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The Dead Cow

So much time went by before I could get him out of that park, that I began having strong cramps in the abdomen.  They caused so much agony that they prevented me from eating properly when we finally headed to a restaurant.  147 more words

Memoir Excerpts

Bible Reading: Acts 8:9-23

We admitted that we were powerless over our dependencies and that our lives had become unmanageable.

For many of us, personal power is used as the foundation for our self-esteem. 262 more words


I must admit

Mamma always told me it was good to try new things

I took a chance on you and now it feels as if I have wings… 51 more words

Health: eyes open

Self awareness is truly one of the most elusive elements of our existence. It is so hard to see yourself in the mirror.

The first challenge lies in cultivating a desire for self awareness. 825 more words


STEMI Activation

This patient presents with chest pain and an EKG showing *** STEMI or STEMI equivalent (Wellens, de Winter’s, Sgarbossa criteria).*** Presentation not consistent with acute thoracic arotic dissection. 50 more words


Chest Pain - Admit (High Risk)

This patient presents with chest pain, with a history suggestive of ***. No evidence of volume overload or shock on exam. EKG without signs of active ischemia. 59 more words



This *** patient presents with symptoms consistent with syncope, most likely due to ***. Differential diagnosis includes ***reflex syncope (i.e. vasovagal syncope). Low suspicion for orthostatic syncope given lack of dehydration, no evidence of acute life threatening hemorrhage. 86 more words