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Finding the ‘right fit’ college with Clarissa

Students – and parents – frequently become overwhelmed by the sheer number of colleges in the United States, and often don’t know where to begin when it comes to figuring out where to apply. 738 more words


Krissi Talks About the GRE

If you’re anything like me, figuring what it was exactly you wanted to do in college was challenging enough (you’re reading the writing of a girl who made her way through three majors in as many semesters before finally landing on one that stuck)… Figuring out what to do after college can be brutal! 619 more words


Pokémon Go: Central College Students to Transfer to Simpson to Catch ‘Em All

SIMPSON — Over the past two weeks, the Office of Admissions has been flooded with transfer requests from desperate Central College students.

According to Michael Norris, Simpson’s Director of Transfer Enrollment, they all shared a common reason for ditching the Dutch: their all-consuming need to catch Pokémon. 301 more words

Simpson College

Visit colleges from home

Most college counselors encourage college bound students to visit the colleges they are considering. However, when students are looking at colleges all over the country, the cost of visiting can really add up. 563 more words


2 Keys to Success for Underprivileged Students: When to Start College, and Where to Go - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Those who enroll within a semester of earning a high-school diploma are far more likely to earn a college degree or certificate, a study finds. 20 more words

Incoming Student Highlight: Chris Beauregard

Since graduating from The University of South Carolina in May of 2013, I’ve worked in business development in the Washington DC office of ThyssenKrupp, a German engineering firm focusing specifically on elevator technology. 67 more words