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Why are German adjectives so weird?

As in many other languages, German adjectives take different endings depending on the case, number and gender of the nouns that they are associated with. For example, in the two noun phrases below, the adjective schwarz ‘black’ appears in two different forms due to the fact that the nouns Hund ‘dog’ and Katze have different genders (masculine and feminine, respectively). 6,328 more words


Words are all we have…

Words are very powerful especially those from someone you care about.

Depending on which report you read, women speak 20,000 words a day while men speak 7,000. 397 more words



Heat Hot

Shining, Scorching, Sweating

Radiant, August,  Cloudy,  Bright

Dispiriting, Sweltering, dimming 

Warm, Torrid


This kind of poems are called Diamante poems. the poem is to be written in the following way: 78 more words


The Veracity Challenge | A world of adjectives

I discovered this challenge on Erika’s blog and I found it really exciting and difficult. So I had to do it, naturally. Writing without adjectives is something I thought I’d be good at. 431 more words


The Overly Adverb'd Author / Memorable Fancies #511

Jeff Mason’s novel was accepted for publication, subject to the usual copy-editing process. After the first edit, Jeff noticed that an editor had removed all his adverbs. 181 more words