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Love and reflection

It doesn’t matter if you love someone, if they can’t feel it. People show love in different ways, some through kind words, others through physical touch or quality time and so on. 416 more words

Outer Beauty

You may think that there is more to a woman than what meets a man’s eyes, but that’s not what NATURE thinks!

Accept it or not, our appearance on the outside has just as much to say about us as an individual as the person we are on the inside. 535 more words


Her skin was like molasses. Extracted from the ripest sugarcane. Every sample gave me a rush. Every taste messed with my mind. Every lick left me wanting more. 66 more words


September blessings ☺

Spring! My favourite season,aha! 🌻🍁
Not only do I love the season but love everything about the first month of spring. ☺ There’s a lot of cakes to be eaten this month. 397 more words


6 People You Need To Find Today

The aliens have a mission for you.

Six people out of seven billion people were sent from deep space on a mission to Earth.

Each of these people contains a part of a hidden message encoded in their DNA. 372 more words

Admiration Versus Idolisation - 21st September 2014

So yesterday I was hit with a realisation that a lot of people look up to many imperfect people who they perceive to be perfect and that honestly did not sit well with me… Beloved, there is only one person we should all look up to and aspire to be like and that is God almighty for He is perfection… What makes me so special (I use myself as an example incase there is anyone who has/does look up to me) that you should want to be like me??? 285 more words


My Mom is My Idol-Nurma

Everyone in this world certainly have their own idol or someone whose they admire. Some people think they admire their favorite singer, artist, painter, or others. 187 more words