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If Neoreaction Be Damned...

It’s been a couple of months since I posted this. Michael Anissimov proceeded about three weeks later (15May) to have a complete twitter meltdown, in which he attempted to dox and threaten the life of SoBL. 458 more words


New chapter

The Universe is not static. According to The Second Law of Thermodynamics, the state of entropy increases over the time, heading towards a chaos :-) It simply means: changes. 117 more words


Watch this space

If this goes as planned, I will be sharing dribs, drabs and the occasional torrent of the things that interest me. The topics will range widely, as I do. 75 more words


Coming Soon: This Week in Reaction

The amount, quality, and diversity of reaction this week has been overwhelming. The “This Week in Reaction” post ordinarily scheduled for this time has therefore been delayed. 17 more words