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Awesome Adjective: Wacky

Meaning: Funny and wild.


That movie was too wacky for my taste. I like something a little more realistic.

He has a really wacky…

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Word of the Week: Perse

I remember when, in third grade, I learned the word “conservatory,” a simile for “greenhouse,” and how proud I felt when a line of “big kids” paraded quietly past our third-grade classroom just as my teacher was announcing to us that the next word we were to spell on our spelling test was “conservatory.” Those big kids, I was sure, must be so impressed walking by our classroom of little third graders only to find we could spell, say, and use a word as impressive as “conservatory.” Though I now know those big kids probably didn’t even pay attention to what my teacher was saying as they headed down the hall to gym or lunch or art or various other elementary school destinations, I still savor the memory of that moment, and the pride I felt at having learned a new word. 652 more words

Showing Vs. Telling

One of the biggest problems writers face is showing vs. telling.  You do not want to merely tell your reader it was an bright, sunny day.   63 more words

Spanish Adjectives Activity: "Elevadores a Pleno Sol" by Quinquela Martin

Today I brought an activity about adjectives and the painting Elevadores a Pleno Sol by Quinquela Martín, one of Argentina’s best painters. What you have to do is to write phrases about what you can see in the painting using my cues or your own ideas. 77 more words


#WritingTips - Using Adjectives and Adverbs #wwwblogs #writinganovel

This has  proved to be one of my most popular posts with many people kindly commenting on how useful it is – so I thought it was worth sharing again. 490 more words


Things I've Seen Today

A long hair growing out of my tongue which proved I had bat DNA.

A distinct abundance of hammers.

The concept of puddle therapy.

Colin, out and about collecting adjectives. 76 more words