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To you lover…….

I never could determine if what we had was love or pain,
But it felt so damn good like cocaine running through my veins. 169 more words


Thinking, and thinking, and thinking some more....

So I have been thinking about writing for a long time.  Over the last several days, it might even be at a couple of weeks now I have been composing pieces in my head that never make it to any sort of medium.   430 more words


Three To Admire (2015)

1. Courageous.
2. Strong.
3. Those who are the above,
no matter what.
To know-
A hero.


The Black Bindi and The Secret Admirer

Another busy day at office and the regular hustle bustle at the metro station.

“Hey”.. A voice stopped me.

I exasperatingly said, “ I am not interested”, thinking it was one of those environment guys who was trying to help me go more green. 705 more words


Tuney Tuesday -- Till I Collapse

Not long ago, I used to play a game on Facebook with some of my high school friends for which we created a little group, … 320 more words


My love for Art

Way back on my previous ages, I’m not really a fan of art because I don’t know how to draw (But I can draw a stickman) But growing up, I learned and realized that art is not about drawings and styles. 268 more words

Boost of the Day #63: Admire > compare

It’s all too easy to compare yourself to others, believe others are better than you and in turn, dent your self-esteem. Instead, we must learn to admire people whilst at the same time appreciating our own strengths and uniqueness. 60 more words