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the hero inside

She doesn’t wear a cape.  Well, I don’t think she wears a cape. She might wear a cape. Lets go with she might wear a cape. 205 more words


Abraham Lincoln

Great man, great leader, great role model to admire.. He is Legend –Abraham Lincoln.

  1. And in the end it is not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years.
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Hats off

Young man works as a garbage collector, young woman sweeps the road daily.

Are these jobs are perfectly trivial one? They work in an agony to feed their families and themselves. 145 more words


Female Behaviour-14

No man can accept the admiring glance his girl grabs from other men.

Shhhhhhhhhh……….. She is secretly relishing her guy’s possessiveness.



Every day in our lives, we show love to loved ones or other people and not respect them for the good things they have done. Sadly, there is no more respect and admiration for each other and instead, we are envy or jealous for what someone has. 92 more words


Looking up to a Nurse

Have you ever thought about a nurse that you have worked with and looked up to?  What qualities do you admire?  The nurse that I would look up to would be someone who would be respected and trusted by her peers and her staff. 91 more words

Rosie Moore

Admire YOU!

YOU are fit enough to have your admirers wherever you go, but they will be only admirers. Admirers, like the visitors in a beautiful garden, would only see the beauty of a flower, only breathe the sweet smell spared by it, but not care to look at it with the gardener’s eyes – the eyes which caress and fondle every flower, and take good care of each petal available, in the whole mass of the garden before the visitors are allowed an entry. 367 more words