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Admiring Pain

I’m sitting on a bench overlooking a river, enjoying a warm day with crunchy leaves under my feet and just a few trees showing their fall colors. 1,064 more words

I love the way you lie.

Recovery (2010) – Eminem feat. Rihanna – I love the way you lie. 800 more words


An Unexpected Role Model

My sister is fourteen.

She laughs without reserve,
loves deeply and sincerely
and always tells you what’s on her mind.

She never apologises
for loving the things she loves, 46 more words


l o v e

It’s not just butterflies flying around in your stomach. It’s a hawk circling the sky for it’s prey. It’s not just my pupils dilating every time I see you. 63 more words


K...Bye -  New Adventure

Dear Zyla

Who would have thought that someone as crazy and abnormal as you are would be my friend. I still remember how you looked at me during the ECYO Experience but that’s so long ago. 459 more words

Trying to be Someone I'm Not

There’s something so fascinating with outgoing individuals, those who could prance around like nothing is so wrong with this world. I admire their sociable personality and the way they hold themselves together even when times are rough. 404 more words



If most are a hop, you are a skip

If the brave are a jump, you are a dive.

When friends say your name it rolls off their tongues with a wondrous hiss… 41 more words

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