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How To Admit Your Love To A Woman Without Getting Rejected

When you get to know your heart is pounding inside while standing in front of a girl you are falling in love and don’t know what and how to confess your love to her. 435 more words


Going to Rehab in Sacramento is Not Giving Up

It is not until you admit you have a problem are you actually on the way to getting better. In our society, even the remote idea of admitting defeat is seen as being weak. 131 more words

Of Course I Know That! Do I Look Stupid?

Anonymity is a wonderful thing – at least the thinly protected veil of anonymity is.  Let’s be honest, if somebody was truly determined to find out who I am/you were it really wouldn’t take a huge amount of digging. 336 more words


The 4 A's and 1 B Of Prayer - Part 1

“Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples.”

Prayer has always been a large part of the Christian story. As far back as you can go in the human narrative, we have been having conversations with and at God.

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I feel overwhelmed.
I feel like I am underwater and I just can’t grasp enough air to feel okay, to feel like I will be okay. 106 more words

Daily Life

Reasons To Keep Living

So I must admit that I have thought about suicide more then a few times but I have reasons to keep living that always keep me from attempting suicide so I was wondering what is some other peoples reasons to keep living