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Words, words, words

Recently Princess Pea picked up a horrible “word”. Every time she says it, it sets me on edge. I am swift to respond, though. Every time she says “shut-up” I jump in and tell her an alternative statement, like “zip it” or “please be quiet” or “shush”. 876 more words



Today’s keyword is all about 好 (good). It’s such a useful and positive word!

It usually translates to “O.K.” and “good” in English, and is also used to indicate that one is ready or has completed something. 1,414 more words

Participle Adjectives.

Present participle (–ing ending) and past participle (-ed ending) can be used as adjectives to describe an object. However, they stand for different meanings.

Use… 56 more words


Awesome Adjective: Typical

Meaning: Regular, usual, common.


It was a typical weekend in the summer for me: I went to the beach and went out to eat with friends, as usual.

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How to Order Your Expressive, Long Adjectives Correctly

Do you like delicious, large, fresh, round, red apples? Or do you prefer crunchy, long, orange, locally grown carrots? Whatever your produce preferences, I bet you don’t like red, large, delicious, fresh, round apples or locally grown, orange, long, crunchy carrots.


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