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The Superlative

In English, the superlative is expressed by adding -est to an adjective or adverb (ex: small → smallest; slow → slowest), or by adding the words “most” or “least” in front of the adjective or adverb (ex: beautiful → most beautiful; happy → least happy). 265 more words


Is it true that Hebrew has the most adjectives words in the language in the world?

Despite the flattering allusions to the superlative virtues of the Hebrew language—and setting aside the sweeping and unfounded generalisations that Hebrew are the smartest or have superior emotional intelligence—I doubt that it could be said that Hebrew has the greatest number of adjectives of all languages. 193 more words


How's yours?

Level: any
Players: large group (8-10)
Age: any

One student volunteers to be ‘it’ and leaves the classroom. Pick a body part, type of clothing, common person or common object (e.g. 56 more words

All Ages

A tree for all seasons and all reasons

Meet Queen Elizabeth’s oak from Greenwich Park, London. It was planted in the 12th century and lived for almost 800 years, probably knowing Elizabeth I and Henry VIII!   270 more words

Russian Language

adj. sky blue, deep blue, or sea-green

This words describes the colour of the sky, the glimmer of water, and the pigment of some people’s eyes.

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