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++ Word Prompt #6

Suddenly, everybody in the world gets a text of the amount of time they have left to live.

English for us

He fet aquest blog per estudiar angl├Ęs d’una manera amena(r):


Polar Opposites

Dystopia imagined place or state where everything is bad
Utopia imagined place or state where everything is perfect

Three C's

Courtesy – polite deed, to be polite in ones behaviour
Curtsy – formal greeting

Curtesy – after a wife’s death, the husband owns all the items and property she had inherited

I feel really groody

Students’ mistakes sometimes surprise me in a good way, and sometimes in a bad way. One section of the weekly test was about feelings. The questions had two sentences outlining a scenario then prompting a feeling by providing the first one or two letters of the word (in a sentence such as ‘I (adjective)’.) The mistakes fall into a continuum of wrongness: from a simple spelling error to the wrong part of speech to a wrong but existing word to a wrong and non-existing word. 364 more words

Movie Question #2

What is the WORST book to film adaptation, in your opinion?