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I attempt to be interesting

The guy who gives me my coffee likes to chat. He asks me what I’m doing today. Because I am usually going to Tesco, I tell him that. 669 more words



I like cars

Red cars

Green cars

Sport and racing cars

I like cars

A car in a garage

A car with a load

A car with a flat tyre… 272 more words


Today it is Monday and I am usually... .

Сегодня понедельник. :-) Обычно ….

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Live Russian

Where's the Small Jerusalem?

During my course in Gloucester, we covered a course called “Discourse Analysis”. This was essentially a study of how languages say what they mean, and how different languages can say the same thing different ways (and sometimes mean different things from the same thing!). 371 more words


The "Royal Order" of What, Now?

Here’s something I’ve often wondered about: Why do English speakers innately grasp the natural placement of adjectives in sentences? For instance, why do we always describe a “creepy little old man” instead of an “old creepy little man” – or even an “old little creepy man” – in… 427 more words


What's in a Name?

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an idea. A writing prompt idea, to be precise. Said idea is as follows:

1. Draw a random name.

2. Draw a random object. 43 more words