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Great Directors use Adjectives and Verbs

I was asked today what the difference in skill or techniques were between a good director and a great one. There is a lot of commonality in how both directors get started in filmmaking, but once they’ve gained experience the great director works specifically on developing his adjectives and verbs. 429 more words


-ed or -ing adjectives

Exercise 1:

Choose the right option for each of the sentences below.

a) I saw a really ______________________ documentary about Mammals last night.

b) My friends planned a secret birthday party for me and I was utterly ______________________. 129 more words


Are you bored or just boring?


This is a board game activity to practise -ed and –ing adjectives. Students think of activities they like and dislike and play a board game with their classmates. 338 more words


goodest and baddest grammar

Most English have adjectives have comparative (-er or more/less) and superlative (-est or most/least) forms. The three major irregular adjectives are… 334 more words

Slang: Dumb

Dumb /dʌm/

As an adjective, it means stupid or unintelligent, but as slang, it functions as an adverb, meaning very.