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And what are the Palestinian rights in Israel? Do remind me

And what are the Palestinian rights in Israel?

Imagine you’re the Palestinians. Perhaps residents of East Jerusalem.

47 difficult years are behind you; a big, depressing darkness lies ahead… 726 more words


How do you shut down a Military Investigation

Cheat. Cheat like crazy. This is how you shut down an investigation in the Israeli Military Prosecutor’s Office. And since nobody really cares who killed… 496 more words


Why missiles are falling on Israel

So while the cannons roar and the muses are silent, I learned in Facebook that the reason why missiles are falling on Israel is because Hamas wants to throw us all to the sea. 409 more words


Self Defence

I don’t know the name of the soldier who executed the boy Mohammed Dodin, age fourteen, three days ago, and I don’t have a clue why he did it. 138 more words


The Cuckoo's Nest

So after the people of Israel had lost it and decided to enlist the Lord, and pray for the safe return of the three lost sons in mass prayers and television broadcasts and in the streets and in the yards and at the homes and in the plazas and in the squares and in outlets and in cinemas and at the wall and in the caves and wherever God may hide to escape 397 more words


This evil man is coward

The blood of the three young settlers who disappeared, whether they are alive or whether they are shot dead, is on the hands of this evil man. 232 more words


The brothers from Pyongyang

After approving torture of Palestinian detainees held without trial, who dared to protest, the Israeli legislature told the World Medical Association his opinion about the organization’s efforts regarding the rights of prisoners and detainees. 158 more words