A reader's guide to convalescence

I am convalescing. That’s a word we don’t use too much any more; from the Latin, con + ┬ávalescere, to grow strong, from valere, to be strong. 799 more words