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How to use adverbs and adjectives

A slight change in direction this week as I’m reblogging a piece my wife wrote about adverbs and adjectives and their use. Their use can be an issue for writers, even communication people so read on! 154 more words

Agreement of Adjectives

As this blog has developed I have (naturally) moved on to slightly more complex or advanced features of French.  But I mustn’t forget that some readers are maybe beginning their study of the language, so I want to go back to something more basic in this post – the agreement of adjectives.   545 more words

French Language

Mental Disorders As Adjectives 

People throw around mental health-related terms. And I’m surely not the only person who finds it annoying?! Here are some commonly used “adjectives” and the reasons why I disapprove. 531 more words


Describe a food you like to eat on a special occasion, think carefully about the words you use, make me want to eat it to.

The Return of the Adjective Game!

Yep, I love reading y’all’s responses to these things so much that I’ve decided to bring it back as a monthly feature. :)

It’s a simple and amusing exercise…dream up a noun that all five of these adjectives could possibly be describing…and then share your response in the comments, of course. 16 more words

Home School

Filthy Revisited

Here’s a commercial from the 1980s for Lava Soap. In it you will hear last week’s awesome adjective, plus some other synonyms for filthy, like… 10 more words



Today’s activity comes from The British Council’s website, please click the link below to access the activity on adjectives.

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