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Awesome Adjective: Typical

Meaning: Regular, usual, common.


It was a typical weekend in the summer for me: I went to the beach and went out to eat with friends, as usual.

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How to Order Your Expressive, Long Adjectives Correctly

Do you like delicious, large, fresh, round, red apples? Or do you prefer crunchy, long, orange, locally grown carrots? Whatever your produce preferences, I bet you don’t like red, large, delicious, fresh, round apples or locally grown, orange, long, crunchy carrots.


How To Write

Adjective order.

Usually, we use one adjective to describe a noun. But, when we have so much adjectives to add to the noun here is when the tricky part of English grammar shows up – the adjectives must be in a specific order: 58 more words


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Are your adjectives in the right order? — jean's writing

Ever wondered why a certain sentence doesn’t work? You’ve written beautiful adjectives to describe your heroine but the sentence comes off too much. The words trip across your tongue as if your mouth is filled with marbles.

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Lost, empty,
positively dead,
alive when I’m drinking,
alone in my bed,
claustrophobic with lights on,
aware of the cells moving inside me,
lights out, 39 more words