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Understanding the Present Participle

“They don’t have the ‘-ing’ word, do they?” The comment was made to me by a bowls opponent during a match in Worcester – it was a friendly, so the chat was quite relaxed. 1,295 more words

French Language

Adjectives in Order

We sometimes use more than one adjective before the noun:


• I like big black dogs.

• She was wearing a beautiful long red dress. 169 more words



Used before the name of a city in regards to the larger metropolitan area e.g. Greater Los Angeles.

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Incredible! Great! Fantastic! Spectacular! Amazing! Grueling! Abrasive! Controlling!

There is no end to adjectives in the English language. Basically, an adjective is a word, or phrase, that names an attribute to modify or describe a noun. 137 more words


The media

1) Warm-up questions

How often do you listen to the radio?

How often do you watch TV?

Which are your favourite TV channels/ radio stations? 363 more words

fair trade

Two words as a noun and as an adjective. Exceptions: proper nouns that spell the phrase as one word.

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