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Debunking "The Pro-Vax Argument Lost Me When"

Credible scientific and medical information about vaccines can be gotten from reading the websites of medical organizations and government public health websites, science and medicine textbooks by mainstream publishers and reading scientific review papers in highly credible scientific journals. 3,656 more words

Inching forward

Late morning, Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The sprayer was able to run yesterday evening.  John took off with it late in the afternoon.  The soil was not as dry as we would prefer (< perfect), but it was do-able.  272 more words


High-risk patients get conflicting messages from radiation oncologists and urologists after first-line surgical treatment

In spite of data suggesting that brachy boost has better outcomes for high-risk patients, it is being utilized less often and surgery is being utilized more often. 571 more words


The Impacts of Vaccines: Aluminum, Autoimmunity, Autism and Alzheimer’s

By Dr. Gary G. Kohls | Global Research

I predict that Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times because at some point in time, the evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine…has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that… 2,475 more words


Hear this from a Real Scientist!

From Steve Pieczenik Talks, by Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, MD, PhD

The scoop from a Real Scientist on Vaccines.  Pay attention people! This is precious knowledge. 371 more words


PORTOS: a gene signature that predicts salvage radiation success

Salvage radiation is curative in roughly half of all cases. There are many factors that contribute to an unfavorable prognosis, including waiting too long, high PSA and rapid PSA doubling time, adverse post-surgery pathology (stage, Gleason score, positive margins), and high Decipher or CAPRA-S scores. 1,754 more words