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The beauty comes right after the ugly

And on the eighth day, God created Photoshop.

I have never owned a fish-eye lens. There’s just something about the distorted pictures they produce that I don’t like. 203 more words


Friday Flower Fiesta (5-8-15)

Yesterday when I was up in North County, I stopped by one of the malls that I rarely visit simply because I can’t afford anything at any of the stores. 74 more words

Digital Photo Editing

Need for speed

As I was cataloging pictures this morning, I came across this one:

It’s a pretty lousy picture because it was taken through a windshield in the rain. 161 more words


Big Differences Between Instagram and Photoshop

I don’t know if there is any confusion between the capabilities of the 2. But they are quite different from each other. You can do a lot of changes with both programs, but the convenience is a factor as well. 358 more words

Keyboard Shortcuts on Premier CS5.5 - Unleash Your True Potential

This year, I’ve suddenly gone from not knowing any Adobe softwares to using quiet a few for my Master of Media course. I was aware of shortcuts I use on the usual Word file or so and Adobe softwares have a lot of these similar ones. 413 more words

Make Life Easier

I felt honored

The Pacific Photographic Society (PPS) to which I belong is a Meetup group.

That’s how I found out about it.

After each event—and we have billions and billions of events!—each event attendee is allowed to upload no more than ten photos to our Meetup photo album for that event. 152 more words


Playing around with Motion Graphics and Kinetic Typography

Lately I’ve become more and more interested in these to subjects: Motion Graphics and Kinetic Typography. I;ve got a friend who is a graphic designer and we talked a lot about her job and what she does and she helped me out with After Effects and my questions I had and recommended two youtube channels that upload tutorials that are quick and easy to understand. 74 more words