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List of DbConnection.GetSchema collection names?

When you call DbConnection.GetSchema you give it the string name of a collection you are interested in. I can’t find a list of collections anywhere. Is the list of collections immutable or does it vary by database type (orcle, sql server, etc.)? 342 more words


List all SQL Instances on a local machine in C#

This is just another SQL C# articles which let you learn how to make a list of names of SQL instance available on your Microsoft SQL Server using C# code. 940 more words


How to Check for a database on SQL Server using C#

This is just another SQL C# articles which let you learn how to check for a database existence on SQL Server.

All you have to do query… 876 more words


Safe DataReader in .NET

If you’re using ADO.NET out of the box with a DataReader, null-checking is just a bit obnoxious. Normally in a real project, you’ll have a real framework around your data access, whether that’s Entity Framework, some third party tool, or your own home-grown repositories. 361 more words


Some strings are more equal before your Oracle database

When working with customer code based on ADO.net, I was surprised by the following error message:

The german message just tells us that some UpdateCommand… 393 more words