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The radical experimenter

Well, I have had the opportunity to view Rooshad Shroff’s solo debut show – 15,556 Man Hours represented by Pundole Gallery earlier this year during the India Design Fair 2017 at Bikaner House, New Delhi. 482 more words


To be a Cat is to be admired

Assume an admirable pose.


5 Sent. Story - Admire


I’m new to WordPress so be patient with me. Thanks to Luna @ GamersUnitedGG I am slowly in the process of hopefully being active here. 139 more words

5 Sentence Story

Is the Grass Always Greener On The Other Side?

We have all heard the idiom, ‘the grass is always green on the other side’. I think many of us have experienced pangs of envy when we believe other people are achieving more than us or getting further in life. 482 more words


Her past was like shattered mirror, that had innumerable cracks; but it stood there intact displaying a strong woman that she was, broken at heart and clear at mind; who was otherwise vulnerable.  182 more words

The People I Admire

I read somewhere once that we’re prone to be attracted to people who possess traits we’d like to see in ourselves. Not exactly the old-age “opposites attract” mantra, but I think the Missing Traits Idea brings some truth to this. 414 more words

Slice Of Life

Be that hero!

Who’s your hero? Are you into super heros? Maybe Superman or Iron Man or Captain America. Maybe it’s the quarterback from your favourite football team or that awesome guitar player from your favourite band. 329 more words