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Harward said to turn down post of National Security Adviser

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Robert Harward, a retired US Navy vice admiral, turned down President Donald Trump’s offer to become national security adviser, officials said, just days after the resignation of Michael Flynn following revelations he misled administration officials over his contact with Russia. 371 more words

Money Matters

Character Profile: Admiral Bullbrand

Name: Admiral Charles Bullbrand

Age: 43

Status: Horsemen Group Member (Death)

Intelligent, vicious and physically strong. Admiral Bullbrand is feared across all oceans and seas. It is said he could command any ship to victory and if the right vessel were in his hands he would be unstoppable. 130 more words

Graphic Novel

Please teach me! Warspite-sensei! (Complete)

Please teach me! Warspite-sensei!

Warspite <3

Warspite Story by… Tomokichi-sensei. And as┬áthese aren’t officially released anywhere (as per my knowledge?) we won’t be posting it on Bato.to or any other Manga sharing sites as well. 11 more words

Conflict; Death on the Coast

Pepya threw himself down in the shade of the forest. He had only reached the edge but he couldn’t take himself any further. He had a clear view of the coast line across the warm beach of East Africa. 996 more words

Vivika Widow

Hastings Plc (ISIN GB00BYRJH519) - the "next Admiral" or an accident waiting to happen ?

The company

Hastings Plc, a UK-based direct insurance company was IPOed in 2015 at 1,70 GBP per share (IPO prospectus). To call Hastings a “Mini Admiral” is actually very close to the truth. 1,562 more words

Anlage Philosophie