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Do You Hold Back?

I have to admit that there are things i dont talk to my T about. I was wondering how many of us here hold back information and the reasons behind it. 7 more words

I Hate To Admit It, But My Doctor Was Right

When I talked to my doctor about going off my medications, it was because I was graduating university, wouldn t have access to him as before, didn t have a job lined up, didn t know where my income was going to come from, and the last thing I wanted was to have to go off my medications without medical supervision because I simply couldn t afford them anymore. 45 more words


I realise I am pretty far behind on this concept, but it has only recently dawned on me that people are rarely totally honest, and very rarely say precisely what they mean. 197 more words


Self confidence at its lowest.

University brings you out of your shell and enhances your confidence right?.. I started to worry because I felt it made me less confident. Looking back of course that is not the case, I just longed for more confidence, any confidence! 596 more words

Baltimore: Thousands of Suspects Arrive Too Injured to Go to Jail, Records Show

From AlterNet, by Terrell Jermaine Starr, May 2015

Nearly 2,600 detainees were turned away by city’s detention center in past three years, suggesting police officers either ignored or did not notice the injuries. 217 more words


hujan dan memori tentangnya

pick up line apa yang sering dipakai orang setelah memperkenalkan nama?


sedikit kuno, tipe yang kedahulu-dahuluan.

cuaca hari ini cerah

cuaca hari ini panas… 207 more words


hujan dan memori tentangnya

pick up line what is commonly used in people after the introduction of the name?


a little old-fashioned, the kind kedahulu-dahuluan.

sunny weather today… 232 more words