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Extraprostatic extension (EPE) alone is not enough to justify adjuvant radiation

Patrick Walsh and Nathan Laurentschuk have just published an opinion piece in European Urology taking issue with the 2013 AUA/ASTRO recommendation that adjuvant radiation is indicated for men with a pathological finding of extraprostatic extension (EPE, stage pT3a) after surgery, regardless of the surgical margin status. 323 more words


Metastases after early vs. delayed salvage radiation

Until we have the results of randomized clinical trials on the relative efficacy of early salvage radiation therapy (RT), we have to look for other clues to inform the timing of that decision. 377 more words


A New Flu Vaccine Approved: Oy Veh!

From Dr. Brownstein

The FDA has approved a new flu vaccine—Fluad.  Should we say, “hooray,” or “oy veh”.  I will let you decide.

Fluad is the first seasonal influenza vaccine containing an adjuvant called squalene.  550 more words


Intra-operative electronic brachytherapy (IOBT)

When the pathology report indicates that prostatectomy alone has been insufficient to control locally advanced prostate cancer, we often turn to adjuvant radiation. However, there is a delay of 3 to 6 months before such adjuvant radiation can be given to allow tissues to heal, but that may allow the cancer to metastasize. 666 more words


August 13th - Adjuvant

Adjuvant – adj 1: serving to aid or contribute: auxiliary 2: assisting in the prevention, amelioration, or cure of disease

Drake assessed GF with a trained eye. 198 more words

365 Words Challenge

Now hold on a moment

UK daily newspaper “Pharmocology Bulletins”, also known as “i”, today reports without question a new, 100% effective vaccine developed at record speed, by the Canadian government against the scourge of Ebola. 512 more words


We are all doomed. Everything is toxic.

We are an extremist society. We diet. We binge. We fear vaccines. We love viagra. We won’t touch gluten. We pop antibiotics like candy. At some point we decided that we know better than trained professionals. 3,690 more words