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Den Liten? Lille? Små? Lite? Jenten

For the most part, since I started learning Norwegian, the grammar has been fairly easy and straight forward. Even irregular verbs and adjectives have been fairly easy to remember how they work. 338 more words

Awesome Adjective: Allergic

Meaning: To have allergies; usually used with “to,” as in “allergic to something”


My nephew’s allergic to peanuts, so don’t give him a peanut butter sandwich.

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Awfully Kind of You Old Chap

If someone gave us a choice between having an awful meal or an awesome one, we probably wouldn’t hesitate in making our decision. 300 years ago, however, we may have taken our time. 1,010 more words

German Adjectives

I am proud to present you my new video on Youtube and to start a new chapter of this blog: Grammatik pur!

My purpose is to share with you parts of the german lessons that I had here in Germany and that are extremely preciuous. 153 more words

German For Advanced

Powerful Words

Parts of Speech; When All The Fulls Came With Powerful Words

Not by degree nor by stages brought to the round table through the Language of Love… 79 more words

When The Fulls Came Out With Powerful Words

Shrug Your Foot?

Overuse of Adjectives, Adverbs, and Other Unnecessary Words — Do you really need to say someone “whispered quietly” Or “shouted loudly” ? Or, my favorite — he* “nodded his head”? 41 more words