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Hibiscus Steals the Show

This magnificent Hibiscus* 

sure steals the show…

and hearts! 

The doting Oleander**

gazes proudly! 

The duo makes

such a cool pair, 

a sight to pause and admire!  14 more words


What am I to you ?

Do I actually not know the answer to that or do I lie because you can’t handle the truth ? I can never tell you what you mean to me in whole truth out loud for you’ll never understand why. 337 more words


Ever admire someone and their choices in life?

If three people were granted with the same access to all channels in life, all three would have a different vision and outcome. 109 more words

The Better You

All The Rest

Rabbits twitch their noses to gather up more air
A sight explained as simple shivers
though I recognize more there

No single plot of sky could fill a little rabbit chest… 12 more words


Meeting Your Heroes

They say in life never to meet your heroes. But for me this experience has been the complete opposite.

In the celebrity world, from being a young kid around 8/9 I have had the same two heroes. 107 more words


excerpt from a story i'll never write #9

With every morning came sunshine and kisses. With every night came the moon, and some more kisses. I made your coffee, your lunch. I listened to everything you ever had to say. 226 more words



Abraham Lincoln is someone I truly admire.

There are so many things about his life which cause others to reflect.

What would our nation look like if there had never been a Mr. 449 more words