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Sprint finish to mark reformatted GCSEs, say examiners | admin

70,000 English papers were unmarked at the end of July, with increased payments and discounted books offered to examiners to complete task

Examiners have complained that this year’s reformed GCSE exams in England have been tougher to mark, taking them longer to complete and leading to exam boards cajoling markers to process more papers and increasing payment rates. 48 more words

Labour urges college principals to get students on electoral register | admin

Some universities have just 13% of students on the electoral roll compared with 76% registered at Sheffield

Labour is writing to all university vice-chancellors and college principals urging them to help students sign up to vote when they enrol in higher education this September. 48 more words

Welcome to SFF Reviews

This is a website of short reviews of short SFF stories, with each reviewer committed to reviewing the stories from a single venue.

Sara L. Uckelman

Getting to grips with a £32,220 student debt – and how you can lighten the load | admin

As graduates start their first jobs and face a raft of new bills, tackling the loan mountain can seem insurmountable

After three years at university Vic Froggett has started in her first job and is adjusting to the succession of new bills she has to pay. 64 more words

The week in TV: No More Boys and Girls: Can Kids Go Gender Free?; The Big Family Cooking Showdown and more | admin

A documentary about gender and the Beeb’s Bake Off wannabe weren’t quite as described on the tin. But Valkyrien zipped along furiously

No More Boys and Girls: Can Kids Go Gender Free? 68 more words

Nursing Home, Assisted Living, or Rehab Center: Which to Choose?

Source: We define the differences in the types of senior care options and the level of care that is associated with each.

Before an individual can make a decision on which type of senior health care they need or which type of facility to choose, one must understand the differences that nursing homes, assisted living campuses, or a rehabilitation center offers. 913 more words


Routines in the classroom | admin

This blog post is a summary of a workshop delivered at Teach First’s Summer Institute with Nick Hutton.

Why are Behaviour routines effective?

Routines are behaviour tools to help teachers train pupils to behave or complete tasks in a certain way. 63 more words