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adjective. vacuum-like; unintelligent or mindless


Superstar Writer of the Week - Autumn 1 - Week 3

A truly deserving Superstar Writer of the Week.

You deserve this award for your fantastic retelling of the story Baboon on the Moon in your own words. 30 more words


Simplify Your Sentences to Write More Pithily 

1. Instead of starting a sentence with “there are” or “there is”, start it with the subject.

In most cases, simply sweep the expletive away and begin with a subject, as in revision of “There are other steps a company can take before an economic downturn to protect against its impact” to “A company can take other steps before an economic downturn to protect against its impact.”

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Grammar in pop songs - Lucy Lucy Lucy

Picture yourself
Somebody calls you
You answer
A girl

She’s gone


Follow her
Everyone smiles

Taxis appear
Climb in
You’re gone…

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My writing, a convention and some tips

Last weekend I seized the opportunity to attend a writers’ convention. It was the first time I’d gone to the Rockingham Writers Convention, and for those of you who’ve been to the Salisbury Writers’ Festival, it’s not dissimilar. 948 more words

Fact (sort Of)

8 Ways To Get People To Like You Immediately

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Since it only takes seconds for someone to decide if they like you, and research shows that first impressions are very difficult to change, the pressure that comes with meeting new people is justifiably intense. 506 more words

Money Matters

Adjectives, Do or Don’t?

Adjectives are a big sticking point for writers and editors. Numerous ‘How to Be a Great Writer’, ‘Ten Tips for How to Become a Writer’, ‘How to Write for Just Two Minutes a Day and then Become JK Rowling’ style articles make the same basic points — make characters believable/consistent/likeable, try to avoid excessive grammatical errors, begin with action and, of course, cut all adjectives. 890 more words