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A legislative compromise could spur California to pass the strictest police deadly-force bill in the country

Activists in California, still angry after no police officers were charged in Stephon Clark’s fatal shooting, want to raise the legal threshold for when officers can use deadly force. 8 more words


The California man accused of intentionally driving into pedestrians has shown no remorse, police say

The driver suspected of intentionally hitting a group of pedestrians in Northern California this week has not expressed remorse, according to local authorities.

from CNN.com – RSS Channel https://cnn.it/2L5zkyA


'Kissing bug' case in Delaware raises alarm for summer

A bloodsucking “kissing bug” bit a Delaware girl on the face last summer while she was watching television, and now the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is calling the incident the first confirmed identification of the bug in the state. 8 more words


The world's second-largest emperor penguin colony has nearly disappeared

The world’s second largest emperor penguin colony has almost disappeared, according to a new report, raising fears about the effects of climate change on the species. 8 more words


Macron announces 'fairer, more humane' reforms in response to yellow vests

France’s president responds to five months of weekly protests against economic inequality.

from BBC News – World https://bbc.in/2IHAjmO


North Korea 'demanded $2m for care of Otto Warmbier'

North Korea reportedly billed the US $2m for the hospital care of detained US student Otto Warmbier.

from BBC News – World https://bbc.in/2VozdSD


$4 gas is here. Now what?

Californians are paying more than $4 for a gallon of gas, and prices are creeping up in the rest of the nation, too. The rising costs could start to have ripple effects. 8 more words