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Japanese Adjectives Basics List - Describe Your World!

I’ve separated the list into the two types of adjectives that exist in Japanese. To see more information regarding these types and conjugation click here… 100 more words


Describing people and places

A good start for stories is always a description. There are lots of resources to make your descriptions better, but adjectives can’t be missed. Below you have a list of resources to enhance your descriptions. 42 more words

Avanzado 2


Gorgeous:an adjective to explain that something or someone is extremely beautiful or brilliantly fantastic.

  1. To compliment someone: ”You look gorgeous today!”
  2. To say hello: Hi…
  3. 22 more words

Writing Tip: "Sense" Your Scenes

I try to read a book a week; it’s usually on a Saturday, when I have time to sit down and read a good chunk at a time.   391 more words


Writing Craft 101 – Internalization, Part 3

(This blog post is a continuation of my never ending quest to improve my 1st person internal monologue, better known in fiction writing as internalization.) 1,030 more words


Character description

Find as many words as possible to describe this character’s appearance, personality, dress sense, life style, everything.

Do you need something to do tonight? Might not regret this...

I often get bored; it happens. So I come up with things to do. And sometimes these to-do’s are necessarily helpful. But I can tell you tonight I found one that was a sincere blessing. 174 more words