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Cross-platform Single Page Applications with ASP.NET Core 1.0, Angular 2 & TypeScript

ASP.NET Core 1.0 and Angular 2 are probably the hottest new frameworks in terms of both of them are entirely re-written from scratch. We, as web developers are more than eager to test both of these two super promising frameworks and get ready to build… 18,090 more words

ADO.NET Entity Framework

ASP.NET Web API Unit Testing

Unit testing can be beneficial to many aspects in software develepment, from the lowest level that is the source code to the highest level and the end user’s experience. 6,510 more words


BrowseDotNET: Manage your .NET Solutions and code snippets

BrowseDotNET is an open source ASP.NET MVC Web Application I created, that can help you manage your computer’s .NET solutions and code samples (programming language indepented) in one place. 1,351 more words


Claims Solution chapter 5. Explaining the WCF service code.


Explaining the WCF service code

This code was explained in chapter 2, but I’m going to explain it again because there are any small change in the WCF Service and any more operation contract. 298 more words


Claims solution chapter 3 and 4. Client for Solution

Configuring the Claims Service

In order to work with Services we need the ABC of the Services.

  • A is Address (where is the service)
  • B is Binding (channel to expose the service)
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Web API powerful Custom Model Validation with FluentValidation

Since DataAnnotations were introduced, developers found an easy way for setting up their database (especially those who use Code First development) while adding at the same time validation logic to their domain objects. 2,091 more words