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double comparative music

A Sydney radio station is advertising ‘Better music, and more of it’. Presumably that means they play

Piercing the Pain away.

She feels pain. Pain every single day. But not the kind of pain she wants – if you have been here you know.

The kind of pain she feels is raw and ugly and real. 159 more words

Mental Health Journey

The Sky

The sky.
It is a vastness of cerulean,
A pool of blue which surrounds clouds that are strewn together.
Tumbling, accumulating, towering formations of remarkable depth and awesome beauty.
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Strong, Clear, Concise Writing

Hello everyone!

It is easy to recognize bad writing and to identify why it is bad.  However, it is harder to explain why a piece of writing is good. 478 more words

Useful Articles

J is for Just Adjectives

Getting to know students and encouraging students to get to know each other is an important step in the process of building classroom community. Taking time to complete getting-to-know-you activities always pays off—go slow to go fast. 88 more words

rest eternal and light perpetual

When I was drafting my previous post, I realised that I wasn’t sure about the exact wording of the funeral/memorial sentence Rest eternal rest grant (unto) them, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine (up)on them… 189 more words