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New chapter

The Universe is not static. According to The Second Law of Thermodynamics, the state of entropy increases over the time, heading towards a chaos :-) It simply means: changes. 117 more words


Watch this space

If this goes as planned, I will be sharing dribs, drabs and the occasional torrent of the things that interest me. The topics will range widely, as I do. 75 more words


Coming Soon: This Week in Reaction

The amount, quality, and diversity of reaction this week has been overwhelming. The “This Week in Reaction” post ordinarily scheduled for this time has therefore been delayed. 17 more words


The Final Word on #Trannygate


Over the past weeks of controversy, I have striven to maintain peace between Michael Anissimov and Bryce Laliberte and supporters of each. I have tried to take everyone’s viewpoint and arguments very seriously. 1,706 more words


My Version of the Knotted Crown

I couldn’t usefully edit Neoreactionary Poet Laureate and All-Around Great Guy E. Antony Gray’s original Knotted Crown. So I decided to build one from scratch. 41 more words


Happy Birthday to Me!!

One year ago today, in the midst of what came to be known as the Neoreactionary Cambrian Explosion, this blog was born.

Of course, the first Cambrian Explosion was an unprecedented increase in the diversity of life on earth. 386 more words


Zippy Catholic and the Essence of Nominalism

The essence of nominalism is to not agree with Zippy’s description of a thing’s essence.

Needless to say, I disagree, which in turn makes me (by Zippy’s defintion) a nominalist, with which if I were to yet disagree further, would in turn make me, all the more so (you guessed it) a nominalist. 1,075 more words